Donald Trump Fraud Scam Sham Bigot Cheater Rapist

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Donald Trump

Fraud Scam Sham Bigot Cheater Rapist

Trump Frauds
Trump Frauds



This is shaping up to be the funniest general election in U.S. history.

It looks to me like Hillary may indeed become the first woman to be elected president in the United States. Since the dirty laundry of Donald Trump will soon collapse his bid to become President.

If Trump survives the major media onslaught about his well documented checkered past, the Clinton media machine will destroy his reputation in a one on one confrontation between Trump and Hillary.

Here’s the ammo Hillary, destroy Trump.

US DOJ sued him for racial discrimination

SEC complaints on his Casino’s for false financials

4 Major Bankruptcies

Active NY AGO case on his FRAUD in Trump University

So many failed businesses they fill a book LITERALLY see Trump Frauds.

I think the USA at this moment in time is destined to have a female Presdient. The reason is way back in the early 1970’s I remember sitting in Mr. McGonigal’s world history class, a class that was notorious in that students thought it was so hard due to so many failed it.

On the wall behind Mr. McGonigal was the words, “Those who cannot remember their history are doomed to repeat it.”

Thanks to my perfect 110% average in that class that year (I got every question right on tests and every bonus question) my class did not benefit from the normal curve McGonigal used. So it forced every student to listen to every word Mr. McGonigal said since his tests were not what was in the books but what he said in class.

So when he warned the class to take copious notes on his lectures, I did just that and sure enough I was the first student to ever have a perfect score in that class.

Mr. McGonigal rewarded me with his History Award at my class graduation that year. It was a World Atlas now lost to time. He inscribed in it, “You have a great head on your shoulders and COMMON SENSE a rare combination. May you make our world a better place in which to live.

Okay, so I tried to live up to the challenge.

I formed many software and tech companies over the years.

I formed other businesses.

To make the world a better place I formed these non profit org’s.

GREPAFree Clean Energy Movement

HelixQ – AI OS Think Tank

Paideias – Global Knowledge Database Project

1 Search – Non Profit Search Portal

Nation of One – Global Government Movement

Temple ‘Hayah – Religious Org

University ‘Hayah – Religious University

The main thing that stuck with me now over 40 years later from the wisdom of Mr. McGonigal was how you could chart the collapse of all the ‘great civilizations’ in history with the equality of females in that civilization. As soon as a civilization got civilized to treat females as near or even equals in that society and allowed them to ‘rule’ the civilization, a more barbarian civilization was at that civilizations doorstep ready to swoop in and take advantage of a having a female leader in a period of WAR.

Mr. McGonigal’s argument was very compelling to a young teen that was living history as civil rights were being formed in the USA for minorities and females. I grew up on the cusp of the old way things got done in the USA and the new modern USA where civil rights are paramount and females are equal.

The McGonigal argument was when great civilizations had advanced the rights of the females in each culture, it shortly failed and was taken over by a more barbarian civilization that had yet to recognize females as equals or near equals.

He started in Egypt and noted Cleopatra as the last great Pharaoh of ancient Egypt.

He then moved to Greece and Rome and noted how each civilization apexed at the time when females were finally allowed a say in government.

Then he noted how Queens that ruled all the Old World powerful colony building empires that included France, Spain and England all had Queens near the apex of those world powers.

As Mr. McGonigal viewed history the start of the woman’s equality movement was the pivotal point in US history that future historians as himself would mark as the ‘end’ of the global power the USA was in the early 1970’s.

The fact is for 36 years minus the 8 of the Obama administration a Bush or a Clinton has been either President or a Vice President in control of the White House.

Hillary is in firm control of the Democratic party.

Trump is now in control of the GOP.

Will the Trump baggage doom Trump before he is nominated to run for the GOP against Hillary, or will he survive and then be destroyed by the Clinton PR machine.

Imagine females that are the majority of people having a female candidate for President finally. That alone assures her a huge win. Especially if Trump is her opponent. All Hillary has to point to is the Sex Abuse/Harassment case filed on Trump and the famous testimony of his ex wife Ivanka as to she felt ‘The Donald RAPED her’ as their marriage fell apart due to Trump PUBLICLY CHEATING on Ivanka Trump with Marla Maples.

Then when Blacks learn the US DOJ (Department of Justice) sued Trump years ago for not allowing blacks to rent his apartments.

Then when people read the SEC charges that Trump used FRAUD in his financial filings for his bankrupt casinos.

Then when people realize the NY AGO has an OPEN FRAUD CASE on Trump over his fake Trump University.

Now IF Marco Rubio can pull out a miracle, then he might have a chance against Hillary.

But Donald Trump has zero chance of surviving a general election against Hillary, the reason is all those lawsuits calling him a fraud, a cheater, a sexual deviant and worse.

Some thing Trump means JOBS for US workers.

Okay, let’s look at Trumps history with US Workers. His clothing line used the cheapest labor they could find, Mexico and China factories make the Trump Signature Clothing line recently pulled by Macy’s due to the bigoted remarks of Trump about Mexicans.

The longest running legal case in the Southern District of New York Federal District Court involved Donald Trump and his failure to pay illegal alien workers that worked on the Trump Tower project in the early 1980’s.

Trump has the record for most bankruptcies by a company with over 1 Billion US Dollars in assets, his 4 Casino Bankruptcies set the record.

Trump is a clown from a fake reality TV show. All reality TV shows are fake, they are PRODUCED. That means a producer decides where the show will go in how the story gets told. It has nothing to do with ‘real life’.

If you think Donald is great, I merely ask DO YOU HAVE A FUCKING PULSE you nitwit.

Donald does poll great with UNEDUCATED people.

He’s a clown to educated people that can read.

So if you support ‘The Donald’ explain.

Why the US DOJ sued him for being racist?

Why the SEC called his financial reports FRAUD?

Why the NY AGO has an active FRAUD case on him?

Why so many people have sued him over the years?

Why did his wife describe sex with Trump like RAPE?

Why did another female accuse Trump of attempted rape?

I suggest you READ the new book by D.E. Alexander titled TRUMP FRAUDS.

Trump Frauds
Trump Frauds



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