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Party like it’s 2022

Asteroid that destroys 99.9% of Humanity strikes after 2022

Over 40 years ago in Mr. McGonigal’s History class I stared everyday at a big sign that hung across his classroom wall.

If you cannot remember HISTORY you are doomed to REPEAT IT.

Mr. McGonigal was known for failing many students in his ‘tough’ history class. Yet I was the first student ever to get a 110% average that year.

Mr. McGonigal told us on day one, TAKE COPIOUS NOTES since much of his tests would be what he discussed in class and not what was in the lame history book he used to teach ‘world history’.

Usually all the failing grades on his test got curved upwards since the highest grade was usually an 80 or so, so most F’s would be bumped to D’s or so. However, in my class there was no bumps, I got every question right that year and every bonus point question as well, so my GPA for his class was 110% and when he inscribed the History Award to me at graduation ceremonies that year, it was a World Atlas that said, “You have a great head on your shoulders and common sense, the rarest of combinations. May you make our world a better place in which to live!”

Mr. McGonigal made some interesting comments about our future in the early 1970’s and now we are on the precipice of his main prediction, that when a woman is elected President that will mark the official END OF THE UNITED STATES as a world power.

Mr. McGonigal made his case by just REMEMBERING HISTORY, he started his argument in Ancient Egypt and he would go through every great civilization and as soon as that civilization allowed females to have any ‘power’ it was almost immediately destroyed by a more barbarian civilization.

The last Pharaoh in Egypt was a woman, Cleopatra, she was on the throne when Egypt capitulated to the new world power Rome.

Greece rose into power with ruthless male armies like Carthage and there was no female voice in early Greek democracy,. As soon as females had some type of ‘power’ in Greece and Rome both civilizations got destroyed by more brutal male led civilizations. The Greeks got replaced by more brutal Romans who got replaced by more brutal barbarians.

The Apex of former great world powers all had Queens on their Thrones when they started their declines from being the ruler of the world. Spain had a Queen at its Apex as did England.

You chart the rise of every great civilization and you see it had repressed females BEHIND THEIR MEN, as soon as a bitch is chosen to lead, THAT CIVILIZATION is on its way to the dust bin of History.

Basically, males by nature are aggressive and will strike first and think about consequences later. Females are mediators they settle things.

If a more brutal civilization is hanging around when a civilization is starting to give females power in things such as the brutal decisions a military leader must make, a female leader will lose every time in war due to males are naturally superior to females IN WAR and BATTLES and things of brute strength.

Sure you have a few steroid enhanced super females that may compete to some degrees with males, but for any female to argue females are stronger than males is JUST PURE BULLSHIT.

You can give me a 200 pound female and a 200 pound male in any fight and who wins?

It is no contest, the female gets KILLED if a man is really out for blood.

So here we are in 2016 over 40 years after Mr. McGonigal warned his pupils LOOK FOR A FEMALE PRESIDENT in the future and THAT IS THE MOMENT HISTORY WILL RECORD THE UNITED STATES IS DONE AS A WORLD POWER.

The last 20 years I tried to make this planet a better place in which to live warning the world with exact details about future events so humanity could prepare for what I have clearly seen, THE END OF 99.9% OF HUMANITY after the year 2022.

THEE END is from a huge asteroid that kills off anyone not living in a high mountain area in South America, North Canada and North China.

Imagine a woman as the Chief Commander when suitcase nukes go off in Washington DC and say New York City. What would a female President do except CRY like a little bitch.

Sorry Hillary, I’m not PC (Politically Correct), I’m old school, I understand that natural selection through millions of years have made me what I am, an ALPHA MALE that was great at throwing objects such as sports balls in my youth and I realize I’m an Alpha Animal with pure killer instinct that goes for the jugular any chance I get (in Business).

I’ve been the KING of my castle for my whole life, my wives never had to work, I owned all the companies I worked at, in my youth I kicked plenty of ass in fights. I roamed this planet like a predatory king lion usually with a den of female bitches to entertain me.

