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Hot Crypto Coin Picks 

Dr Sol Adoni 

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These are my strong holds while the crypto world sees big dips in high priced crypto short term.




The global Crypto market cap hit 600 Billion recently, most of it due to a strong six week bull run.

Bitcoin is the top valued crypto coin and is almost 50% of the total crypto market cap. Technologically speaking it has major problems as I revealed years ago in my book Bitcoin Algorithm since it cannot scale and the coins crypto is from NSA spook Neal Koblitz, so the NSA has special keys they created using my prime algorithm and released through NiST.

Even with the NSA backdoor  issue and it being an NSA project to identify drug dealers and terrorists as well as businesses dealing in underground cash trades I predicted it would have huge values as the world embraces the future of global digital currencies.

So my value curves still stand for Bitcoin, a bumpy road from $300 USD in 2014 to $5k, then an explosion to $50k and then $500k.

Well it’s 2018 in a few days, 2017 witnessed the world awakening to the future of global digital crypto Currencies.

The crypto coin that eventually wins will be centralized to some degree and will run above the cloud on a closed network of AI computers that don’t even exist yet.

XRP or Ripple is the crypto coin pioneering the future, it’s blockchain is already moving around huge Bank transfers for American Express. So in finance IT IS AKREADY A BIG DEAL. Ripple is fighting Etherum for the 2nd spot in crypto market cap position. It could easily surpass Bitcoin due to it is in use moving huge currency amounts instantly. A version of it is expected to be used by the public soon, it could be the crypto coin that leads the crypto revolution. There are a potential 80 Billion coins in XRP Version 1.

So the coins price is cheap since Bitcoins value is based on only  21 million potential coins. Priced now in the low $1.00 range it has exploded in value the last few weeks as new crypto investors look for coins with real world use potential. It is a solid top 5 value crypto coin.

XVG or Verge is a rebranded Doge Coin project and it is doing what Bitcoin said it was and it cannot be, an anonymous crypto, but since it’s tied to TOR another NSA project the truly anonymous issue might not be accurate, but it is way more anonymous than Bitcoin. It had fake news on Twitter recently that saw the coin lose 50% of value, but it was FAKE NEWS. XVG is a top 20 crypto market value coin and while it has 16 Billion coins compared to Bitcoin’s 21 million coins  the cheap .12 cent prices is a steal.

TRX or Tron is a very interesting inexpensive coin with 100 Billion coins. It has potential use in the entertainment industry a huge industry itself. It is ready a top 20 crypto market value coin even though it is only 3 cents a coin.

The larger coins issued is great in my opinion since at pennies in value even the poorest people can own these coins.

The masses will move these coins and crypto in general to many TRILLIONS in market cap so the party has only just begun.

End of the year profit taking, fake news in major media warning the sheeple crypto is a bubble combine to put downward pressure on crypto coins, but 2018 is THE YEAR OF CRYPTO.

HOLD rare crypto coins, unless you are late in, $10k is the new floor for BTC and as I said earlier this month BCH or Bitcoin Cash will soon be embraced by the public as equal in value to BTC.

Bitcoin Cash is cheaper to use and fast. These are now the main issues hurting Bitcoin.

Bitcoin will never scale but for now at least all crypto coins are valued and traded against it.

Look for Coinbase to start XRP trading soon.

US based crypto exchanges face an uncertain future due to Trump’s new tax plan eliminating the rule 1031 like for like trade exemptions. So whales and day traders will exit all USA based exchanges.

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