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I got an inquiry from my buddy D.E. Alexander the chief editor of 247 News whom I just co-authored a book with about the fact the San Bernardino Terrorism event looks like a classic government conspiracy already. It was most likely run by former intelligence officials that run one of the several major defense contracting firms that will benefit tremendously if the US starts to spend mega-billions more on yet another WAR ON TERROR.

Title of the Book is

San Bernardino Terrorism – CONSPIRACY

So I spent a few minutes researching Mr. Wright’s resume on LinkedIn which can be summed up in 4 words, copious mass of excreta.

A former sous chef with a batch of on-line degrees for yawn, IT security, the past decade or so, is claiming to be Satoshi Nakamoto and now police down under have ‘raided’ the home of Craig Steven Wright.

If one just reads the braggarts fluff on his  LinkedIn page after a couple of sentences you see a typical conman’s smoke screen of self gratifying back slapping with nothing but bullshit on his ‘resume’ if you are a real tech player.

The ‘career’ of Mr. Wright starts off around 25 years ago when he was around 20 and he worked for C&C Catering as a Sous Chef.

Can you make me some Cherries Jubilee Mr. Wright?

The later 90’s, the heyday of the Net Bubble, Mr. Wright was an admitted ‘gopher’ keeping a minor network of computers running at a menial job.

Who am I? Almost 40 years ago around the age of16 I formed my first tech company around 1976 and I started doing custom software creation for large companies just outside the Fortune 500 zone where my father had been computerizing big corporations and and the government for three decades by then.

I grew up around mainframes and entered into ‘software’ before Apple ever made a Mac or IBM a PC.

By the time the commercial net had started around 1995, I had retired a few times from various business companies I formed over almost 20 years of a business career when .com finally got going.

My first day ‘involved with the commercial net’, I registered over 1,000 domain names when they were $100.00 a domain name to register a name for two years with the only registrar back then, Net SOL or Networks Solutions, a company created by ex-intelligence top brass via SAIC the main company the CIA’s (SAIC backwards) ex-intelligence officials used, guys like Admiral Bobby Ray Inman

Today I’m still retired even though I formed the past 20 years a plethora of companies in publishing and the Net and now oversee a large AI company involved in development of a 10 dimensional computer OS that could easily run multiple Universes if mankind can create the processor that can run my multi-dimensional math equations known as HelixQ (TM).

Inside a 10 dimensional computer you can run 3 dimensional simulations quite easily, so our world can easily exist inside such a computer and I explained that fact almost 40 years ago to some professors inside a major think tank I was involved with due to my math ability. My book HOLOGRAM UNIVERSE explains my theory on all this.

Over the course of the years I discovered the ‘Prime Algorithm‘ the 8 Prime Spiral Channels that all primes greater than 5 exist within. This algorithm when tested by a Prime analysis program on Python was found to be the fastest prime finder there is. Primes are a big deal in most of encryption the past 50 or so years.

My Prime Theories helped the NSA release ‘special keys’ to backdoor all the modern encryption released by groups such as NiST with the NSA’s blessing.

If you take two large primes that have a special relationship unknown to all the world but a few people, you can exploit a relationship in a public encryption set that only a few people know is cooked. That relationship is that the two numbers are both on the same prime spiral and my work created the whole theory of only 8 Prime Spirals existing. They are also known as the Adoni Prime Spirals even though some wanker was trying to take credit for my spirals recently, he didn’t discover jack shit, it’s my work.

My PDF Planetary Distance Formula released years before NASA started to find large planetary like objects IN OUR SOLAR SYSTEM where I predicted is another mathematical work of mine that fixed an error in the first major law of physics that stood for centuries before the flaw was found, that is Titius Bode Law. I corrected it many years ago and it properly located all the large bodies found by NASA where the corrected Titius Bode law theorized they were located.

My EOE Theory (Elliptical Orbit Effect on Plate Tectonics) has correctly forecast where large quakes have struck as my algorithm forecast, so I’m the creator of what will become in the future the real science of major quake prediction.