That’s why I had adult night clubs in my youth, since the morals of ‘modern society’ put restraints on me as a young alpha male that loved his harem of strippers making him money in his clubs while also running software companies decades ago.

Females to me were always for AMUSEMENT and yeah I had to chose one to BREED WITH but my animalistic nature always gave me a view of the world that barbarians males are at the gates ready to steal my bitches so be ON GUARD and DESTROY any lone wolves stalking my den.

Anyway, I hope Hillary gets elected so IT ENDS THE ERA OF THE USA.

So vote for a bitch and watch her CRY when something happens.

Now Trump, he’s a flat out MORON that only appeals to MORONS, if you have a pulse and an IQ over 100 you LAUGH at Trump.

Recently Trump said he’s better looking than all the other candidates so he is Presidential. That’s why IMO Marco Rubio may win the 3rd Ballot since the bloated buffoon LOSER who is Donald Trump will not get enough delegates to win the primary and he loses in a contested election.

Trump you are FAT and bloated and about as UGLY as they come. Even your first couple of wives were fucking UGLY with capital U’s. The last bitch you married, well maybe 20 years ago she was okay since I hate blondes and like brunettes, but I honestly rarely fuck any chick over 22. Maybe some head from 23 to 27 year olds, but pussy over 22 its not on my menu. Why fuck old pussy when you have millions of eager 18 to 22 year old bitches walking around listening to crap music like Beyonce, who want to fuck older guys with fat dicks and fat wallets who can bang an hour or more and stretch out a young pussy better than it has ever been banged before?

Now I love to fuck mulatto bitches all the time, light coffee skin like Halle Berry and thin facial looks like lips and noses. 99% of black woman IMO don’t have that look and I just don’t like big bitches, I like 4’10” to 5’2″ chicks under 110 pounds with long dark hair and darker skin.

I don’t like blondes, I hate pasty white skin and I don’t like red heads. So most of the chicks I bang are hot young Latina’s, mulatto’s, natives, Italians, Spanish and Jews.

Beyonce is OLD and her body is not what turns me on, I don’t like big tits and big ass and all that meat on a body, I like petite young brunette females 18 to 22. Chicks I can throw around like a rag doll. So Beyonce can sing all she wants about some old chick banging her husband, I just don’t give a shit about it. Look at Jay Z, the pussy got his ass kicked by Beyonce’s sister, he was assaulted and didn’t fight back, he should have decked the bitch once she attacked him.

But today females know you can hit a man and when he busts you up he goes to jail when you lie to the cops he hit you first and you defended yourself. BULLSHIT if any guy was in a real fight with a bitch, she would be KILLED.

So all these guys in jails for hitting a bitch are INNOCENT in my opinion since the tape of Jay Z having his ass kicked and HE DID NOTHING is why men have lost their balls in the USA. It’s a culture of PUSSIES. Jay Z didn’t hit the bitch that attacked him since if he crushed the stupid bitch who dared to hit a man, he would have been like Johnny Manziel a victim of the system and arrested for assault on a crazy Ho bitch.

If Johnny Football wanted to hit any chick for REAL she would be DEAD yet his ex bitch is lying to cops that she defended herself against him. It is laughable for any bitch to claim she was able to defend herself against a young NFL player. That claim alone shows she is a CRAZY HO BITCH.

Face it bitch, you know you attacked Johnny Football FIRST and when he only gave you an open hand pimp slap smack you ran to police like the little crazy Ho you are. Since Johnny Football knows he COULD KILL A BITCH with one punch, he pimped slapped your crazy Ho ass when you hit him first, then you ran to the cops crying he’s an abuser.

Now Johnny Football has been indicted for a bullshit misdemeanor assault on a bitch that claims she defended herself in a fight with an NFL player. Her claims are laughable. She’s a crazy Ho and needs to have her ass really beaten by a man.

America, Donald Trump is a bloated PUSSY and Hillary has a PUSSY, none of them can lead you.

Johnny Football didn’t attack his girlfriend, the bitch attacked him and all he did was put her in her place with one OPEN HAND SMACK. He is the victim.

