Stonehenge Stones Moved by Glacier

Dr. Sol Adoni

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Stonehenge Stones Moved by Glacier

By Dr. Sol Adoni

It seems the media is buzzing about a well known geo-physics fact, all over the world are what are known as Glacial Erratics.

Huge stones or boulders perched on areas of Earth hundreds of miles from the area where that type of stone is usually found.

This type of outcast stone for almost 200 years have been thought to have been magically transported by little grey aliens in wormhole traveling spacecraft. Just kidding about the Grey’s, the stones we’re carried by glaciers over various ice ages that cyclically take control of the earth. Even Darwin wrote about Glacial Erratic’s almost 200 years ago.

Yet today morons in the media are acting like some Welch nitwits created the theory of Glacial Erratics by claiming Stonehenge’s stones were Glacial Erratics and didn’t have to be transported through hurclean tasks of primitive humans or as the AA crew (Ancient Aliens) claim through transportation beams from UFOS.

I know for decades that has been my pat answer about Stonehenge, the stones most likely took the Glacier highway millennia before primitive early Brits found them laying about and some chief said let’s raise these bolders since the God’s have been good to us providing us lots of food to eat.

This is just like the morons saying how impossible it was to transport the stones used to build the famous Pyramids in the Giza Plateau. What the idiots fail to mention is almost every stone in the Pyramid was quarried from quarries on the Giza Plateau. Very little granite was used, mostly in items such as the sacophagus. The outer casing stones which were the smallest stones were transported but given at least 20 years or more to transport these much smaller stones was a feat humans could have done without the aid of wormhole jumping Grey’s.

As I’ve always said about Stonehenge they did a great job putting together a puzzle and the stones used might have even been from a long lost civilization and stones from one of their buildings were carried to where Stonehenge stands today.

What type of building or monument had it been way further north? Who knows. But the ancient Brits if they even built modern Stonehenge did a great job creating a cool looking circle.

The Stonehenge Stones are very roughly hewn, hardly the precision workmanship we find used  by the masonry artisans in Egypt who created well hewn stones that were usually quarried by following natural fault lines in ancient quarries.

Perhaps one day they find similar stones buried near the area the Stonehenge Stones came from showing a very ancient civilization existed so far back in time it would boggle all concepts of human history and exactly how such stones were used in religious temple monument building.

If no such civilization is unearthed where the stones originated from as Gobekli Tepe was recently discovered laying intentionally buried, and that discovery has rewritten every history book, then perhaps people will finally agree Stonehenge was just a bunch of Glacial Erratics found by ancient humans who created a circle monument temple to praise their God’s who were stars in the night sky.

Why would primitive humans spend so much energy to raise religious temples?

Just walk into a magnificent cathedral built almost 1000 years ago, then walk into a recreated hut humans lived in from that age. Then you will see how peasant hut dwellers built a religious monument almost 1000 years ago that would be hard to build even today.

Human ingenuity is truly remarkable and when Mother Nature left some huge building blocks or Glacial Erratics near Stonehenge for primitive Brits to play with, they built an amazing religious temple.

Yes Virginia, Mother Nature moved the stones to Stonehenge and some pretty smart ancient humans raised them into a circle temple.

The only question remaining now is if ancient Brits even had to work the stones or if they were found already hewn from a very ancient lost civilization.

See my very old book Lost Ancient Civilizations for more about humanoid races that lived in large civilizations now lost to the mists of time. My book Lost  History is about OOPAS (Out Of Place Artifacts) and it also covers all the cool things that just don’t fit into modern history books that point to Lost Ancient Civilizations.

I also wrote the book OOPAS and if you read my books about ancient history you will find years ago my theory about Stonehenge and glacier movement of rocks being the most likely scenario for how the stones of Stonehenge ended up at Stonehenge.

So it’s one of my theories some Welsch nitwits are now getting credit for.

Give credit where it is due. The Stonehenge Stones from glaciers theory has been in my books for years.






Dr. Sol Adoni

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