GIA and AGL are destroying FLAWLESS GEMS with their lab tests

Dr. Sol Adoni

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In gemology a big thing now is lab testing and certification by gem labs to detect treatments that make gems look more perfect than they are.

All three devices used by labs like GIA and AGL are actually creating MAJOR FLAWS in what sometimes are FLAWLESS or nearly FLAWLESS gems.

Diamonds start to be considered FLAWLESS if not imperfections such as PITS are found in facets on stones using a jewelers loupe of only 10x or ten power magnification.

GIA often puts in the girdle their certificate numbers to ‘ID’ the high quality IF or FL diamonds they grade.

Part of the grading process by GIA and AGL now uses LASERS to literally drill huge holes into gems to determine if the gem was ‘enhanced’.

The holes are easily visible with a jewelers loupe of ONLY 10x and they range in size from .03MM to .1MM which are all in the range of what a 10x loupe can see.

The holes are HIDDEN in the girdle area of the gems since such huge holes in the facet areas would be enough to say the stone is no where near to IF or FL quality.

So how much did you pay for that lovely ‘gem’ you have in that ring for that special someone?

Do you like now to know how a lab created a lot of loupe visible HOLES to say the diamond or ruby hasn’t been ‘treated’?

The huge holes are such a MAJOR FLAW in my opinion that labs doing this type of analysis should all be SUED for doing major damage to gems in the name of detecting enhancement treatments.

So how many holes does you ‘gem’ have that has a GIA or AGL certificate?

Get out a cheap 10x jewelers loupe and look at the girdle area where morons like the GIA also etch in serial numbers now and see how many craters your beautiful ‘flawless’ or ‘near flawless’ gem has from ‘testing’.

Lab testing on rare gems is literally destroying them IN MY OPINION.



Dr. Sol Adoni

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