Amazon’s KENP and KU Stats

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Analysis of Amazon’s KENP and KU Stats

Shows Amazon is WEAK Most of World

How does Amazon CON their investors to not flee a sinking ship is beyond me. For over two decades AMAZON HAS LOST MONEY almost every quarter it has existed in business.

Yet the clown prince of Amazon Jeff Bozo, I mean Bezos has the investors of Amazon CONNED into their global growth bullshit.

Here’s some inside stats from Amazon from a publishing company I founded around the same time as Amazon started. In the 1990’s when I approached Bozo about putting our eBooks in PDF Files onto the Amazon market, they literally said WHAT IS AN EBOOK.

Today Amazon is an EBOOK MONOPOLY and now I’m suing them for recently banning some of my math, religion and even fiction titles. Bozo the clown doesn’t like me I guess.

Now for small publishers and Indie self published authors I have stated the new Amazon KENP deal is great for smaller publishers and authors. The drawback is, Amazon is a MONOPOLY and they are now screwing authors and publishers in KENP due to the 25% reduction of royalties the bitch Bezos has allowed to occur in KENP royalties.

So now I’ll let you in on some REAL AMAZON STATS that Bozo the clown does not give his investors that PROVE AMAZON SUCKS in most markets in the world.

How can I say that? Easy, I have access to the stats of over 100 titles the publishing company I founded has from Amazon and they have dozens of titles in SELECT so they have lots of KENP numbers and they prove AMAZON SUCKS in almost every market but the USA.

Amazon does deliver lots of Page Reads inside the USA market and it does a decent job in the UK market as well. Canada is not as strong as it should be for an English speaking region and KENP has no market-share to speak of down under in OZ you known Australia where ENGLISH is a primary language. We sell a decent amount of Titles in Australia since I’ve been featured over the years on some of the top radio shows in Oz. Yet Amazon has ZERO KENP reads for my titles in Oz. It’s not my books, they sell in OZ and they sell in almost every country in the world since I am a globally known author with lots of press over 20 years. I’m not a household name, but in lots of the world I’m very famous.

Now our stats are not based on 1 little select title, they’re not a minor amount of titles, they are from dozens of new titles by authors that sell a nice amount of titles and yet KENP numbers from¬† our publishing company show how bad Amazon and Bozo the clown are doing KU subscribers outside the USA. KU is a complete failure as the stats show OUTSIDE the USA and UK.

Now India does have some KENP numbers, but in that 3rd world shithole of a Nation Amazon has a bullshit 3 buck USD or so charge so they give authors 1/3 of the normal KENP rate. I’m glad we only do a minor amount in India, but it’s still 1000’s of pages.

Why can’t Amazon find KU subscribers outside of the USA and UK in volume? It shows you how bad Bozo the clown is in leading Amazon, he should have been FIRED decades ago, he’s grossly incompetent to be leading Amazon as his dismal business record of so many LOSING QUARTERS in profit PROVES to anyone with a pulse and a brain.

Select is for the most part IGNORED by the Big 5 Publishers and we ignored it until recently since we have no love for the terms, and the terms are severe, you have to give Amazon exclusive distribution rights to be in Select and earn KENP page reads.

So now we have dozens of titles in KU and we have over 100K page reads all over the world and you know what, it proves Amazon SUCKS at marketing ebooks. THEY SUCK BIG TIME and the proof is in how little KENP stats they have in most markets.

That means AMAZON HAS ALMOST NO KU SUBSCRIBERS outside of the UK and the USA and then there’s India, a 3rd world shithole that pays 1/3 of the going rate for UNLIMITED DOWNLOADS.

Okay, we don’t put our titles on KU in Japanese, nor German nor Spanish. Well i lived in Germany as a kid and it was an USA Occupied nation as was Japan so guess what Bozo the clown, ENGLISH was taught in all their occupied schools and most of the populace reads ENGLISH and yet Amazon can’t sell much in those areas.

Spain and Italy and Mexico and Brazil SUCK as well.

Now we sell books in both Canada and Australia yet KENP numbers SUCK in those areas.

So I give AMAZON and Bozo the Clown (Jeff Bezos) a BIG F on my report card of Amazon and the KU program they have in place. The numbers don’t lie, it shows AMAZON HAS NO REAL AMOUNT OF SUBSCRIBERS for it’s Kindle Unlimited Program outside of the USA, UK and India.

Now Amazon is supposed to be this big GLOBAL EMPIRE, BULLSHIT, it’s a chump company run by a chump that should of been FIRED ags ago.












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