Russell Crowe Tells Actresses Act Your Age

Dr. Sol Adoni

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The female writers are bashing Russell Crowe for saying it like it is.

When he was asked why there’s no roles in Hollywood for female actresses over 40 and 50 he said that’s because they refuse to act their age citing how busy Meryl Streep is because she will act her age.

Writers insist there’s just not many roles for women over 40 and I agree, no one wants to see a cougar on film acting likes she’s 25 when she’s 50.

Movies are written to appeal to younger audiences anyway for the most part, since that’s who blows 15 bucks for a movie on a date when an adult can just rent the flick soon after the release in the comfort of their home and don’t have deal with blowing 50 to 75 bucks for a movie and food for two at the cinema. That 50 to 75 bucks go towards the mortgage payment or car payment they can’t afford usually.

It’s hare do find a movie being made in Hollywood that requires more than two brain cells to watch, it’s mostly special effects or action sequences to impress the young brainless twits that shell out so much to see a movie today in a theater.

Hollywood actresses are young since each year you have a fresh crop of young actresses that show up in Hollywood willing to bang everyone they can to get a shot.

Who do you think is on the proverbial Hollywood Casting Couch? Chicks over 40 or chicks in their early to middle twenties?

They get the roles, the ones on the couch, and besides who is writing action films or movies with a ton of special effects with parts for chicks over 40? No one.

The audience skews young and the actors are usually younger in action and special effects films which do most of the business now. Sure you have some rare action flicks for the male dinosaurs that refuse to grow up and act their age like Arnold and Sly, but men over 40 are usually in the movies that aren’t the blockbusters for the younger audiences that are bombarded with action and special effect nonsense and no major story line.

I meet 20 year old chicks all the time in South Florida who are washed up ‘actresses’. They did a ton of porn films as fresh 18 and 19 year olds and at 20 they can’t get a job. Lots of guys want to see 18 and 19 year olds in porn that look 15 or so I guess.

The only reason why men in the 50’s can get roles is that some films actually are realistic and the story involves a male in a position of power or wealth, and most men don’t obtain such positions in real life until they are near 50 or over it, when they’re done chasing pussy and concentrate on a career or making money.

You can’t be President of the USA until 35 by law, so age has always been kinder to men. Women, their prime years are 18 to 28 at max. By then you are married and making babies usually or should be.

Men come into their stride as to their careers and making money usually over 50.

While you might be able to write a dumb movie about Facebook where the tech CEO was a 20 something, most men will never make the real money they make until after 50. I myself being tech started making money 40 years ago at 15, so I was unusual and such a young person is still unusual, but it’s a little more common with so much tech today.

It takes 10 to 20 years for most power role males to get into position in their career to make serious dough, lawyers and doctors both do a ton of schooling and then have to have long careers before they are made partners in their law firm or heads of their medical group. Even if a person starts a business in their middle or later twenties, most companies need 10 to 20 years of growth before they’re larger companies, success does not happen over night usually in real life.

But Hollywood isn’t real life, you have young actresses making it big over night as they say and by 30 they’re old and by 40 they’re dinosaurs, that’s Hollywood.

Men can play dashing young roles in their 20’s and 30’s and real life men who run companies or are power players in their 40’s to 60’s.

Go to a night club, you see a ton of broke guys in their 20’s a few guys in their 30’s and lots of fools in their 40’s and 50’s with dough looking for young pussy.

You see underage pussy lying about their age to get into the club, you see a ton of young pussy under 25, you see some desperate pussy from 25 to 30 looking for a man with a wallet to marry and squat out some brats.

Do you see many chicks in their 30’s or 40’s or older?


Now occasionally you’ll see some dried up old prune wealthy old female with a paid younger male escort acting like she’s in her 20’s, the reason is her wealthy husband died and now she can spend his money.

Very few women in the 100 richest women in the world made their own dough, a few did, Oprah and Martha Steward for example and years ago Mary Kay, but most of the super wealthy women didn’t earn it they were born into it and inherited it or they married it and got a divorce or became widowed.

Many of the wealthiest men were born into it as well, I don’t know of any men in the top 100 of richest men that ‘married’ into it though.

So men have the chance to have a career and move into the top echelon of super wealth and females almost never do that, a few have, but the percent of new mega wealth women to men is minute.

It’s always been a MANS WORLD and it still is for most. Sure some females are occasionally having major success in the REAL WORLD, but if you look at the super wealth, women are not earning it, they inherit it or marry it.

Now for every minor success story you can find about females in real life, they became a partner in a law firm or they became the top doctor in their field, you can find many multiples of men that did the same thing, so even with all this women’s lib horseshit, it’s still a MANS WORLD and the odds of any female becoming the top of her profession or company or career is way less than the odds of a male doing it. It does get done occasionally, but again the numbers don’t lie, you can take the top 500 companies in the world and the percentage of female CEO’s is not over 50% as the female population is, it’s way below that and I would be surprised if the top 500 companies in the world have more than a token 5% to 10% of female CEO’s.

That’s LIFE and for chick writers to think Hollywood should write stories about powerful super wealthy females over 40, well they have to realize, that’s NOT LIFE, but when has reality ever mattered in Hollyweird anyways.

The human race is unusual, it’s pretty much about the only animal lifeform where its females can out live their useless productive life. Female animals usually die when they can still produce offspring, yet human females live way past their egg producing years.

Now a man can father kids until he is put six feet under.

So you can see a man in his 80’s on film with a woman having sex and there’s a point to it, he can produce seed. You put a female past her menopause on screen having sex, what’s the point?

Now I’m going to be 55 this summer and I’m single for ten years now. I haven’t dated a girl over 25 in those ten years and the fact is almost all of them I dated in the past 10 years are between 18 and 22.

I can date 100 to 150 different chicks in a year in that age range of 18 to 22, so some may think I’m weird, but the fact is young chicks will date older guys with success and dough. Now you do think an 18 to 22 year old guy is going to go out with a 55 year old chick?


The reason Hollywood doesn’t write parts for females over 40 is that like in real life, there’s no major things for most females to do when they hit 40. Sure you have a few female politicians, for example Hillary Clinton, who is known for what reason? Her husband was President for 8 years.

Now politics is one place you may see more women now in power since over 50% of the voters sit down when they pee.

The heads of medical groups, the partners in major law firms and the CEO’s of top corporations, well a few token females are in these positions but most guys can sign their name in the snow if they want because they all have pricks and pricks run the world.



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