#CarolynReidy do I have Clout or #Klout ?

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Yawn, #SocialMedia and what ‘nobodies’ think is real and not real.

I’m told my #Klout is above average, not great but not bad. But my network has hundreds of twitter accounts for all of our sites and some have major #Klout. So I guess I have #Klout, look how I’m top of Twitter for the name of the moron that runs #SimonSchuster her name is #CarolynReidy. Since I have #Klout I can hit any hashtag I want and I don’t even have to go to Twitter to do it, my posts just autopilot to my social media and I POP he fuck out of stuff like Twitter and such.

I guess you can add an extension to your browser now and view #Klout scores on Twitter. To me #Klout is just another bullshit barometer that Social Media morons use to push the complete #Hype and #BullShit that all #SM is.

First, in the early days of the Net 1995 to 1999, there was a social media and it was called #Usenet.

My words moved Usenet and I never really posted there but my fans and some employees did. The reason was we used Usenet back then to pop search engines for ‘trends’. I had an alternative news network of sites for my writings about stuff like Nostradamus and UFOS and we did alternative news and had a huge conspiracy following.

I would appear on radio talk shows back then with guys that are pure disinfo agents like Jeff Rense and Art Bell.

We had a major ebook portal before Jeff Bozo at Amazon even knew what the fuck an #ebook was. I downloaded MILLIONS of ebooks to users in the early days of the net and they were all high quality PDF files which to this day look better than anything you can read on a crappy Kindle or Nook IMO.

I was retired back then, I’m still RETIRED today, but I was involved in the new toy thing called THE NET and after a short time I had over a MILLION PEOPLE a day on my network that was running on ancient hardware compared to what we use today on old network connections before the HIGH SPEED NET came to be.

I was what they call an INTERNET LEGEND, this was when a tiny percentage of people actually used the net which today is used by most people everyday.

So we built a huge network and found out all the BULLSHIT being spewed by companies like AOL and CNN about companies BUYING ADS was PURE BULLSHIT.

So we put up a MEMBERS ONLY SIGN on our network and went from millions of people to 10K to 20K a month who would PAY FOR CONTENT.

My books were sold from my sites and an ebook portal that sold MY BOOKS and the works of other authors I acquired publishing rights to.

Way before Youtube we went into creating VIDEO CONTENT for our PAYING MEMBERS to see whatever they wanted on the net including my work on UFOS and Aliens and Nostradamus.

I got contacted by a major studio about letting them use my work in Europe and Canada and I told them to FUCK OFF basically, I had my own network to distribute my work and didn’t need old world media empires to put forth my work and corrupt it.

In 2004 the Tsunami hit when I warned and the world changed. I took a 4 year hiatus and when I came back you had bullshit like #Twitter and #Youtube or ‘social media’ and Usenet was destroyed by #Google when they bought the huge usenet archives of #Dejanews.

In the 1990’s we collected millions of email addresses from users all over the world and today if you tried to email your fans you get thrown off any legit network for being a ‘spammer’ since all the rules about emailing fans changed from the early days of the net until today.

I know what my CLOUT is, I go to any nightclub and my exotic car pulls up and I don’t wait in line, I give the valet kid 20 bucks and my whip is curb side and all the young sluts that are waiting in line see me and my long hair walk right into the club they are WAITING TO GET INTO, so I have plenty of REAL LIFE CLOUT.

I play at the top country clubs in the world, I qualify each year to play in Senior golf events such as the qualifiers for the US Senior Open and US Senior Amateur.

I write books on golf and people buy them and learn how to hit a golf ball like a pro.

I write books on lots of topics, most are sold through my network and some sell on crap networks such as Amazon or BN.

Why are they crap because publishing companies like Simon & Schuster run by Carolyn Reidy are MORONS, they let morons like Jeff Bozo that didn’t sell a fucking ebook until 10 years after I did control their authors and titles with huge 35% to 70% fees.

Right now the dummy Carolyn Reidy was given an offer and now I’m gonna show my KLOUT and out that fat old bitch as the dummy she is.

Hey, Carolyn my agent Rich Bentley says you’re too fucking ignorant to join my beta test of www.1ebooks.com and help create a new channel for PUBLISHERS and AUTHORS free of the control by Jeff Bozo and BN.

So now fat ass old bitch Carolyn Reidy who was given INSIDE INFORMATION about future historic events such as the Nepal Quake I PREDICTED live on youtube 13 days before it happened and the exact locations where 3 planes then crashed in Asia, I’m gonna show you my fucking CLOUT and get your dumb ass fired for ignoring a FREE BETA TEST of 1ebooks.

I’m gonna open up that network 1ebooks to every 2nd tiered publishing company in the world to TEST FOR FREE get every title on the network with DIRECT LINKS to the publishers and authors to SELL EBOOKS like only I know how to do DIRECT FROM AUTHOR or PUBLISHER to BUYER.

Now Carolyn this is why you need to be FIRED from your position at Simon & Schuster. You’re a fat assed DINOSAUR and need to go since you blew the chance to help create 1ebooks as the portal for all publishers and authors to bypass the greed of Amazon and BN.

Do you deny Carolyn that my agent Rich Bentley emailed you and you responded about my work in Quake and Plane Crash Predictions and how your dinosaur publishing company isn’t interested in how I predict fucking quakes and plane crashes.

Then you fat assed cow  do you deny the TIME STAMPED HITS both my Plane Crash video and Quake videos on Youtube had?

Here’s NEWS ARTICLES on how my Youtube Videos gave exact locations of 3 Plane Crashes and the exact date of the Nepal Quake. Publishers will LINE UP for my books now you dumb bitch. That’s why you need to be FIRED Carolyn.

Dr. Adoni Predicted exact locations 3 Plane Crashes

Dr. Adoni Predicted exact date of Nepal Quake

Now you dumb bitch, do you really think the public doesn’t want to read about me and my fucking dead on predictions?

Face it Carolyn you need to BE FIRED and there is no beta test now for Simon & Schuster on 1ebooks. You can pay to be on my network BITCH.

Now since I have CLOUT or KLOUT this tirade will pop the fuck out of Twitter and then it will pop the fuck out of search engines for Carolyn Reidy Moron and Simon and Schuster Sucks. Why can I pop any term I want? Because I have CLOUT and I don’t give a fuck what my Klout score is bitches.

Here Carolyn the FUTURE of eBook distribution is 1ebooks since it’s a portal designed for PUBLISHERS and AUTHORS to sell direct to readers and fans and bypass Bozo the Clown you know Jeff Bezos at Amazon.

These news articles PROVE I gave exact locations of 3 major plane crashes before they hit and they prove I nailed the exact date of the Nepal Quake it’s why I can sell lots of eBooks without Bezos the clown and the fat assed dummy Carolyn Reidy.

Dr. Adoni Predicted exact locations 3 Plane Crashes

Dr. Adoni Predicted exact date of Nepal Quake

I’m a fucking INTERNET LEGEND and I have real CLOUT.





Dr. Sol Adoni

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