99% of Internet Marketing is BULLSHIT

Dr. Sol Adoni

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99% of Internet Marketing is BULLSHIT

By Dr. Sol Adoni


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Since 1995 I’ve done almost anything you can do on the Net.

Now after 22 years I am telling every business owner the Net is 99% BULLSHIT.

If you own a local business you do not need Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any of the other BULLSHIT you are being told you need.

You have your customers, make them happy word of mouth is the #1 way you grow a local business.

If you venture into Internet Marketing make sure your Google Business listing is done properly and link to a simple website.

If you dare to do PPC I have one word for you Google. They control over 70% of traffic.

You don’t need to buy your whole city, you need a good PPC who can build you a 5-7 mile radius zone and done right you won’t spend a fortune.

The key is high conversion landing page, and outside of my companies Page One and 1 Media I’ve never seen a IM company able to create 33% to 66% conversion ratio content.

You can believe the hype and invest in BULLSHIT or you can focus on something that works, which is high conversion PPC marketing close to your business on GOOGLE.


Dr. Sol Adoni

Books - Music - Films - Videos - Consults

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