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I’m about to sue Namepros and its CTO Paul Buonopane Jr for Libel.

So in my opinion



Namepros promotes SPAM

Paul Buonopane is a jerk

First let me give you some background on who I am.

My views on Domain Name investing have been known for years.

In fact a group of Domain Name Investors known as the Domain Lords have made a fortune following my advice.

My advice is in my book BIBLE OF DOMAIN NAMES.

My book created a cult following of now very wealthy domain name investors.

My advice has always been focus on quality not quantity and develop IP assets and never sell.

Well my assets have been always held in Trust, a non profit organization I created ages ago to manage all my IP assets, the books I write (over 100 now), my music, my art, my photography, domain names the companies I created use to do business and domains my foundation invested in for development projects in the future.

My organization has developed literally hundreds of portals, news, reviews, books, ebooks, films, music, business portals, industry keyword portals.

The core company does what I invented FRACTION LEASING of IP Assets. In a nutshell that means you create usually GEO (city, state or country) directories and let individual professionals or companies use your IP assets to do IM (Internet Marketing).

While some fast buck artists like the self proclaimed ‘Domain King’ have had lots of PR about their minor sales IMO (selling an industry keyword for a million or even a few million is MINOR once you understand fraction monetization) my companies have never sold their own IP assets and we had a busy division many years ago helping big companies acquire IP assets quietly and some premium investor sell their assets quietly.

We have always used old fashioned B2B concepts to find clients and sell their assets or buy assets for them.

Say a bank wants a major keyword, no problem, we were the hired gun to contact discreetly domain name owners and merely ask are they interested in selling.

Some sold, others wanted more than the budget allotted. My biz model in the ‘go go’ years of domain name brokering was find a big client with a budget and take 50% of the sale I save them. If the budget was say $500,000 and I got the asset as a 3rd party for $100,000 I get paid a $200K fee for saving the big company $400K, that’s the 50% finders fee model.

Or selling a major asset we used a similar tactic, 10% of a sale no matter what the price and 50% of a sale above a certain threshold and the reality is you can get a lot of money for any major industry keyword if you know how to contact professionally major companies.

Every public company has an ivory tower CEO, it’s almost impossible to reach a CEO of a major public company. Yet, you can usually reach their admins and if you are good at explaining why you are calling the admin realizes, the call you make LEGALLY to a public companies executive offices via old fashioned TM (telemarketing) often gets you the most important information you can obtain in trying to sell major IP assets to big public companies, that information is the key people on what are usually called the CEO’s GO TEAM. These are the top people delegated the task of doing things like IP acquisition and company acquisitions, etc.

At 15 in the summer of 1976 Learned all about Mergers and Acquisitions departments and Patent & Trademark departments since my summer job was working in the center of the financial world that summer at 1 CHASE PLAZA the bank of the Rockefeller’s in downtown Manhattan.

My job was working in 1 Chase Plaza for Milbank Tweed one of the largest law firms in the world and they were the lawyers of Chase and the Rockefeller heirs and they had clients like Aristotle Onassis and my primary job that summer was going to work with my dad who was the main guy computerizing Milbank with the first legal word processing system and he also developed a legal billing system for Chase. My dad was the lead guy IBM would send into big companies in the 50’s, 60’s and even into the 70’s and he would figure out the level of hardware the company needed, hire the programmers and do the sys gen, the art of bringing a big company ‘on line’ which meant in that era usually automating payroll and in the case of Milbank Tweed developing the first word processor for the huge teams of typists that Milbank then had to automate preparing legal documents and briefs for their huge clients.

Anyway, while my dad was busy developing the first SOP’s (Standard Operating Procedures) to teach the huge staff of typists how to use the first generation of legal word processors there you had in the room Wang and the copyright team of IBM creating the documentation as my father taught his SOP classes to the staff of Milbank.

I had one major job that summer, every morning I would take a large brown legal folder with documents by subway uptown to an elite law firm. As a curious 15 year old I would occasionally open the folder and read some of the legal documents I was carrying. It was all in code, ‘the special one’ and the whatever were referred to throughout the documents. Little did I know I was the courier that summer handling the Onassis and Jacqueline Kennedy divorce papers and settlement agreements.

Onassis was the Milbank client and Jackie O was the client of the elite uptown firm.

In that age you didn’t have email yet for companies even though it was about to become a reality in a few think tanks and soon I would have one of the first email addresses in a think tank.

The rest of the day I hung out in the NOC (network operations center) with the guys my dad hired to run the old tech mainframes used at that time. Huge drums were the hard drives back then and the machines sucked up huge amounts of energy and we all had to wear jackets or sweaters in icebox level cold rooms where that era’s mainframes ran.

