Bitcoin Crash to 5k Soon BTC Crash

Dr. Sol Adoni

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Bitcoin Crash to 5k Soon BTC Crash

By Dr. Sol Adoni

Author Bitcoin Algorithm

Founder BizBytes

Dr. Adoni Predicted Bitcoin $10k Crash

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If you are a fan you know 48 hours before Bitcoin crashed to $10k I gave that value on my site. Here’s a good article about how my crypto alerts have exact hits.

If you hold Bitcoins or any Crypto Coins another crash is about to hit Bitcoin and the value will plunge to the $5,000 USD range very soon.

Since crypto exchanges made the great mistake of tying their trades in all the new alt coins to Bitcoin the huge drops in Bitcoin value will drop all crypto trade on exchanges.

The huge growth in market cap value of the crypto market saw huge growth the last two months of 2017 and now the crypto boom taking the market cap of crypto to almost 1 Trillion USD in December of 2017 is about to hit another huge drop thanks to crypto values being tied to Bitcoin.

As my book CIA Project Bitcoin, I revealed years ago Bitcoin came from the NSA to track drug dealers and terrorists. The coin is crap crypto using NSA spook Neal Koblitz’s work known as Koblitz Curve Theory.

The crap crypto will not scale, it is slow and transaction fees make it useless for small transactions.

But, as more dumb investors try to play the roulette wheel game of crypto investing, the PR value of BTC and the fact it’s the new USD of crypto  exchanges since all crypto exchanges value new crypto coin values against Bitcoin,  do give the coin some value.

The fact is 98% of Bitcoins are controlled by less than 100 wallets. The huge amount of Bitcoin wallets in the world that number in the tens of millions now all contain no significant amounts of BTC.

BTC is not a currency accepted by many merchants, try to buy something with Bitcoin, merchants want nothing to do with the coin since it rises and falls on a daily if not hourly or even minute basis.

The only crypto currency I know of being taken gladly by merchants is BizBytes a digital currency I created for business  clients on my large network of 300+ business and local search portals.

Soin my test markets I can spend my digital coin with my clients while I can’t find one merchant willing to take Bitcoin or Ethereum or Ripple or any other crypto coin.

Those coins made the mistake of selling them to investors, they were not designed to scale into s global currency and today the electric consumption of Bitcoin miners daily maintaining the crap NSA coin network is equal to the energy consumption of the entire country of Ireland.

Someone just needs to pull the plug already on Bitcoin. It’s a crap coin that sucks up energy at a level that is obscene.

While I personal like Ripple the company and applaud the fact they do have lots of banks in Asia and India running on a Ripple product for banks. The ripple in exchanges is not what banks use. In fact not many merchants use it. For many years Ripple XRP had existed and had only one small client in Mexico.

The recent hype of Ripple XRP was fake news, the rumors of Coinbase trading it false. The big news of MoneyGram adopting it is fake news. The fact is MoneyGram is only testing XRP in one location. They have not adopted it.

So XRP has years in the market and pretty much no clients and to give it a 100 Billion or 50 Billion valuation is a joke.

If XRP was a new coin, it could be great at the current value of $1.30 as I write this, but it’s one of the oldest coins and has no major use yet.

Tron or TRX was a great play recently until the fact their white paper ripped off another project was revealed. It has no products yet and no significant use.  It’s just another crap Ethereum blockchain coin tied to Ethereum with a tarnished Image.

What crypto needs is what my coin gives merchants and consumers a stable platform tied to the USD the most powerful currency in the world.

So while crypto spikes erupt almost weekly if not daily now, the only digital coin remaining stable is mine BizBytes.

They are valued by agreement by merchants and consumers to be equal in value to the stable USD.

Merchants take it knowing other merchants take it. They don’t take it to hold and see it rise in value, they take it for the same reason they take coupons from Groupon to get more new customers.

Instead of selling their items at 50% off and giving Groupon 50% to try to get new customers they take my coin for 100% value in sales and with no transaction fees while they keep 100%.

Consumers with crypto buy the coin at a discounted value trading crypto almost no merchants take into a real merchant business coin. We give crypto owners 2 to 1 trade value right now.

So $100 value in crypto coins gets consumers $200 USD value of buying power at BizBytes merchants.

Consumers save 50% now using BizBytes.

Merchants get a new customer, make  100% in USD value of BizBytes they can use with other merchants similar to how barter scripts work.

We have no plans to trade BizBytes on exchanges since we have our own exchange the merchants taking it.

So while crypto continues to be a roller coaster ride I’m enjoying the smooth sailing on my stable coin BizBytes.

If you want to trade crap crypto into projects I’m involved with great.

I have a few at

Venture Capital Crypto .com

Also known as VCC .capital.

What do I know about crypto?

My Prime Algorithm is used by the NSA.

NASA uses my PDF Formula.

The USGS uses my EOE Theory.

Get out of Bitcoin now.

If you want my Crypto Alerts and opinions on new crypto my email list is at


Dr. Sol Adoni

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