Steemit Puppets True Victims of Steem Con Game

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Steemit Puppets True Victims of Steem Con Game

The STEEM CON GAME run by Ned Scott and Dan Larimer needs Steemit Puppets.

These are the chosen users selected by Ned and Dan to eat crumbs off the buffet of ignorant investors in the shit coin Steem.

As I proved when Dan and Ned destroyed my account on STEEMIT when they stole over 600 Billion Steem points from my account making it worthless since every post is automatically hidden and the account cannot even post an image now, so the account will never earn STEEM coins due to only 2 people control steemit that being Ned and Dan.

So if you are on STEEMIT posting bullshit no real company will pay you to create, you are a steemit puppet chosen by Ned and or Dan to be a crumb eater as they use their army of bots to praise the crap content you create that is worthless in the real world.

Steem claims to be decentralized, that is bullshit, it’s the most centralized power of any crypto coin completely manipulated by only two people.

Steem claims to have no censorship, bullshit, my account was destroyed by two people the creators of the shit coin Steem.

So, are you a crumb eater who thinks the crap they produce is worth the $20k to $200k the puppet masters are feeding you, show your crappy content to a real publisher and when they laugh at your crap then you will realize Ned and Dan used their army of bots to elevate you and now you are a crumb eater used by Ned and Dan in their CON GAME.

Oh, there are some real scam users on STEEMIT, clowns that bought tens of thousands of the coins when it first came out for pennies, so these clowns now upvote crap content they own or crap content new morons into the con game pay early steem shit coin accumulators to upvote for a fee.

So all the trending traffic pages are manipulated now by tiny whales with 20k to 200k SP bought for almost nothing early in the game or by the real whales that own the 2million to 10million SP accounts or bots controlled by Ned and Dan.

The funniest part of this con game is the Puppets are now turning their steem shit coins into SP and not withdrawing it to get paid.

Well investors looking up Steem in the real world now easily find articles like this exposing STEEM for what it is, a. SCAM AND FRAUD.

The coin plunged almost 50% this week and in a short time it will be delisted by most or all exchanges as the owners of STEEM will face SEC Fraud charges in the future.

If you are one of the Puppets, get a real job since I’ve never seen one content author on STEEMIT worth publishing.

It’s the sewer of content, just look at the crap on trending pages.

Crap is all there is on STEEMIT but what did you expect it’s a shit coin.


Dr. Sol Adoni

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