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Ripple XRP set to become


By Dr. Sol Adoni


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A new KING in Crypto is about to be crowned the most valuable crypto as to it’s market cap.

The new KING is XRP or RIPPLE.

As BTC continued to bring down almost every crypto stock today, the few that had big gains were all three I picked yesterday for the readers of my crypto advisories.

XRP  (Ripple) was up 12% most of the day while almost every crypto coin was bleeding red.

Also up today for huge gains were the two other crypto coins I featured yesterday those being XVG (Verge) up 33% most of the day and TRX (Tron) up 22% most of the day.

Read the reasons I picked these crypto coins in what I said will be a crypto shake out as investors start to realize BTC is not really in use like other crypto coins and projects are, and as an expensive coin to buy now with super expensive transfer fees and the slowest sent times around, there’s very little reason for anyone to own BTC now that new crypto coins are here and some have great use projects connected to them.

Now I still think BTC will have a place in crypto, it is the coin all others have been valued against but with XRP becoming the most valuable market cap, it may be time for exchanges to change how they value crypto coins.

Ripple is an Asian bank and already the coin has shown it’s blockchain is trusted by lots of banks in Asia and India. Partner America Express uses it daily to do instant large transfers between banks on their technology.

What amazes me is people act like Bitcoin invented crypto. It makes me laugh, Crypto goes back to the ancient Greeks where the word KRYPTOUS meant HIDDEN and from ancient times armies used ciphers to hide their messages in case the person carrying the secret message was caught by the other side. A famous ancient cipher bears the name of Julius Caesar who used the simple shift 3 cipher.

Now I own KRYPTOUS and it’s a great crypto portal with over 20,000 articles about crypto and crypto coins.

When I released the Prime Algorithm over 20 years the NSA jumped all over me since at that time banks often used large primes in their encryption in that era.  So most of the usenet posts about my Adoni Prime Spirals were erased but a few still exist well hidden from the scrub the NSA did. Others now take credit for my work but the fact is I discovered the Prime Algorithm in 1995. This algorithm has rewritten the laws of mathematics as have my other theories such as EOE Theory for plate tectonics having helped created think tanks to use my work to predict the largest quakes as I have done over and over publicly for over 20 years.

Then you have NASA using my PDF formula that was used to located all the new dwarf planets NASA found after I gave them my formula showing where they would be.

When BTC was hovering around 19K I warned it would be 10K soon and within 48 hours it hit 11K.

While the average person cannot buy Ripple, the people in Asia sure can and they have been, they understand how revolutionary it is for banking and that a consumer use is not far away. Some already use it in Ripple wallets so consumer use is happening already with trade of the coins.

So there you go, the crypto world goes into chaos as a new KING emerges that has EARNED the right to be the most expensive crypto coin as to market cap value in the world.

Bitcoin will continue for a while to have nice wealth storage value but it will never have a practical use and as the main investors realize it’s really not a big deal today with crypto based companies with coins and products that companies USE, well the fever for Bitcoin will evaporate. However, it still can run easily to 50K and even 500K before people realize there’s no reason to own Bitcoin when other coins are actually doing things that the public can use and that businesses need.

Remember people crypto is as old as ancient times, it’s not new, but how we use it to protect valuable financial data is changing. We’ve used encryption on computers since day one to protect such information and advanced crypto and blockchains and such just make it better protected.

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