Rosetta Mission FAILS

Dr. Sol Adoni

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Rosetta was launched over ten years ago to crash into a comet and harpoon a space rock so scientists could learn more about comets.

At first the mission was thought to be a success when the Rosetta spacecraft launched by ESA (European Space Agency) actually successfully landed the Philae probe on the giant ice rock.

However, when ESA got back in touch with Philae the probe gave a dim view of the landing. Instead of drilling and harpooning into the icey surface of the space snowball, the probe hoped across the surface and ended up in a shadow area of the rock dangling on only two legs. This means the intended solar charging batteries on the probe will soon be dead and cannot recharged due to being in the shade.

Scientists may try one last desperate attempt to either hop the probe into an area where it may get sunlight or to turn the body of the probe towards the sun to recharge its batteries.

So many months of planned scientific tests on the probe will not be able to be done unless the tiny probe can somehow find the light of the sun.

Philae is based upon the ancient Latin word for lover or love. It is the root of many words such as Philadelphia and Philanderer and Philanthropist.

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Dr. Sol Adoni

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