How Free Music has destroyed the Music Industry

Dr. Sol Adoni

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How Free Music

Has destroyed the Music Industry

By Dr. Sol Adoni founder 1 eMusic

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Everyone loves the word FREE and usually it is connected to a con game. Well today we have FREE MUSIC all over the net and the net result is it has destroyed the entire music industry as it has existed in the recent past.

Part of the human experience is the connection that music has to your soul. Whether you hum along, sing or tap your feet, music moves people on the soul level.

So let me give you a brief history lesson in music as I see it.

Troubadours roamed the landscape for centuries spinning long tales while they played instruments and made very little in return for their gift of bringing a little light into what were pretty dreary hard working lives centuries ago.

Opera houses and rare voices have existed for centuries and the top singers made nice livings.

Then around 100 years ago, you had the invention of the phonograph and bingo RECORDS made old technology companies like Edison Music a fortune. Edison wouldn’t have sold his very expensive technology had there not been ‘singers’ on early ‘records’.

Then music on radio was a big reason for CONSUMERS to consume radios another high tech innovation that put radios alongside phonographs into peoples homes around 100 years ago.

Then when you had televisions another high tech industry come along, you had a plethora of music shows on TV to help put that technology into everyone’s home.

Then the  80’s had another tech boom when music was made truly portable with Walkman’s. One could argue handheld radios had already done that, but Walkman’s gave people the power to CHOOSE what they listened to by having something other than a radio dial to listen to music.

The next big technology product was when the commercial internet started a few companies realized digital music was going to be a huge thing in the future of the new ‘Net’.

We had a digital music division in our company 20 years ago and it quickly got a ton of users, in fact millions of them. Then all the lawsuits came about how you couldn’t share files you bought and OWNED with the world FOR FREE and the courts let the artists make claims to their work being heard on technology that didn’t even exist when the archaic copyright laws were written ages ago.

Now today you have FREE MUSIC everywhere and it is how technology giants are trying to CONTROL the minds and buying power of humans all around the world.

The artist that created the songs, wrote the lyrics and the person that played the song are now being screwed and even their labels are being screwed in the new gold rush of the net as to how to dominate FREE MUSIC.

I got an iPhone ages ago due to one thing, I have a huge music collection and I was able to put 1,000’s of songs onto my iPhone and take business calls and even surf the net and show my companies videos to clients. Even when I was doing the daily 1 to 2 hour walks I like to do to keep in shape and THINK.

I owned the music files on my iPhone, since I owned the disc’s the music came from having bought them over many decades. So ‘ripping’ files took months to do usually in my leisure, then filing them properly on my hard-drive, etc.

But the end result was I could carry around all the music I could ever want on my smartphone (after 8 years I got rid of the iPhone for one reason, Android will be the dominate smartphone in the world so I had to get used to that device since I own tech companies).

Over the century as ‘music’ moved from ‘records’ to the airwaves to cable it could always be tracked due to the government controlling broadcast licenses and such. So the courts figured out ways to compensate the artists that created the music people were listening to on technology such as phonographs, radios and then televisions.

People no longer buy ‘records’, for a while older people initially bought into the idea of buying a digital download via companies such as Apple and iTunes, the reality is today the kids and young adults under 25 WANT FREE MUSIC since they grew up with the age of the Net and well music has always been FREE to them.

Sure it came with ads usually as Youtube has done now for over a decade, but you can download software to block most ads on the net today, but anyone can still go to a tech giants company music site such as Youtube (Google owns it) and watch a music video, sometimes from the artist and often from some knucklehead that merely created a video file illegally using the work of the artist they ripped off.

Now Google has decided when a person rips off an artist, well that’s okay since Google will MONETIZE it and pay the artist a minor amount if the video gets traffic from crappy PPC ads.

Google is a heartless soul sucking tech company that cares about one thing CONTROL OF INTERNET USERS and besides owning the #1 search engine they have for a while controlled the largest amount of digital listens or watches in the world of music and now artists who jumped on the Free Youtube band wagon are all crying they are NOT BEING PAID PROPERLY for their work.

