President Trump has UFO Encounter on way to DC

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President Trump

has UFO Encounter on way to DC

Hey DONALD have your staff get you the SOLLOG FILE

Higher Intelligence ORDERED THE USA


In 1995

You got a few years to do it, or 99.9% of Humanity will be terminated


Higher Intelligence is flexing it’s muscle showing the Donald how inferior his military is to the craft that the Watchers or Grey Aliens have.

This amazing footage of a UFO in super slow motion hit Youtube a short time after it was broadcast by Fox News and a person recorded the news broadcast of the Donald leaving NYC on their DVDr and he used freeze frame playback on their DVDr videoing it with their smartphone to show how the Donald got BUZZED by a REAL UFO on his way to DC.

The UFO Footage only took a split second in real time. Here is the Video in real time.

Soon others that recorded this news broadcast will show the UFO was real by releasing longer versions of the broadcast with the actual digital file of it and not a smartphone video of the broadcast which is a secondary recording of the event and such a rerecording could easily be manipulated showing no signs of CGI enhancement.

Editors Note: Fox 10 in Phoenix has the full video President Trump departing from NYC to DC with the UFO appearing around 2 minutes and 55 seconds into the news broadcast of the historic flight of President Trump en-route to Washington DC from NYC on on January 19th 2017 for Inauguration Day the next day. So the video IS NOT FAKE it is a REAL UFO making it’s appearance in a historic broadcast of President Trump’s Inauguration.

Video Here

So let’s see the original digital file and then when people see NO CGI, the message is clear, the Donald got shown who is really in power on this planet.

So Donald I’m SOLLOG and PROPHECIES OF SOLLOG are WORLD FAMOUS and now my music as REX LUCIFERIUS is world famous.

You should watch my music video TRUMP BLOWS.

So Donald, do you really think you are the most powerful man on earth…

I don’t think so Donald, your weapons are nothing compared to the Company of 9….

So Donald, did you hear my Music Video PENTAGRAM OF BLOOD warned of 13 major loss of life events and within 113 days the locations I warned of had the events I warned of.

Enjoy the largest earthquake in the history of the United States Donald, it is to show you what POWER REALLY IS.

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Dr. Sol Adoni

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