San Bernardino Terrorism Conspiracy Cover Up

Dr. Sol Adoni

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San Bernardino Conspiracy Cover Up

The way the government handled the aftermath of the tragedy in the San Bernardino Terrorism event leads me to believe there was a major cover up in the San Bernardino Massacre Shootings.

The way the alleged shooters home was opened to the media and public proves the government did not want any DNA or fingerprint evidence to be taken from the alleged terrorists home.

Photos of the home 48 hours after the shooting showed the FBI failed to do any major forensic analysis of the scene.

No walls had fingerprint dust on them.

There was no finger print dust in the bathroom or kitchen.

The crime scene of the home should have been preserved for months if not years to look for any evidence of any other terrorists in the home.

DNA evidence on dishes was ignored as well as shredded paper in the waste bin next to the paper shredder.

If you understand how the Illuminati or Free Masons have manipulated events in their history to create wars to profit from, you start to understand that major defense contractors that supply the US government ammo and weapons have a lot to gain by such an event occurring.

This could easily become the trigger to a major war with Syria where ex-intelligence officials that run or created most of today’s major defense contractor companies will make BILLIONS of dollars.

Sure terrorists exist and these were potential terrorist suspects that might have been sympathetic to Al Qaeda or even ISIS but the interviews of family and friends and work place employees that knew Syed Farook paint a picture of a person that seemed to be on the opposite end of where a terrorist would be.

Eye witnesses at the scene claimed to have seen 2 or even 3 tall and athletic looking MALES with beards.

How could they miss identify a small petite female for a 6 foot athletic male with a beard?

There are mind control experts that used to work for the CIA and NSA that have run such covert OPS against other countries in the past that retired and setup shop supplying Billions in military equipment to the United States armed forces.

Companies like SAIC that is now known as LEIDOS was created and managed by ex-intelligence officials for decades even today it is run by figures mostly from the private sector.

Still these companies have a long history of figures that are experts in covert intelligence operations that include staging events and even MIND CONTROL.

Figures such as Bobby Ray Inman have been connected in the past to events such as Heavens Gate. Admiral Inman was on the board of SAIC for years. SAIC is CIA’s backwards.

When a crime doesn’t make sense you start to look for FINANCIAL MOTIVE and then this event starts to look like the alleged terrorist couple may have been Patsies and the rush to destroy the evidence in their home that may have linked ex-military from the US armed forces being inside their home and that is why the government let the media and public destroy that vital crime scene in my opinion.

Oswald is thought to have been a CIA patsy by many in the know.

Sayed Farook and his wife Tashfeen Malik may be like Oswald a CIA patsy used by old school CIA officers that now run huge defense contractor companies that will profit from any war on terror with Syria and ISIS.


Dr. Sol Adoni

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