So I hung out and asked questions of young bright programmers and soon my theories on computers were literally dropping jaws of young programmers. My theories was simple why are using 0’s and 1’s in short binary 8 bit bytes the tech was ancient by then and my theory was why didn’t we have cube or decagon shape data bytes to do multidimensional processing.

So the bright young guys realized this 15 year old kid had in his brain a future technology that would one day revolutionize computers. So they cornered my dad after work one day and said, ‘You know your son is a futurist, his ideas are so advanced we need to get him in a think tank.”

So that summer I turned 16 and by the fall I was in a think tank explaining to the smartest guys on the planet my theories for data bytes involving cubes and decagons.

I was hailed as genius and yes I had the IQ to match the claims and after a while I polarized the think tank since some realized I was talking about how AI computers would one day work and the OS I had in my mind would create 6 and even 10 dimensional computers.

In other words our comfy 3rd dimensional universe could easily exist inside a 6 or 10 dimensional computer running on an OS I had theorized while only 15 at 1 Chase Plaza.

So half of the professors in the think tank praised me as making Einstein look like a dwarf compared to my intellect since my theory was the eventual solution to Einsteins GUT (Grand Unification Theory) if the universe was a 6 or 10 or even higher level dimensional computer then we all were merely DNA bots running around an electrically charged Universe where all things were programmed. It was the first idea for what is now called the Hologram Universe Theory. See my book HOLOGRAM UNIVERSE.

So that fall I had my drivers license my first cars and after lunch I would cross the Delaware River where we lived in Bucks County Pennsylvania and hand out with elite professors and advanced degree students in one of the top think tanks around at that time.

We all had email addresses that fall since the first generation of what today is the Net was being created by the US Military to connect such think tanks.

After a few months a big divide formed, some professors were crazed I had destroyed their whole fields of expertise with my theories, what they thought they ‘knew’ became OBSOLETE in my world where an AI computer was GOD and running the show.

As one opponent professor of mine back then said, you may indeed be the smartest human in the history of planet with your ‘theory’ but he did not want to live in my ‘universe’, he didn’t want to be a holographic creation that only THOUGHT he existed.

The professors that got my theory elevated me to a whole new level of prodigy, here is the guy that creates GOD in the future, the first universe created by humans to do real AI level computers creating 6 and 10 dimensional realities inside computers that still do not exist today even though my own think tank HelixQ has now advanced my theories and we are just waiting for humanity to catch up with my brain and create the first dimensional processors to run my OS or AI Theory.

After a few months I left academia and formed my first tech company in my room in my parents home.

I then started to computerize mid-sized companies using old technology compared to what we have today. That tech was micro-mainframes and I would customize GUI programs to help mid-sized companies do mostly payroll.

Eventually a big job came my way setting up the first remote access MLM for what the biggest real estate company at that time in Philadelphia. The owner was amazed he put hundreds of thousand of his money into my idea and sure enough I created using old technology a simple 11K baud network where his agents had instant access to new listings between around 30 offices in Pennsylvania.

The owner convinced me my sales skills were being wasted on ‘computers’ and he suggested I get a real estate license, so I took the test at 17 and once I turned 18 I had my real estate license and I became his #1 sales rep selling Bucks County estate homes to mostly execs transferring into the Delaware Valley for big companies.

By 18 I had my first limo and had an old ship to shore phone box in the trunk of my Limo so I could do business deals while being driven around by my best friend at that time.

The Iran hostage situation hit, prime interest hit 25% or so and gas prices soared and soon my career in Real Estate was over.

I moved out west with my first wife and formed some companies, real estate investment companies, cash businesses like night clubs and restaurants and all my companies used my own software to run them. This was the later 70’s and early 80’s when PC’s were just being developed and there was no canned software to run old TRS kits sold by companies like Radio Shack.

Apple was selling Apples and IBM was about to venture into PC’s and Bill Gates was busy stealing the rights to Q-Dos so he could license it to IBM and every company he could find that would pay MicroSoft a license fee to use his stolen Q-Dos OS he renamed MS-Dos.

In the mid 80’s my first marriage ended in divorce, all my assets were liquidated and I ended up investing lots of money in options on all the tech companies.

Then Black Thursday hit and my options got wiped out and I had to go back to work.

I formed my first PC level software company and soon had company doing lots of business selling my custom programs for several industries such as the Auto industry and Legal Industry and Medical industry.

Back then the game was selling office solutions that did billing for say mechanics my main niche. Then we did some stuff for early software for legal billing and medical billing and then we developed a way for gas stations to talk to pumps to automate gas inventories for gas stations.

All of sudden it was the early 1990’s and I sold my company and retired again.

Then one day I read an article about how Gates was going to integrate the new commercial internet into his next OS. I knew what the Net was since the 1970’s in my think tank days. If Gates was going to place Windows 95 which was the OS of 1995 with a future OS that was fully integrated with the new .com net, I had better position myself to own virtual IP assets aka DOMAIN NAMES.

