Bitcoin Crash to $1000 BTC

Dr. Sol Adoni

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Bitcoin Crash to $1000 BTC

By Dr. Sol Adoni

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In 2014 I wrote 2 books on Bitcoin. Bitcoin Algorithm explained it’s user to value algorithm that predicted the huge rise in Bitcoin value to well beyond the $20k all time high it hit.

However, my Algorithm came with a caveat and that was a warning it’s true value is XERO and the value algorithm will be accurate until the public loses faith in the currency.

My second book CIA Project Bitcoin completely tore apart Bitcoin as an easy to see NSA project and I stated the crap crypto would never scale and the blockchain was not anonymous since it recorded every coin and wallet transaction from day 1.

So in 2017 as Bitcoin and all crypto coins become big news and the total value of the crypto industry reached almost 1 Trillion USD, I issued my first Bitcoin alert it said Bitcoin would crash to $10,000 USD in 2 weeks to 2 months.

Two days later it hit $10,800 and hit a bounce for a short time.

Two weeks later I reiterated by $10k alert and Bitcoin fell again to the $10k range wobbling between $8k and $12k.

Then I warned 2 weeks ago Bitcoin would crash again to $5000. Well two  days ago it hit $5900 range.

Now I am warning Bitcoin will now crash to $1000 where some elites who are tech clowns will keep it propped up for a while until they give up their dreams of a $500k or $1 Million dollar Bitcoin.

So go eat your dick now McAfee the era of Bitcoin having value is over.

Bitcoin failed due to many reasons.

1. It cannot scale

2. Merchants won’t touch it

3. Slow transaction speed

4. Expensive transactions

5. Governmental bans and regulations

6. Banks freezing exchange accounts

7. Banks stopping credit card purchases of Bitcoin.

8. USD Tethers scam

9. Imminent collapse of most if not all crypto exchanges.

The biggest reason it failed is 1% of Bitcoin wallets control 99% of bitcoins. It’s a 100% centralized power and wealth waste of energy.

The Bitcoin node network now consumes the energy each day of the entire country of Ireland.

There is no company to steer Bitcoin.

The Lightning Network is a joke it’s off chain bullshit not even Bitcoin.

So the Mark Cuban’s and John McAfee’s will exhaust their billions for a while as Bitcoin plunges to $1000 since there’s only 16 million in circulation. At $1k they can buy up lots of worthless coins.

Bitcoin produces nothing.

Bitcoin will never be a currency.

Bitcoin is just a waste of energy.

However, there is a future for crypto.

It is a coin pegged to the USD with no speculation tied to it.

It will have broad acceptance by merchants due to stability and to get new customers cheaply.

It will be instant in speed and have no transaction fees.

The public embraces it to get huge merchant discounts like Groupon.

It will be operated by a non profit centralized organization chartered out of the Cayman Islands.

The coin already exists.

It’s called BizBytes.

I created it to unite humanity to the new concept of a global currency not controlled by any government’s.

It could put humanity on the track to world Peace if most begin to use a neutral global currency.

The backbone of this Merchant Network right now is INDY ARTISTS and INDY AUTHORS and INDY FILM STUDIOS.

Also lots of business services companies are on the Network to provide local businesses elite services such as cloud hosting, SEO, SEM, PPC, SMO and SMM as well as WPO. Everything small local businesses need to succeed today!

Power merchants on the Network get great trips to resort areas for taking the coin.

It’s been a homerun in local beta test markets. The beta test markets proved it works so now it’s just scaling it.

So, you can speculate in the shit coin aka Bitcoin and try to beat the 1% at their game.

Or consumers can save 50% now using it and merchants can get new business customers and use it for valuable internet services and dream vacations.

Bitcoin will crash to $1k as exchanges start to close and then turn into vapor when the Cuban’s and McAfee’s eat their pride and admit they got scammed.

The era of Bitcoin is over.

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Dr. Sol Adoni

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