Jay Z  is a neutered faggot, he knows if he stands up to any bitch that attacks him he’ll be put in jail and he loves his money more than his male pride, so he’s a pussy for letting Beyonce’s sister kick his ass.

Beyonce look in a mirror, you are a fat ass, big boob black bitch jerking and twerking her way to fame and most of your fans are fat ugly flat nosed gorilla looking black chicks that think you are ‘beautiful’. Sure you have some fat ass big white bitches that think you look great, but skinny young chicks like Ariana or Izzy, other skinny young bitches they can related to not some big booty black old chick. That’s why your husband fucks other bitches Beyonce, your pussy is so lame he has to fuck other bitches. He’s an alpha male sexually due to his dough bitch but he acts like a pussy.

Now let me talk about Prince. He was a tiny male, built like a Jockey and yet he was a musical giant, a real musical genius with great talent.

He sure dressed and acted like a faggot in the 1980’s but he apparently liked chicks, or was it chicks with dicks?

Now I wouldn’t put it past Prince to have found a body double who he allowed to OD so he could fake his own death.

Was Prince just another loser junkie musician like the endless list of other great musicians that were all junkies such as Elvis and Michael Jackson and Kurt Cobain and Jimmy Morrison?

Or did Prince merely succumb to a killer flu bug due to his vegan chosen lifestyle that made his body too weak to fight off a flu bug most can withstand.

Trump you don’t look ‘Presidential’ Marco Rubio does. Face it Trump you are a loser who has bankrupted more companies with over 1 Billion in value than anyone else has. Trump you are fucking UGLY with a capital U.

Hillary is a bitch, she has a pussy and if you vote for her you are ensuring THE END OF THE USA. As soon as a bitch is elected President of the USA it is OVER as far as being a world power. So yeah, it may be time a bitch is elected President since the USA is a neutered society that allows crazy HO’s to attack males and they are taught to not fight back. FUCK THAT be an alpha male and pimp smack any bitch that tries to hit you. Knock that Ho straight the fuck OUT.

Beyonce, look in a mirror girl, you have a cute face, but all that ass and tits means to me YOU ARE UGLY, some guys like big bitches, I’m not one of them. Beyonce your man Jay Z is a PUSSY your own sister beat his ass. Jay Z is a faggot for not hitting that bitch who attacked him.

Prince, what the fuck was he anyway, a midget almost with great talent and if he wasted his life by an OD, oh well another musician with a twisted soul. But who knows maybe it was a killer flu bug or maybe he faked his death.

Now Johnny Manziel, you did NOTHING WRONG, you pimp slapped your bitch after she attacked you. Now since your bitch grew up in this fucked up USA culture where females are taught it’s okay to hit a man and then run to the cops when he pimp slaps you back, you need to PROVE she hit you first, then it’s MUTUAL COMBAT and you can beat her ass for daring to hit you first.

Over 30 years ago when I owned adult night clubs and other clubs, some of the crazy HO’s that worked for me didn’t like me firing them for being drug addicts or whatever, so they would often ATTACK ME and I would crush them. Luckily when I fired a HO I would have some employees around to watch so when the crazy HO got fired and attacked me I could defend myself and when the cops came I had WITNESSES the bitch hit me first. Sure she ended up knocked out with one open hand slap usually and fucked up, but MUTUAL COMBAT, when a bitch or anyone hits you, YOU CAN GO FOR THE KILL and destroy them.

So kicking someone’s ass in the USA is now ‘wrong’ even if you are the victim and Johnny Football was the victim. No way did he go out of his way to beat up his girl, no way. If he did, she would be in a body bag.

Yeah, it’s not PC to kick the ass of some dumb bitch that thinks she can hit a man and not get her face crushed in, well sorry bitches who read this, if you hit me first, I WILL DESTROY YOU.

Look at Jay Z, what a pussy, a crazy HO attacking him and his bitch wife Beyonce DID NOTHING and he stood there and took it like a PUSSY.

MEN when anyone hits you first KILL THEM, DESTROY THEM.

That’s an ALPHA MALE talking , bred to PROTECT his den of bitches from millions of years of EVOLUTION.