Well mobile devices are changing the music industry unlike it has ever been changed before. A person who is listening to music on a smartphone (usually under 25) doesn’t have time to be watching videos so they want to STREAM FREE MUSIC and now we have a new war on the net for control of music as to who can STREAM THE MOST and every technology company has their version of the FREE MUSIC STREAM INDUSTRY and now the artists are getting lost in the abyss of how the heck do you properly track all the FREE MUSIC all these tech companies are dishing out.

Ads are used on all these tech giants FREE PLAYERS to monetize the use of artists work to gain users and every so-called FREE MUSIC STREAMER SITE controlled by tech giants have the $9.99 ‘upgrade’ so you can ditch the ads. That is their bogus ‘business model’ and the fact is that model will not work with young listeners, they will not in volume PAY for Music. Period.

If you create music, you have to create it for the largest majority of listeners to new music and that is LISTENERS UNDER 25 and that puts you into a few limited genres basically Pop and Rap and maybe some R&B.

Sure some ‘kids’ listen to Country, but overall the kids streaming music today are not listening to Country. They want Adrianna or Rihanna and Drake on a FREE APP and they want their music streams for FREE.

So artists today who have been getting minor checks from Google for video plays in the past are trying to figure out how to get paid for all these FREE STREAMS.

Google now has Google Play to try to break into the FREE STREAM market and they have put out a new App for Youtube to LISTEN to music and not watch videos. You have Apple with Apple Music which is trying to steer users back to iTunes and you even have the sleeping tech giant Microsoft with it’s ‘Groove’ Free Player.

Heck, we reactivated our old music site and even have a FREE MUSIC APP now, and since have control of the HOTTEST BAND in Genres outside of Pop and Rap on SoundCloud, we might actually get a major foothold soon with the over 25 Crowd that wants quality music in Country, Rock and Alternative, the genres that under 25 year olds ignore for the most part.

As I look at the emerging landscape of FREE MUSIC and how I understand how the ARTISTS will never get their fair share in all this new abyss of streams that make HUGE PROFITS  for tech giants who will never give the artists their fair share, I see one bright light that thus far we have had a great relationship with and the big record labels are realizing this company is their only hope to get a fair share of the FREE MUSIC STREAM game.

That company is SOUNDCLOUD and for a few years some tech savvy rappers have used it to gain a huge following and that has given them the audience to cross over into the controlled music game on Youtube and even iTunes.

Youtube is Google and iTunes is Apple and they are two of the wealthiest companies in the world and THEY HAVE BEEN IN CONTROL OF MUSIC for a while and neither has given artists their fair share and none have given the record labels even much as to how they use all the major songs and pay very little for that use.

We recently had to pull all the great Youtube Playlists from our Music site since when we put the App in the Google Play Store we got a BULLSHIT rejection notice from Google the App violated some terms in their play store agreement.

I’m an expert in law since I’m a Judge on an international court and I saw no violations but I realized NO ONE WANTS TO WATCH VIDEOS on their smartphone which the Youtube Player demands by mobile users so I realized for the App having some great playlists a user couldn’t just LISTEN TO was actually a bad idea for the App, even though the Playlists were great for users not on a mobile device since they could listen to a playlist and not watch the videos for hours of FREE MUSIC from the site itself.

So now we stream our well edited playlists from the main FREE STREAM SOURCE in the world and that is SoundCloud and at least the top 3 record labels will have a chance to earn some dough since at Warner and UAG now own 5% of SoundCloud and that is where EMERGING ARTISTS are breaking out daily. Even the main music giant Sony has been in talks for months with SoundCloud about exactly how big of a piece of that company they will soon own.

The main reason SoundCloud will control FREE STREAMS and create new artists is how the player is SOCIAL MEDIA FRIENDLY and how it can be put into mobile FREE MUSIC APPS as we have done.

Emerging bands and artists that are social media savvy can EMBED a whole playlist onto a post on Facebook and Twitter and websites they operate so their fans can listen to their music for FREE. SoundCloud has a simple BUY LINK the band can send to their own store which I recommend any artists do or they can send the buys to iTunes or whatever store they want.

So emerging artists need a MUSIC STORE NOW to sell what people listen to for FREE on SoundCloud and even Bandcamp.

If you stream from say Spotify in Social Media your fans can’t listen to the whole song, so the fans quickly move onto other artists that offer a WHOLE SONG FOR FREE.

In 10 DAYS our breakout artist got over 10 Million Plays on SoundCloud and put 20 songs onto the top 25 charts in 5 genres of music.

