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Theory E – Proof Newton & Einstein Wrong

Atlantias – Chronicles of the Atlantians

I Time Travel  – Fiction or Reality?

Hot House Effect Theory – Killed Dinosaurs

Holographic Universes

Computer Universe Theory

Great Quakes

Grey Aliens


Mandela Effects

Messiah Erased

Origin of GOD

Creator Formula

Jesus – God – Satan – A Hoax?

Triangle of Fire

Triangles of Death

Devil’s Pentagram

Pentagram of Blood

The 33rd Degree

Solstice Lines

Lines of Death

OOPAS – Out Of Place Artifacts

Prime AlgorithmHow the NSA Hacked the Net

Lost Ancient Civilizations

Lost History

Anunnaki Conspiracy

True Prophecies of Nostradamus

Prophecies of SOLLOG


True Number of the Beast

XIC Chi Iota Sigma

CIA Project Bitcoin

Bitcoin Algorithm

Bible Of .com (Bible Of Books Series)

Impact Swing (Revolutionary Golf Book)

How to Play Golf

Increase Swing Speed

Page One Google

BIble of Domain Names

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Bible of PPC (Pay Per Click)

Bible of SEO (Search Engine Optimization)


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