So in 1995 and 1996 I started to do bulk registrations with the only company in the world authorized to ‘sell’ domain names which was Network Solutions or NetSol a company created by SAIC of San Diego to distribute rights to domain names. SAIC was controlled of course by ex big shots from the CIA and NSA. After all, SAIC is CIA’s backwards.

So my foundation took control of lots of keywords back then and I started to distribute my work in eBooks and printed books from various sites that today make up most of the traffic for my network.

Now you know who I am.

Now to get back to Namepros, my philosophy as to domain name assets is they are still in the infancy of the ‘new age’ the age when everything or almost everything is sold through the great WWW.

So why sell a major asset that will only get more valuable in time, you develop and use the assets or if it’s a professional term that can help lawyers and doctors or even mechanics you fraction lease it over and over by giving rights to GEO directories or sub domains. Examples are: where geo is say New York City or Los Angeles.

I wrote a book on my theory, it was sold on my network and all of a sudden the guys (girls were rarely into domain names over 15 years ago) who read my book were meeting on sites and in forums I ran and calling themselves DOMAIN LORDS.

I became the guru of THE DOMAIN LORDS

I am retired now from all my companies, I have some honorary board positions and people control my IP assets through my non profit foundation that has been based out of the Cayman Islands for decades since my first divorce.

The foundation owns some very valuable industry keywords in areas we will never develop in, so now is the time to liquidate it, so we set up some accounts at the sewer known as Namepros and as I told the guys we would be LUCKY to find the .1% of the users that were actually large domain name ‘investors’. So let’s list some nice assets we have no use to and wholesale them to investor level domain owners IF any actually visit Namepros.

The assets should really be direct marketed to big companies in the industries the Trust owns keywords in. But what the heck, why not move some at wholesale investor level prices.

Well for a short time some of the asset were listed at auctions at Namepros and morons started to post pure bullshit about the assets.

Then after reading the nonsense being distributed by Namepros as how to SPAM end users, I merely voiced my expert opinion on how to properly market valuable keyword domains and that should be done the old fashioned way through mail and or TM contact with the executive staff of major companies not by pounding low level admins with SPAM emails as all the ‘experts’ at Namepros advise as to how to ‘sell to end users’.

Major CEO’s are rarely listed on whois files and even if they were UNSOLICITED EMAIL is and always was SPAM.

Well when you are in a SPAMMERS Network like Namepros is, you start to call most of the users SPAMMERS their feathers get ruffled.


So a big forum war erupted and the usual Sollog is a nut job articles started to be linked to and threats of remove the LIBEL ensued and now I’m banned from Namepros.

I reported the Libel to Eric Lyons the admin who referred me to a scumbag named Paul Buonopane Jr. who is the CTO of Namepros. Since when does a bullshit forum need a CTO you morons.

Scumbag Buonopane refused to remove the Libel and then the jerkoff called me a terrorist in a PM.

Now he will be sued along with Namepros for publishing Libel. A forun is a defacto publisher of posts if they refuse to remove libel after notice of the libel is given.

See you in court you scumbag, I’m not a terrorist.


Goodbye Namepros.



Now the big war erupted when my constant reporting of LIBEL to mods ended  up with mod at Namepros putting a link to the FBI in my PAID SIG file.

I like to high-stakes Bitcoin Poker and it is done LEGALLY at a casino in the Cayman Islands so that link to where I play sometimes usually on a Yacht in the Caribbean was replace with a bullshit link to the FBI.

As my fans know I have been harassed by the FBI and Secret Service and even the NSA over the years over my writings.

I’m a futurist, I meditate using ancient mantras and it is my belief I access the neural net that controls our Hologram Universe that many ancient cultures called the ASTRAL PLANE.

Most of my theories have come from my dreams I have when I astral travel after or during my meditations using OMMM.

Often I have visions or dreams about the future in the Astral Plane and for over 20 years I have written what I see. Often I label these visions as PROPHECIES. My PROPHECIES are world famous now. See PROPHECIES SOLLOG.

The reason is while my Prophecies often have EXACT DETAILS of future near event such as I had with 911 and the Fukushima Disaster and the 2004 Great Tsunami, sometimes my Prophecies are allegorical so details of events are indeed in my Prophecies but they may only be correct as to the type of event, the location or the general time frame.

My Prophecies stand on their own as to their accuracy, if you want LITERAL HITS I have had a remarkable amount of Prophetic hits.

If you want allegorical hits, pretty much I am 100% accurate.

Anyone with a pulse and IQ over 90 can see my TIME STAMPED PROPHECIES and see how most have had LITERAL HITS.

