Bitcoin Cash is Better than Bitcoin

Dr. Sol Adoni

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Bictoin Algorithm
Bictoin Algorithm

BITCOIN Cash is Better than Bitcoin

By Dr. Sol Adoni

Author of Bitcoin Algorithm

When I wrote Bitcoin Algorithm years ago I explained as the number of users with wallets exploded the coin would skyrocket.

A month ago I publicly said Bitcoin would be moving toward the $30k then $50k range. It was around $5,000 then.

My book explained that 2 Billion Bitcoin wallets in use would make the coin trade from 500k to 1 Million.

So I guess McAfee is a fan and he read my book, since he publicly stated Bitcoin would go to 500k or he’d eat his own dick.

I raised concerns in my book that the old core had to be forked it could not handle millions of daily trades.

Well today original Bitcoin takes forever to settle and the fork happened in August of this year. The fork created faster and cheaper Bitcoin trades and it created an identical clone coin now trading as Bitcoin CASH, a coin designed like Bitcoin but built to do mega millions of small cash trades which is what Bitcoin was supposed to do. The original core was flawed, now it’s fixed for now.

So this August (2017) everyone with Bitcoin in wallets stored off of exchanges got bonus Bitcoin Cash coins in amounts equal to the Bitcoin in their wallets not with exchanges when the fork occurred.

Well it’s 4.5 months since the fork and Coinbase a big player in the Bitcoin industry put Bitcoin CASH into all coinbase wallets that had Bitcoin in them before August.

So if you had 1 or 10 or 100 bitcoins before August  you now have an equal amount in Bitcoin CASH (BCH Trade Symbol not BTC).

So, the fork created two Bitcoin public ledgers and we now have two Bitcoins. The old Bitcoin transaction fees are expensive to do small transactions with and slow. Cheap transactions and speed are why Bitcoin CASH is the better Bitcoin.

BCH has a new faster core using data ocks 8 times larger than BTC, that means millions of daily transactions and minor fees for BCH.

The old Bitcoin is still slow and transaction fees are obscene.

Yet, for almost half a year Bitcoin has exploded in value with uneducated buyers driving the value of the slow old coin higher, now thanks to Coinbase it’s millions of Wallets can start trading in Bitcoin CASH.

Well yesterday Coinbase started to allow it’s mega millions of users to buy and sell their Bitcoin CASH.

Value of the better performing coin from a technological view soared from $2500 to almost $10,000 in minutes.

Coinbase immediately halted trades in Bitcoin CASH.

Today other exchanges saw the 2nd most valuable crypto coin jump from $3k to $5k.

It’s $3600 or so as I write this article and BTC is $18,000.

My opinion on the next couple of weeks to months is this.

Bitcoin CASH rises to $10k while Bitcoin BTC falls to $10k.

Then both end up around $20k not too far from now. Then they both soar to $50k.

I moved almost all my crypto to Bitcoin CASH. Some other bright crypto players have done the same thing.

The owner of has all his crypto now in Bitcoin CASH.

He understands the forked coin can become a fast alternative currency with almost no transaction fees and is a legitimate alternative digital currency thanks to speed.

So, for the near future my advice is BALLS DEEP INTO BITCOIN CASH.

Unfortunately, if you don’t know how to join a real crypto exchange you can’t use Coinbase right now to buy into Bitcoin CASH.

So, you can buy the 18k Bitcoin coin that almost hit $20k that lost 20% of it’s value this week, in a recent dip if you don’t believe me, or cash out and buy at the bottom which is $10k for BTC.

Remember, BCH is the better coin technologically. It will drop soon as will all crypto coins then the cream rises to the top. The cream of crypto coins are BTC and BCH.

The real crypto players have lots of Bitcoin CASH coins they got them for nothing at the fork.

Now that coin (BCH) will rise faster than Bitcoin can at this point in time.

Buy my book Bitcoin Algorithm and educate yourself on why Crypto Coins are making lots of people lots of money right now and for the foreseeable future.



Dr. Sol Adoni

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