Now when Beyonce’s sister attacked Jay Z if he stood up like a man and knocked the bitch out with one punch and busted up her face, I’d say he did what NATURE TAUGHT HIM TO DO, KILL WHEN ATTACKED.

You see, that’s why Hillary should not be elected President, she has NO BALLS. Donald Trump thinks he is in a beauty pageant the faggot, he has NO BALLS either, he is a BIG FAT OLD PUSSY.

You need a President who will STRIKE BACK when some nut Jihad group sets off a suitcase nuke in a US city. Hillary will just cry like a bitch and Donald will only worry about his money if he strikes back.

The barbarians at the gate are the Islamic Jihadists that keep their bitches in line, covered up and hidden away so no other animal males can rape them nor steal them away.

Men are meant to FIGHT, PROTECT and PROVIDE.

Females are meant to have kids and nurture them and be pains in the asses to their men.

It’s a MANS WORLD, go out and see how most small businesses are owned by MEN. Most companies are still run by MEN. It’s a MANS WORLD and yeah some females have ‘power’ but when that female attacks any man first she will get her ass kicked almost 100% of the time.

I’m so happy I grew up in the later 1960’s and early 1970’s when boys were still boys and girls were girls. We had none of this bullshit PC crap that just confuses kids. MTV and Prince and Madonna and Whacko Jacko changed the culture of the USA. In one generation you had nonstop images of weirdo’s being portrayed as ‘cool’ and it polluted the minds of millions of young kids watching MTV. Bisexuality and Homosexuality was okay thanks to MTV and Madonna the Ho and Prince the IT. Before MTV if a boy or girl acted ‘weird’ they got their asses kicked in the school yards for being a faggot or a dyke. MTV is the thing that can be traced to the change of cultural morals that occurred as well in every former great civilization.

As Mr. McGonigal explained way back over 40 years, before females are given control of former great civilizations you have a complete breakdown in MORALS and people stop giving a fuck about their society.

You got a dick YOU GO TO THE MENS ROOM you have a pussy you got to sit and piss so go to the girls room. IT IS THAT SIMPLE and you think it’s not that simple, then you are FUCKED UP and so lost in being PC you can’t give an OPINION on a very simple issue.

I know most females reading this HATE ME now, but I don’t give a shit if you do. Go read one of the 100+ books I wrote in my life trying to make this world a better place in which to live and the sad truth is less than 1% of the population has the IQ to even comprehend what I wrote. Most of you deserve to be exterminated like roaches since all you are is a waste of DNA programming energy.

I don’t like blondes and red heads, I don’t think big bitches are beautiful, I don’t like ethnic looking black females. So what I have a look I LIKE, so what. Does that make you HATE ME, is it so hard to comprehend you dumb bitch that some guys are just like me and if you are not what they like to look at, they will pass on your pussy every time.

The FAKES that are making all the music today like Kayne and Jay Z are just PUSSIES. They sing about being tough black men and how they shit on their bitches and yet, when a bitch hits them they do NOTHING. That makes them PUSSIES.

Part of being a MAN is knowing how to KEEP YOUR BITCH IN LINE, you make sure she knows Bitch you ever hit me I will put you in a fucking ER bed in a COMA.

Men you live in a fucked up morally corrupt society and you’ve been told being a faggot is okay and dykes are hot and you can’t hit a crazy bitch that tries to kill you.


I’m not PC and I don’t give a fuck what you think.

I just write about what I see and what I see right now says the rock is coming so PARTY LIKE IT IS 2022.

RIP Prince unless you faked your death brother.

All the important issues in the world and all you see on the news is this crap about these irrelevant people in the true story of WORLD HISTORY all of them are NO BODIES.

You see people, had more humans LISTENED TO ME, then maybe higher intelligence would have intervened and stopped the huge asteroid that is about to erase 99.9% of the FUCKED UP CONFUSED HUMANS that now pollute this wonderful planet. But you are all too busy getting drunk or high and putting dicks up your asses where they don’t belong, so now you get ERASES by a big fucking rock.

Humanity makes me SICK to my stomach.


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