At what percentage of accuracy does a person literally prove to be ‘psychic’ or a ‘prophet’?

That’s for the future humans to decide and from what I have seen in my visions I AM A VERY BIG DEAL in the future and well I’m a BIG DEAL to many now.

As I created a great divide in Academia five decades ago, for three decades my Prophecies have also divided humanity.

Many believe I AM A PROPHET, others uncomfortable with my work dismiss it as mad rantings.

I’m not mad, I’m not insane and like Nostradamus and even Edgar Cayce my prophetic words will stand the test of time.

Long after I am gone HUMANS WILL READ MY WORDS. I’m a historic figure I understand that.

Since 1995 I have warned the world that humanity is at a crossroads in TIME. Changes must be made or most of humanity will be culled by higher intelligence that has had enough of the lunacy of the human race in how humans mistreat our fragile environment and how humans generally treat each other all over the world.

Sure I write about the ancient past to explain to humanity why every organized religion is full of shit.

That is a lightning rod as well.

In 1995 I put a full page warning to then President Bill Clinton who I referred to over and over as THE GREAT ADULTERER, that he had tragedy in his future. The tragedy I warned of got the Secret Service to arrest me in 1995 for putting a large ad in local papers in Philadelphia about Jackson Hole Wyoming and IF Bill Clinton went there his plane would be struck.

Well the morns at that time assigned to protect the US President realized I had a major public hit with my BIG BANG warning about 4/19/1995 which became the Oklahoma Bombing event, so in the Summer of 1995 my CHEESEBURGER WARNING got the Secret Service to ARREST ME FALSELY. Luckily a wise Federal Judge realized after I gave him details in open court my writings were PROPHECIES and protected FREEDOM OF SPEECH and if I saw a vision of the President at that time having a plane crash involving Jackson Hole Wyoming then it was a PROPHETS VISION and I was free to write about it, IT WAS NOT A THREAT.

So my Federal case was withdrawn and the Secret Service and Bill Clinton IGNORED my warning and within a year in 1996 Bill Clinton went to Jackson Hole and MY PROPHECY WAS 100% FULFILLED.

What happened?

Well Air Force 1 took off from Jackson Hole and the Presidential Support Crash followed it and immediately the Presidential Support Plane crashed killing everyone on board INCLUDING US SECRET SERVICE AGENTS.

So now my WARNINGS are all analyzed by the top levels of the US Government since I HAD A MAJOR HIT.

Then in 2001 I became one of the top searched for people on Yahoo as is proven by looking up their old TOP 50 SEARCH TERMS for their search engine after 911 happened.



See the book THE 911 WARNING

I got major world media press around the world but inside the USA since the Oklahoma Bombing the major media has a blackout on writing about my PROPHECIES.

If you want to learn about my PROPHECIES then you download my book


There’s a long film about my mystic journey you can also watch FOR FREE.

I’m embedding the film in this post WATCH IT FOR FREE.

Do I know the future? My fans say I do and yet some want to say I don’t.

Yet every major intelligence agency in the world TRACKS MY PROPHECIES.

I have consulted over the years with agents at pretty much every alphabet soup agency you have in Government.


SS (Secret Service)



Homeland Security.



I wasted five years of my life being TORTURED in US PRISONS over stuff I did not do.

I sued the US Government over it many times when I was falsely imprisoned over false cases.

I have 6 Cites in the US Supreme Court.

I was denied six times.

Yet in the future government of Earth which is NOO or Nation Of One I have a huge judgement on record, I WON MY CASE and now have a Trillion- Trillion USD Judgement on the US Government.

Will I ever be paid?

Probably not since the US Government is soon destroyed by the event I have warned of since 1995.

THE BIG ROCK is about to hit the earth and 99.9% of humanity is destroyed.

How soon will it happen?

Will it happen?

Well my plan all along was to form what I call THE SAFE ZONES they are three remote mountain areas where I have seen HUMANS SURVIVE and those areas are all there due to my work.

After the rock hits even the deep bunkers in the USA built to protect the elite of the USA won’t save the morons that have harmed this planet to the point where higher intelligence will now make sure 99.9% of humanity is destroyed so the planet can HEAL.

The survivors, well they are all pretty much in THE SAFE ZONES I have named for many years now. In the future my name SOLLOG is revered by the surviving humans for one reason THEY KNOW I SAVED the small remnant of humanity that will survive.

I SAVE THE HUMAN RACE from what is surely coming.

Anyway, the actions of Paul Buonopane calling me names and refusing to remove libel means I will sue Namepros and Paul Buonopane after I finish putting my opinion all over the net about the crappy site Namepros and its scumbag CTO Paul Buonopane.

That’s my story, that’s your future and you can read my book at


Watch my film below.




Dr. Sol Adoni

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