Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik Al Qaeda not ISIS

Dr. Sol Adoni

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Since my Terrorism Prophecy warned 9 Days ago of major terrorism in the Los Angeles area, I will give my educated opinion on what terrorist group motivated Syed and his Pakistani wife.

The fact is Al Qaeda has deep roots in Saudi Arabia where Syed traveled to recently.

Pakistan has deep Al Qaeda roots as well and not ISIS roots.

Syed’s wife was Pakistani with obvious ties to Al Qaeda not ISIS.

The sad fact is the type of terrorism that just hit in San Bernardino is the future for most countries in the world.

Islamic extremists such as Al Qaeda and ISIS have used the Net and Social Media under the guise of religious freedom and freedom of speech to create many sympathetic followers  to the extremist propaganda spewed all over the Net by Islamic extremist terrorist groups.

Easy access to assault weapons and lots of ammo means that Islamic extremists have amassed arsenals to do massive carnage in these types of attacks.

Islam is not a tolerant religion, the Qu’ran on the whole teaches to spread Islam by the sword.

Many Muslim countries have 100% or high 90% rates as to the percentage of Muslims in Islamic countries such as Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Yemen, Iraq and Iran.

Islam is not a peaceful religion as politically correct puppets state. Islam is a divide and conquer religion, just read the Qu’ran and it is clear that Allah wants to kill all who are not Muslims.

The Old Testament is similar to the Qu’ran and the New Testament while preaching love your enemies also puts forth religious hatred themes that nonbelievers are destined to suffer in eternal damnation.

Religious rhetoric is behind wars and terrorism and the three major western religions Judaism, Christianity and Islam all spread religious hatred.

Religion is the root problem and if humans want to advance as an advanced species all religions need to be eradicated as irrelevant in our modern world.

I believe in a creator mush as Benjamin Franklin believed but I know religious texts are nonsense.

The reason is I spent most of my life studying all major religions texts and after many years I came to understand the root books of western theology are flawed so that fact invalidates Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

In the Origin of God my book on the Sumerian origin of the books of Moses or Torah are not even Hebrew. They are a Sumerian phonetic version of their Book of the Dead and complete pagan nonsense.

Yet this fact was hidden with later Jewish writings such as prophets and Jewish historical books that round out the so called Old Testament.

This FACT was known to the authors of the New Testament as is evident in the allegories in these texts that point to simple riddles in Greek that reveal the Torah is Sumerian nonsense and not even Hebrew texts.

The Greek riddles point to words in Hebrew and Sumerian that solve these simple Greek riddles or allegories in the New Testament.

Jesus was not a Jewish historical person he was created by intellectual Greeks to show the Sumerian origin of the Torah.

For Islam to claim it validates the Torah and New Testament is nonsense since both beliefs are based on lies.

There is a creator life force in my opinion that dwells in all living things. That is a universal truth unlike the lies of ancient men that created the lies of the Torah, New Testament and Qu’ran that are now motivating humans to kill each other over false religious Dogma.

We need to stop turning to these ancient lies that teach hatred and create a new religious Dogma we are truly equal and we are intelligent enough to no longer turn to ancient books of lies and just respect each other and all living things as being a part of the creator life force that dwells within all living things

Outlaw all religious texts as doctrines of hate and just agree we are all connected to the creator life force of this wonderful universe

God is not the answer in this craziness, mans concept of God is the problem.

Every Mosque, Church and Temple needs to be shuttered and all these religious books of lies need to be outlawed.

Religious hatred expoused by the Torah, New Testament and Qu’ran is the problem.

If humanity is to advance in this Universe mankind must outlaw all religions.

The truth is we live in an obviously created space so there is a creator force, but that creator force did not write the books of lies known as the Qu’ran, Torah and New Testament.

The creator force dwells within every living thing so respect and love all life.



Dr. Sol Adoni

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