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More disinformation by Wiki, it’s why we say WIKI SUCKS.

Wiki claims to have a list of the top selling ‘authors’, it is wrong.

Wiki List Top Authors

First every year the #1 Selling authors are the authors of the various books of the Bible. Year in and year out more Bibles are sold than any other book, period.

Then comes Shakespeare.

For many years the 3rd spot was all the various books about Nostradamus. He is literally an industry.

Now if you look at some of the authors on the list, 300 Million seems to be a nice watermark of books sold to define a career.

Let’s say an author does that in 30 to 40 years as an ‘author’, that’s 10 Million books a year or 200,000 a week or 3,000 every day.

With 7 Billion people on the planet, that’s nothing, 3,000 sales a day.

Bibles in all the languages it is printed in is probably 30,000 to 100,000 copies per day.

My own writings used to be one of the most downloaded writings in the history of the net in the 1990’s when Usenet could get a post 10,000 to 100,000 downloads easily and a popular post that went ‘viral’ from usenet could lead to millions of downloads of that post.

Today, the net is controlled by a few sites and no one can penetrate these giants.





They control where the masses look online now for information.

No post on these sites will get any traction unless major media picks it up and makes it viral.

After 911 when I had front page news all over the world for my accurate 911 warning, my servers crashed for months trying to handle the millions of requests per day I got.

The sites pushed some of my books and I sold a lot of books, but today my books are a fraction of what they were for one reason, the major sites control internet traffic.

So now an author must use traditional media to get exposure.

So I guess some movies and maybe TV shows are needed to get my books out there.

All I know is in the future, my collected writings dwarf every author including the Bible.


The reason is simple, my writings about the Hologram Universe is THE NEW RELIGION in the future.

My Sollog Prophecies are the top selling books in the future.

My theories in math, physics and astrophysics are standard education in the future.

My fiction even sells well in the future.


Thee End

So the next big event that connects to my PROPHECIES will make all my books hit record numbers on the sites that collect such data about book sales.

Amazon, BN and iTunes.

Before any of these sites sold ebooks my company was selling lots of my books on 1eBooks and my large network of sites.

All my prophecies are IN PLACE with TIME STAMPS archived by sites such as Google which still time stamps Usenet and Youtube which time stamps videos.

So IN THE FUTURE when some events occur, BINGO, my PROPHECIES are the biggest thing ever in ‘books’.


300 Million books sold, that should be a good year for me soon.





Dr. Sol Adoni

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