Unlike the ‘genius’ Mr. Wright I have almost 40 years of work in my academic body of papers that advanced the world of math and physics.

My Helix strand shape theory of the Universe released many years ago is now the  cutting edge study in Astronomy as the discovery of huge super cluster formations in the Universe prove my theory is correct as to the shape the Universe actually has, it has nothing to do with a big bang, since it would take over 100 BILLION years to form such super clusters that are woven similar to a DNA helix as I explained many years ago the Universe’s shape was really based upon. Once again I was proven that I was correct in one of my theories since mankind is making advances every year in regards to how far into space they can see, and the data is proving the bing bang is just simple wrong.

I wrote a book on Bitcoin (Bitcoin Algorithm) and I warned the world that the digital currency emanated from an intelligence think tank in my opinion and it was likely the NSA since the name chosen for the project was Satoshi Nakamoto which can be loosely translated as CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE in Japanese.

Some of the key encryption methods used in the original Satoshi Paper mentioned a form of encryption connected to an obvious NSA/CIA agent Professor Koblitz, his Koblitz Curve Theory are right from NSA central in my opinion.

Research into Wright and his ‘deceased partner’ in creating Bitcoin, a Dave Kleiman who is now deceased and was a paraplegic from Palm Beach who spent the last years of his life destitute and ridden with bed sores in a VA hospital all the while hoarding an alleged million bitcoins worth a small fortune, is laughable.

It seems Kleiman was a former ‘cop’ in Palm Beach and had no major involvement with academia nor any major papers to make him appear to be involved in the concept that Bitcoin was and is. Likewise, Wright has no academic papers in encryption to suggest his knowledge was close to that of the authors of the original Satoshi papers. Securing a corporate network with off the shelf OS’s and updating security patches is the achievements of Mr. Wright, he has no major academic credentials in encryption nor topics relevant to Bitcoin’s theory.

Thus far a few emails and edited blog posts are what ‘tabloid’ journalists are using to say WE FOUND SATOSHI.

Hardly, have they found Satoshi.

Mr. Wright appears to have conned the Australian Government into loaning his worthless company 50 or so MILLION Aussie Dollars and as the notes became due he spiraled into the Abyss of mental illness claiming he was Satoshi.

Nothing more or less is what my OPINION is on this matter.

Wright needed to pump his company up with wild eyed investors, probably from the nitwit realm of Bitcoin investors, by claiming he created Bitcoin.

Now his home was raided by Aussie Tax Officials looking for millions from Mr. Wright in what appears to be taxes due from the apparent SCAM where he appears to have conned the Aussie government into funding one of his bullshit companies.

Mr. Wright is a tech geek, so he may have amassed some minor amounts of Bitcoin in its early years, but he does not have 1 Million Bitcoins nor does the estate of Mr. Kleiman, neither was involved in the original Satoshi Paper it came from a NSA think tank.


PS – Mr. Wright is also involved with a minor religious group where he claims to be a minister, Uniting Church, he also claims to be an expert on ancient mythos. Craig Steven Wright is nothing but a braggadocio with not one original thought in his span of 45 years on this lovely planet.

My Credentials for Worms that think Bitcoin is a legitimate currency which it is not.

40 Years of Involvement with Tech Companies I founded.

Multiple doctorates in 7 fields including



Computer Sciences




Ancient Languages

I formed my own Temple decades ago Temple Hayah

The first real global currency I have theorized and it is called


I formed GREPA to move humanity into the age of FREE ENERGY

My AI company is HelixQ (TM)

I’m Dean Emeritus of Universitius

I have authored over 100 books and academic papers that have revolutionized Prime Theory, Physics and Computer Sciences.

I have numerous cites in the US Supreme Court.

If Craig Steven Wright was Satoshi he could dump a few bitcoin and pay off his tax bills and sell some more to fund his own projects without getting loans from governments on ventures that are now in bankruptcy.


Dr. Sol Adoni

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