50k Year is Real Poverty Level

Dr. Sol Adoni

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50k Year is Real Poverty LEVEL

By Dr. Sol Adoni

You are about to have a huge rebellion in this country. The reason is simple, all the government stats you see are pure bullshit.

If you are a single person and want to live like a human being with human dignity, it now takes $50k a year to live at near the poverty level.

If you don’t make 50k a year you cannot live on your own.

It might be 100k year in some areas of the USA due to one thing, how much a studio apartment now rents for.

I’m in Broward County Florida where almost 30 years ago I could rent a nice 1 Bedroom apartment for $500 month. Today that same 1 BR  is $1500 to $2000 depending on if you are east of the intracoastal.

In Broward County a Studio is now over $1,000 a month that means no bedroom.

Florida is a right to work state and employers think $10.00 hour is a good wage.


The minimum wage in South Florida should be $25.00 an hour or $1,000 week or $50k year. Then you are still poor since all you can afford is a studio apartment.

This is why people live together and why some get married. The reason is they are too poor to have their own place.

Now, you can split a 2 bedroom for $800 a month with a friend or stranger.

Or you can live in a 1 bedroom with a mate you share a bed with for $600 month.

But if you are single you need $1,000 a month to live very poorly in a tiny studio.

Oh, you got kids? A 3 bedrom is now almost $2,000 a month and its not nice.

40 years ago I learned to qualify home owners with a simple rule. Your total mortgage should be 25% of your monthly income. Now that’s a mortgage. If you rent it should be the same or even less so you can save to buy one day.

Now some banks will loan up to 35% of monthly income if it”s a young couple who should have income increases.

But the golden rule was 25%.

So when you see bullshit government stats like the poverty line is $20k year for a family of 4 you can say BULLSHIT since they sure as fuck can’t rent even a studio apartment in Broward on $20k.

Sure a kid living at home might think working for minimum wage is a job. It’s a fucking insult to human dignity.

A job needs to start at $25.00 an hour just to allow the person the human dignity to live on their own and have a poor existance.

In my opinion, a real minimum wage is the amount it takes for 1 human to live in  an average studio apartment for one month.

If it’s $1,000 a month that needs to be the rate of pay weekly.

The fact is the government puts out these bullshit numbers so the poor stay poor and the rich get richer.

So you have a job, I bet you don’t make $1,000 a week. Do you realize you are poor. You can’t qualify to rent a studio apartment in Broward County. Imagine trying to rent one in NYC or LA.

Yet, the Federal government wants to put out fake numbers to keep you thinking you are not poor and not in poverty.

$7.25 an hour for a minimum wage? Where the fuck can you live on your own for that?

The minimum wage needs to be $25.00 an hour in Broward County and probably $50.00 an hour in major urban areas like NYC or LA.

Another reason there will be a rebellion in this country soon. Social programs like foodstamps are a joke. They think people can live on $200.00 a month in food. How about it’s $100 week to eat real food if you eat cheap and healthy. Try buying fruit and vegetables and some real protein and it’s easily $100.00 week to eat a nutritious diet weekly per person.

Now if you want to kill yourself and eat badly you can eat fake food from cardboard boxes and cans filled with sodium rates through the roof and eat no fresh fruit or vegetables. You’ll become obese and get diabetes and heart disease on a $7.00 a day diet the government doles out as food stamps.

If a person has no job and gets food stamps, they need to sue the government for not having a real minimum wage in place and under financed assistance programs like food stamps that damage people’s health by not giving them enough money to EAT properly.

People need $50k a year as a minimum wage to live near the poverty line. Since in my opinion living in a tiny studio apartment is poverty.

I don’t even think a person can afford healthcare now at only $50k a year income. Oh, that’s right an employer is supposed to have health care as part of the reason a person works for a company.

The reason the USA is bankrupt, is that big companies and the government have put out fake numbers and didn’t tell the truth for decades. It was to create a slave labor pool of workers so big companies could become even bigger and richer by conning their entire work staff that the slave wages they made were good wages compared to the fake minimum wage the US Government had in place as well as the fake US Government figure about the real poverty line.

So for decades, big US Companies had the US Government CON workers into thinking all their life they had a good paying job when they were earning below a real poverty line and that’s why almost every senior is a broke ass mother fucker and why this company is dirt poor.

Imagine if everyone got a raise to $50k year in the USA. Imagine all the extra income tax the government would have. Who pays? The big companies using slave labor that keeps workers poor. That means less profit to shareholders.

That is how you fix the economy. Force big companies to pay a real minimum wage that is enough to give a person human dignity.

Lot’s of companies can’t afford to pay such a rate. Well then they go out of business and maybe we see a depression and when people have no jobs then the rents go back to $50 bucks a month for a studio apartment.That’s what they were 50 years ago.

A studio apartment is not worth $1,000 a month, yet if you want to keep these high fake rents up you need a $50k minimum wage job salary to justify such high rents.

So the time has come to force the government to force big companies to pay a real minimum wage.

The time has come for workers to sue the Federal government over the fake federal minimum wage law. It is a fake rate and it keeps workers ignorant of the fact they are being underpaid and are poor and nothing but slave labor.

So who wants to start the rebellion? It will be a class action on the Federal Government for lying to the public to keep wages low and people poor.

The poverty line is easily $50k a year for one person. The minimum wage needs to be $50k year.

Big companies need a government that lies.They need slave labor.

They need a fake poverty line to make families with 2 slave labor earners believe the lie that they are not living in poverty.

Oh, imagine the cost of living increase the seniors deserve who are being given so little money it” an insult to their human dignity.

They worked their whole lives only to be lied to and now the government gives them almost nothing.

The minimum social security payment should be $50k a year. The reason is that is the minimum income to give a petson human dignity to live on their own in a poverty level studio apartment.

Face it people, the federal government lied for decades about what the true poverty line in the USA was, so it could allow big companies to make trillions on slave labor by having an insanely low minimum wage.

So the time has come, force big companies to pay a real minimum wage or bankrupt the whole thing so a studio apartment can go down in value to what a current minimum job wage is.

If you make minimum wage you should be able to afford cheap living in a studio apartment at least.

So adjust minimum wage to $1000 week the cost of a stdio apartment or deflate the value of real estate so rent is equal to the current minimum wage level.

Who benefits from a fake low minimum wage? Big companies and shareholders.

No one is telling you the truth. You are poor. You make less than what a true minimum wage should be.

Who puts out the fake numbers? The federal government. The politicians are all bought and controlled by big companies.

The media is controlled by huge companies.

The big companies get richer the workers get poorer.

Workers need to insist on a minimum wage of $50k a year and sue the federal government and their employer to get it.

Seniors need to sue the federal government and their ex employers for cheating them out of fair wages for decades.

Seniors need to sue the govetnment for a huge increase in social security payouts.

Wake up people all the numbers you have been given your whole life are fake.

You are poor, you employer is using you as slave labor and your earnings are under the real poverty line for a real wage.

If your job can’t even afford you a cheap studio apartment. How can you think you are not poor?

The reason you think your 30k or 40k a year job is good is because the government, big media and big business LIED TO YOU.

You are a slave labor worker with no human dignity since you can’t even afford to qualify to rent a studio apartment.



Dr. Sol Adoni

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