Wiki says Mirabilis Libri source of Nostradamus BULLSHIT

Dr. Sol Adoni

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Wiki says Mirabilis Libri source of Nostradamus BULLSHIT

We all know Wiki is run by a large amount of cocksuckers and ass fucking faggot mods.

We all know that Michel Chomarat one of the modern commentators on Nostradamus is a vocal cocksucking and ass fucking FAGGOT leader.

Now Wiki has allowed absolute BULLSHIT to permeate its page on Nostradamus. It’s filled with rubbish from the faggot Chomarat as well as that cretin Peter Lemesurier. Hey Peter are you sucking off that faggot Chomarat you fucking ugly jerkoff.

These jerkoffs have an agenda, to discredit Nostradamus. None of these faggots have ever given a prophecy and these faggots have only a rudimentary knowledge of Latin, Middle French and other ancient languages, so none of them can translate shit as to Nostradamus.

Anyway, I need to take some blood pressure meds after reading how these jerkoffs are saying the terrible Latin in the Mirabilis Libri is the ‘source’ for the prophecies of Nostradamus.


1. There’s only Latin in the book and its TERRIBLE LATIN.

2. There’s not one quatrain of prophetic poetry in the book.

3. The book has been laughed at for centuries by real scholars of which the modern crowd of Nostradamus commentators are not. That includes Lemesurier, Chomarat and Benazra.

Just look at the names that are listed as the ‘sources’ on the Wiki Nostradamus page all modern jerkoffs with agendas to discredit Nostradamus.

I say I put a serious CURSE upon these modern commentators and bring the wrath of THE GODS upon them.


Peter Lemesurier

Michel Chomarat

Robert Benzara

Now watch how each of these cretins have a horrific DEATH.

That’s what happens when you spread BULLSHIT about the Great Nostradamus, you die a fucking terrible death…


Dr. Sol Adoni

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