New iPhone 6 Plus Users get BENT

Dr. Sol Adoni

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I don’t know if anyone says this anymore, but I remember as a kid we used to tell people to ‘get bent’.

Seems the new iPhone 6 Plus has iPhone users getting literally all bent up as to their nice big iPhones easily bending out of shape from normal usage such as carrying it in a pocket.

I usually wait a month or two to update my iphone, now it seems Apple will have to change the case of the larger 6 Plus to prevent it from easily bending.

Initially Apple was silent on the defect, but it appears they have issued a statement that they will replace bent phones.

I stopped carrying my phone on my body a while ago, too much RF on these devices, so now it gets shut off at night as well. I sleep way better with no late nite booty calls from my young girl friends or their late nite drunk texts.

Some others I know have started to not carry these RF intense devices on their person as well and I rarely ever put one near my ears. I use the speaker phone aspect almost 100% of the time now due to RF. Heck I even redesigned the laptop area in my home so the router is no where near me and it too now gets turned off at nite.

I personally have noticed that my middle aged body feels way more energetic now when I wake up after sleeping all night with no RF devices turned on in my bedroom.

I try to turn them all off in my house now as well.

You know in one of my books I had a device the whole society used, it was a paired optical and neurological implant that allowed the whole society to be directly wired to the huge main frame that ran their world.

Installation was mandatory and began in the womb.

I sure can use the larger screen of the iPhone 6 series, if I were in charge of Apple I’d be doing a case that keeps the RF numbers down, that could be a big seller soon as more people wake up to the damage all this RF radiation is doing to the human brain and DNA.




Dr. Sol Adoni

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