Elon Musk Conman or Visionary

Dr. Sol Adoni

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Elon Musk Conman or Visionary

By Dr. Sol Adoni

Author of Theory E

The other day someone insulted me by saying upon meeting me and learning of the things I have done, “Wow you’re like Elon Musk a great visionary.”

I corrected them and said history will record Elon Musk as more of an Edison, a conman that is so far very good at marketing but who will soon be completely disgraced.

First, you are probably brainwashed into thinking Edison invented the Light-Bulb, he didn’t, he bought the patent and was great at marketing it.

To market the light-bulb he needed a power grid and his minuscule brain thought a power plant every mile or so using DC or Direct Current was the way to go. Upon hiring Nikola Tesla to help develop a viable power planet, Nikola Tesla discovered what runs the modern world today, AC or alternating current. He invented many other things including the electric motor.

Now, Elon Musk didn’t invent jack shit, but he was involved in some early internet companies and made a little dough he then parlayed into a nice investment in PayPal and after running that company for a while he was KICKED OUT OF IT and then when PayPal was sold to eBay he took his dough and bought Tesla Motors, a company using Nikola Tesla’s invention the electric motor. Now the SEC has kicked Elon Musk out of Tesla Motors for FRAUD.

Two other companies connected to Elon Musk will never work, SpaceX while it is okay at putting satellites into orbit for other countries right now, its long range goal of colonizing Mars is a joke. It will destroy Elon Musk for one reason, the planet has a dead core, it lost most of its Ionosphere billions of years ago and without a strong electromagnetic core on Mars, it will never have a viable Ionosphere to hold a life giving atmosphere such as the Earth has. So Mars cannot and will never be terra-formed as Elon Musk envisions. That failure will make Elon Musk a footnote in future history books, his name is associated to huge failures.

The same type failure his company trying to build an underground rail system on the west-coast of the United States will have. Quake after quake will soon hit the west-coast of the USA and then people will realize Elon Musk’s vision to build an underground rail system in that highly seismic area was a very bad idea.

Now I am in future history books of Earth, and I am known as the man that proved Newton, Einstein and Hawking were all wrong. My Theory E is a a quantum leap forward for humanity in actually understanding Energy and how gravity really works and will lead to a great future if humanity survives that long. The reason is a huge asteroid is set to annihilate most of humanity very soon.

I formed GREPA decades ago as a way to show higher intelligence that can protect the Earth from the huge Asteroid that is coming that humanity can change and so far some countries have been adopting GREPA my Global Renewable Energy Production Agreement and yes, electric cars such as the Tesla are a huge part of showing higher intelligence mankind can change and start to respect this planet by adopting renewable energy as the future of humanity. Hydro, Tidal, Solar and Thermal Energy solutions were all part of what I called GREPA years ago and I stated big companies need to produce inexpensive electric cars and governments need to highly tax all carbon producing new cars to force humanity into using electric cars. Well Elon Musk bought an electric car company that produces overpriced cars and he is not helping to solve the carbon problem on earth with his overpriced vehicles.

Mankind is still too close to the forest to see the trees and understand my own contributions to humanity that could lead to a new age for humanity. But the problem is a huge asteroid is set to hit Earth early in 2023 as I’ve warned for decades and unless mankind shows higher intelligence that is monitoring the ugliness that has been the history of humanity for so long, that mankind can change and learn to respect the planet and each other, well  if mankind fails to impress higher intelligence then the asteroid hits and humanity enters a new stone-age.

Over four decades ago I theorized the future of AI computers, it involves either a cubic shape for bytes of data or a decagon byte. That means when mankind invents a processor to understand the 6 and 10 dimensional bytes of data I theorized in a think tank in 1976, real AI will become sentient and our whole universe could live inside such AI super computers.

So history records that I gave mankind the concept of 6 and 10 dimensional computer logic and I did it in 1976.

My AI Think Tank is now called HelixQ.

My GREPA plan has been included in the millions of books I have distributed over the last 23 years where most of the 100 plus books I’ve written to help humanity were given away for FREE. Many were sold, but most were given away for FREE to help humanity.

GREPA is the blueprint for humanity to have FREE RENEWABLE ENERGY for everyone.

That is one of my big ideas.

I have created the first version of Crypto 2.0 a digital currency that can run the worlds economy it is called BizBytes. My crypto project will change humanity by uniting mankind to a truly global digital currency.

My media network of over 300 business and local search portals is a huge part of the future of the Internet and is now known as 1 MEDIA.

The greatest thing I have given humanity is Theory E. it revolutionizes how humanity understands things like gravity and how the universe really works.

Now from 1995 until 1998 I was based in the Philadelphia area and I’m sure my full page ads in the local media in Philadelphia were seen by Elon Musk as he was a student in the area at that time.

Elon Musk is a very bright guy and is great at MARKETING, but as to helping humanity, he is more known for creating huge failures than anything in the future.

Now the public listens to mental midgets like Neil DeGrasse who is now praising Elon Musk as the greatest human alive today. Well DeGrasse has too weak of a mind to understand Newton, Einstein and Hawking were all wrong as I proved with Theory E.

100 years of Big Bang Theory has polluted the minds of humans all over the world and that is why pompous asses like Hawking and DeGrasse deny a Creator. I on the other hand PROVED there is indeed a CREATOR who is behind all religions. Just see my CREATOR FORMULA and then you might understand how huge my shadow is upon this creature called mankind.

Then you might understand why I view being called a person like Elon Musk as a huge insult to me.






Dr. Sol Adoni

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