Why the Big 5 Publishers are DINOSAURS

Dr. Sol Adoni

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So a real grizzled veteran of Adoni Corp. was recently put in charge of developing relationships with the Big 5 Publishing Houses for Adoni Projects.

What a bunch of clueless morons are running these houses. They are literally dinosaurs.


For 20 years Adoni Publishing has sold a ton of eBooks and I’ve had no reason to push my own titles that are now over 100 books with any traditional print publisher, the reason is simple, Adoni Pub has it’s own large network of sites to push any books we publish.

Now some of the sites are moving into pushing non Adoni Titles, so why should we promote any authors that aren’t published via Adoni?

Indy authors pay us to promote their books, our in house authors get promoted that’s why we publish their books in digital format. But we have zero interest in old world book publishing. We’re a tech company at heart.

So we have an agency contacting the bigger houses as to starting to possible publish in old world media like print some of the many titles we own rights to.

Thus far the correspondence I’ve seen between agents and the publishers show how clueless these dinosaurs are.

This is why these old world companies all have distribution problems now, it’s why they’re all in problem deals with Amazon.

Amazon knows how to setup affiliate programs as does BN. Right now if asked my opinion all the guys and girls running the digital divisions of the big publishers NEED TO BE FIRED, if they worked for me they would all be fired.

Today I was told that Simon & Schuster which has the only token woman running a major big 5 publishing house as its CEO named Carolyn Reidy has a link to join Linkshare to promote their catalogs.

Guess what Linshare says, THEY DO NOT ALLOW S&S affiliates now.

Yet the clueless twits running the digital division of S&S have links to join Linkshare and yet Linkshare says Simon and Schuster who?


At least S&S tries to ACT LIKE THEY HAVE A WAY to distribute their titles outside of Amazon and BN, but it’s bogus and that should be enough to get the token female head of S&S Carolyn Reidy FIRED in my opinion.

Imagine a company having pages saying you can sell our items and force you to join Linkshare only to have Linkshare say WE DO NO BUSINESS NOW WITH S&S.

Is that a way to run a public company?

Oh, the genius in charge of Digital Development is Marcus Lee. His claim to fame working on some bs with Xbox. I was sent a couple of his responses to emails today from the guy I put in charge of this project for Adoni, my response, cut all ties now with S&S and especially their clueless twit Marcus Lee.

Adoni Publishing put one of the best guys in the world in charge of waking up these dinosaurs like Simon and Schuster and all he did was waste his valuable time.

So now Adoni portals with popular titles of the Big 5 publishing companies will just push the sales of these dinosaurs through BN and Amazon, since these companies have competent people setting up programs for sites that bother to discuss books to get paid for their work.

How well did the other dinosaurs do? Not well at all and it’s why all these companies are handcuffed to Amazon to distribute their books online. Here’s my report card on the Big 5 Publishing Houses and how badly they are doing with developing digital distribution relationships.

Hachette – try to find an affiliate link IT DOESN’T EXIST, but they’re Germans what do you expect.

Macmillan – Try to find an affiliate link. IT DOESN’T EXIST.

HarperCollins – Try to find an affiliate link. IT DOESN’T EXIST.

Simon and Schuster – They say join Linkshare, all the images on their site in regards to their affiliate program are BROKEN just like the dinosaur company they are. Simon and Schuster is a broken company. Look at this page it’s a JOKE. Simon and Schuster Broken Affilate Link Page

Random House – They get five stars, they actually have a working affiliate link, so invest in their stock.

Adoni Publishing is the only large digital publishing company that has even interfaced already to Bitcoin, the hot tech currency of the Net.

Before Amazon and BN knew what an ebook was, Adoni Publishing was distributing millions of eBooks.

Recently, Adoni Publishing reacquired the 1 eBooks Portal and they’re ramping up up 1 Book Review.

I told the top Adoni Guy I put in charge of building bridges to the old Dinosaurs to FORGET IT. To just list the top sellers on the Adoni Portals about Books and eBooks and be happy with Amazon and BN commissions for any books on the sites not published by Adoni Publishing.

These portals need top selling titles and someone has to pay Adoni to push titles they do not own, it’s business and the bottom line is THERE IS NO FREE RIDE.

As to print rights to Adoni Titles, I told my main guy to focus on smaller publishing houses, the dinosaurs are all public companies with clueless CEO’s that are so far removed from the real world of the Net they will never catch up.

My own books have a large fan base due to my network of sites to push what I personally write about. Sure the books should be in print, but Adoni Publishing has zero interest in printed books, the reason is simple, it’s the OLD WORLD business model, you sell most books today for tablets, laptops and specialized readers.

Adoni Publishing doesn’t need dinosaurs to sell eBooks and printed books will eventually be printed by smaller publishers that have a clue.

So if you’re an investor in book publishing companies you would be wise to dump every major publishing stock with maybe one exception Random House, they have a working affiliate link at least.

The rest of the top 5 Publishers need to fire their CEO’s and get some younger blood that understands the Net.

eBooks now account for over 50% of all book sales, and the big 5 publishers are clueless as to ebook distribution.


Dr. Sol Adoni

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