Hamm Divorce Wife says 1 BILLION NOT ENOUGH

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The real cost of Pussy

You know, it’s bitches like this that make me stay happily SINGLE.

Sue Ann Hamm got awarded 1 BILLION BUCKS in her recent divorce from mega-billionaire Harold Hamm and the bitch is saying 1 BILLION BUCKS is not enough.



Bitch, you could have been given $1,000 a night for the whole time you were married 26 years (9 Million bucks), or how about $10,000 a night (90 Million bucks) and guess what you stupid greedy cunt, it would be NO WHERE NEAR 1 BILLION.  So the judge awarded this skanky old bitch over $100,000 for every fucking day she was married to a simple old dumb dude.

Pussy isn’t really worth that much, it can be bought for almost nothing since young pigs give it away for free and old sluts do as well.

Yet some bitch married a dumb sharecroppers son who thanks to global oil and fracking is now worth mega-billions. The dummy she married had no pre-nup.

Sue Ann Hamm your saggy old pussy isn’t worth 1 BILLION and to think you are appealing that ruling shows you how fucking greedy you are. When is enough just enough bitch.

Tiger Woods’ relatively young and still decent looking ex-wife got only 100 Million and I’m sure her pussy is way better than your saggy old pussy Sue Ann Hamm. At least she is almost cute compared to your ugly face biatchhhh. But I never met a blonde chick I liked, I prefer brunettes.

The huge drop in oil prices recently made Hamm’s wealth at the start of the divorce trial a little over 9 weeks ago go from around 20 Billion to only 14 or so Billion.

So Harold’s pussy fucking costed him over $100,000 a night, YO HAROLD, we need to hang out some time, I can get you nice young Latina pussy 18 to 22 years old all day long for a lousy $100 bucks or so.

And that’s INSIDE THE USA.


No pussy is worth 100 Million you dummy Tiger Woods and no pussy is worth 1 Billion bucks you really big dummy Harold Hamm.

If I had been the judge in this case I would have said bitch the dude had his company BEFORE HE MET YOU. Now in this part of the world a nice prostitute can go for maybe 200 bucks  a night for most of the years you were married and 500 if she is a young looking model which you sure are not Sue Ann Hamm, so based on the value of pussy and how ugly you are Sue Ann Hamm, here is what you were worth for each day of those 26 years, two million bucks and I’m being generous giving you $200 bucks a day and you know you didn’t fuck him that much at all, so to pay an ugly skank like you $200 a day for services rendered is more than FAIR.

Gravel down, case closed.

But no this dumb ass judge says that ugly saggy pussy bitch is worth over $100,000 for every day her skank pussy was married to the dummy Harold Hamm.

The dude HAD HIS COMPANY BEFORE HE MARRIED this skanky bitch, she shouldn’t get more than half of their personal items, the home, their PERSONAL bank account, the crap in the home, his business is HIS BUSINESS he had it before he got married and if the dummy had a simple PRE-NUP this bitch would be getting very little.



Dr. Sol Adoni

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