Nothing like Moonlight

Dr. Sol Adoni

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So I’m single now for almost a decade, been with a ton of gorgeous young chicks the past ten years, literally rock star numbers. Do the math, if you have dough you can easily find 2 to 4 gorgeous new chicks a week without even looking that hard. Now do that for almost a decade, you see how big the numbers are if you do it long enough.

Usually it’s bang them in a VIP room, or a hotel or if my sons are out of the house in my crib or their crib.

You meet the young chicks usually in clubs or they’re waitresses in restaurants or cashiers in stores or Barista’s in coffee cafes. You tell them how pretty they are and let them know you want sex and that’s it, sure if they’re really cute maybe you take them out to dinner or lunch or buy them stuff. It’s South Florida, every month you have a new litter of gorgeous young chicks that want to make a few bucks or just crazy young tramps.

Usually it’s damn you’re smoking hot I wanna get with you let’s hook up, if they’re in a strip club it’s easy, you do VIP or if it’s not a strip club you say let’s hook up, your place or a hotel or my crib. I swear 99% of young chicks are hustlers, they all want a fast Benjamin or two.

I mean, I’m an older guy and I like beautiful young girls and I let them know out of the gate, I want sex, so there’s no ‘romance’. If you meet a gorgeous young chick and you let her know how damn beautiful she is and you let her know she’s giving you a hard on, most laugh and say ok here’s my number. If they are hesitant, you say what you want, you wanna go shop, you want to go to this top club or restaurant, you want some dough. I mean my usual line is, Look,  I want to F you like the little pig you always wanted to be, so let’s go baby, just  set the price. You can’t usually be that direct outside of a strip club, but pretty young girls love to hear how a man thinks they’re really beautiful. So it’s a numbers game, the chick just broke up with her boyfriend or had a fight with him and she thinks, he sure is confident, he looks cool with that rock star hair. What the fuck they think. Here’s my number.

So four years ago I’m seeing this gorgeous 19 year old for a few months, I told her when we met I was the biggest dog she would ever meet so she would be wise to run away before this dog bites her on her ass.

So long story short, we start to go out and have great sex and then she gets mad I’m banging every cute hot young chick in her club. I say what’s the first thing I told you when we met I say, and she says you said you were the biggest dog I would meet, but I didn’t think you were really this bad.

So over the years we kept in touch, been out a few times, sushi in a nice ocean front restaurant and a nice walk on the pier. Brunch ocean side at the W on A1A, a nice walk on the beach. Trip to the gallery for a gift she wanted. A couple of times we met up at a strip club I go to, she stopped dancing but her friends are mostly strippers still.

So I haven’t golfed in 8 months, been too busy with projects, so a client was bothering me to take him golfing yesterday. So I said ok, I text her to come drive my cart, she’s busy but says how about dinner. I say ok meet me at the country club sunset I buy her a steak I tell her.

So she shows up at the golf clubs restaurant and I introduce her to my client and after dinner he leaves and I say to her let me show you around the grounds, they do a lot of weddings here and they have a nice fountain and stuff, it’s pretty.

So I walk her around the patio and the lake and fountain and she sees a lighted bridge with almost a full moon over it and she says let’s go over the bridge, I say that’s the course and it’s closed. She says come on let’s go.

So we walk hand in hand over the lighted bridge with a big water fountain pumping out water and a nearly full moon shining down.

Near the end of the bridge she jumps in front of me and grabs my face and gives me a deep passionate kiss under the moonlight.

All of a sudden it hits me, Sol you’ve been with so many gorgeous young chicks since you’ve been single, but they were all about SEX and not romance.

It reminded me of my first date with my first wife, we played some tennis and then walked to the shore of the Delaware River as the sun was setting. We sat on some big rocks while the light waves of the Delaware splashed against the ancient rocks and I made out with my future first wife.

I sure have no intentions of a fourth wife, but that Moonlight kiss made an old dog feel like love is in the air.

It’s nice to remember what Romance was all about and not just sex.


Dr. Sol Adoni

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