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A fan of mine sent an email with some links to a bullshit bitcoin forum where a few morons are accusing many posters there of being me.

I’m not really sure why people think all these people are me, but for the record I do not post on forums, I post to this blog and another blog.

I’m RETIRED, so now I write books and play golf and hang out with my two teenage sons, dragging them around to debates, JROTC and track events.

I see a few gorgeous young chicks, go to dinner, go bang in a hotel or their crib and maybe hangout at a cafe on AIA and watch the waves with a gorgeous piece of arm candy. I don’t bring my young girlfriends around my sons anymore since my sons are almost as old as the girls I usually date.

I’ve got a lot of friends, guys I’ve played golf with for years and some who hang out at the same places I go to.

I no longer run any companies. My books and the domains I invested in years ago and the companies I formed now all operate through a trust.

The network I created decades ago hosts many companies and several freedom of speech organizations, something I believe in.

So to any morons that think I’m on some two bit bitcoin  site posting and wasting my time, I’m not and to pardon my French, you can all go FUCK YOURSELF for lying about me. Maybe I’ll have my lawyers sue the site for LIBEL allowing their members to say shit about me when I’m not even a member there.

Bitcoin is bullshit as I explained in my book on Bitcoin, it came out of an intelligence think tank and it isn’t going to be a global currency or a real currency, it’s a  junk currency for drug dealers, child pornographers and online casinos. Oh, it’s also fools gold for morons that think bitcoin is an ‘investment’. It is no such thing. The only asset I have invested in for twenty years now are domain names and they are now all held in trust and worth a fortune.

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Dr. Sol Adoni

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