Almost all of the plays came from our vast network of famous websites that all had the new FREE ALBUM on an embedded SoundCloud Player so people could listen to the whole album for FREE on some of our top sites and now our network users that liked the music are FANS of the breakout band we used the power of network to promote.

By being on the TOP CHARTS on SoundCloud new fans are finding the band on SoundCloud.

Lots of our social media accounts were used to push the new band so social media is full of embeds now with the bands FREE ALBUM.

Eventually SoundCloud may offer the band their PREMIER ARTIST deal where the band may share in ad revenue since SoundCloud does have ads and is now trying to go the $9.99 a month route for users that prefer to not have ads. But only ‘chosen’ artists are offered the SoundCloud Premier Artist deal.

However, the real market of SoundCloud is the under 25 crowd and most are still in school and don’t have jobs and they DEMAND FREE MUSIC since they grew up in the age of the Net and Free Youtube Music.

Our hot band knew they were rolling the dice with the FREE ALBUM DEAL and while they are making sales now on their music site we operate for them, they know the payday will be when they start to appear on major networks say on Late Night TV shows and start to get offered opening gigs for major artists most likely to be Country Stars that realize how RED HOT the band is now.

They should be able to start to command decent fees by playing out in small venues all over the world soon since they are rapidly gaining a following around the world.

As radio stations start to play their songs, they will get money from the dying radio industry, I mean who listens to radio now that is under 25?

Thus far the Music Industry has been oblivious to FREE STREAMS since they the main charts such as Billboard report only on SALES and Music Sales are flat lining at iTunes and other digital stores.

FREE MUSIC STREAMS is what the under 25 crowd is listening to and once rating sites such as Billboard start to realize the HOT SONGS are what are actually being LISTENED TO, and not bought in digital stores.

Digital music stores such as iTunes are now a minor player in the world of HOT MUSIC. Soon TOP STREAM CHARTS from sites such as SoundCloud will become part of major music charts. Right now the top listened songs are showing up just the HOT CHARTS on SoundCloud.

Rappers such as Drake and Kayne West took control of popular charts on SoundCloud since the Overall Chart and Pop and Rap and even R&B are still dominated by Rappers.

That converted into both artists breaking into the tech controlled world of Youtube views and iTunes sales and now we see Drake setting the new record for Charts by having 20 of the top spots in the coveted TOP 100 Chart of Billboard.

Since most artists with big views on Youtube and sales on iTunes come from the big label world controlled primarily by 3 major labels today, those being Sony, Warner and UAG, it’s very hard for an artist not in the ‘whore stables’ of the Big 3 to gain traction with the big tech companies that are raping artists over income distribution from both sales and ad income.

Yes Justin Bieber was the first new artist to really emerge from Youtube but Google has taken control over that site so it’s very hard for anyone to really get traction now on Youtube that is unknown.

So FREE is what moves the music world now, but an artist has to be able to monetize it with the ability to play out and perform since they are a well streamed artist that people are actually listening to.

Today the FREE STREAM SITES have created a music world where millions of users LISTEN FOR FREE and none want to PAY THE ARTIST.

So artists need to accept this new world and make their music FREE and then monetize their careers on the popularity that comes with being a TOP FREE PLAY artist.

Yes, some older listeners will still want to ‘own’ a song, but the under 25 listener wants and demands FREE MUSIC and that has destroyed the music world as it existed for years.

We have a new world in MUSIC and if you are a new artist you can gain a massive global following today without radio play and even without popular Youtube music videos which are terrible for compensation to artists.

iTunes is not selling much and losing sales to FREE MUSIC STEAMS.

So you have to be able to ADAPT and get heard and build a fan base that will pay to see your shows and occasionally BUY DOWNLOADS and new artists should be selling direct from their own website any physical downloads and not give the big tech giants anything for distributing digital files.

So while FREE MUSIC has completely DESTROYED THE MUSIC INDUSTRY as it existed recently, it has created a new opportunity for new artists to BE HEARD and for older artists to become relevant again IF THEY JOIN THE FREE MUSIC REVOLUTION that is happening right now.

Established artists and old world record label giants are lost in today’s FREE MUSIC REVOLUTION so you either adapt to it and gain new fans or you die off like the dinosaur most labels and artists have become.


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