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If you are a small business owner, the chances are YOU DO NOT OWN YOUR WEBSITE DESIGN and CONTENT.

The reason is very simple, by treaty all IP (Intellectual Property) rights such as digital files used to create software and all digital files BELONG TO THE PERSON THAT CREATED IT, it’s part of the WIPO jurisdiction and governs IP laws.

If you are a big company, you paid a team of programmers probably over one million dollars a year to run your IT department and create the content your website uses, only then you probably own your website design and content. The reason is, since the people that created your IP assets were on the clock you own the IP assets they created if your employment contract states such work is not their property but the asset of the company paying them to do IP creation.

If you have a contract with a legitimate Web Design Company you will see a provision that they OWN the work you contract with them to create and as long s they get hosting fees or use fees or RESIDUAL INCOME you get to benefit from the IP they were paid to create.

IP creation is treated differently under common law than say the work of a mechanic or the work of a contractor. You need a home built, you hire an architect and then you hire a GC (General Contractor) and then the GC hires sub contractors that build your physical real world asset or home.

Software and digital files are not viewed as REAL WORLD ASSETS the brain power that creates something a company or person uses over and over is allowed to get paid for continued USE of their work.

In software, you may have have to pay a niche software company a monthly or yearly FEE to use their work or you pay for UPDATES to keep the IP asset working.

In digital content, you usually pay a creation fee and then a monthly use fee and most Web Design companies hide this fact with fees such as hosting and whatever. Small Companies only find out they don’t own the work IF they try to move the website to a new network or get the right to have another person be given access to do say updates.

The fact is very few small companies have a website that produces any real money for them, for most small companies the internet has been one big bust.

The reason is most were late into getting into the Net game for their company and by the time they tried to create traction online they ended up hiring incompetent scam design companies that only cared about looks and no conversion ratios.

So to most small companies that poured thousands into pretty sites that looked great 10 or more years ago on bull browsers on towers or laptops, when the move to mobile began, these same slow to the game companies never updated their sites and today 70% of the traffic on the Net is mobile and over 90% of small companies sites are not mobile ready and the few that are, are usually badly designed so the mobile experience is useless to an end user and most small companies are on cheap shared hosting platforms such as Godaddy and many have 10 second or worse page open times.

If you site does not open withing 3 seconds you have lost over 50% of users today when the net is an instant experience for most since the big sites are all under 1 second to open from Google to Facebook and Twitter.

If your site takes 5 seconds or more, you have lost over 95% of users, the only people hanging around are broke people with slow internet access used to SLOOOOOOOOOOW sites or your and your mother who want to see your business online.

So bigger local companies that have multiple millions in income were able to keep up with IT demands and often have a guru or two working for them, guys willing to take $50K to 75K a year because they’re not good enough to be making $150K to $250K for big companies.

Even bigger local companies often have slow page open times well over 2 seconds and at 2 seconds you have lost 25% of potential users.

When you start to look at even big companies with large IT departments, most of the sites are terrible and have lousy conversion ratios since the top IT guys are so expensive that many big companies even balk at paying the elite tech gurus what they are truly worth.

Face it, if the work of a programmer or designer can generate mega millions in income for your company, you think such a person will settle for a lousy $150K to $250k a year?

Over the years I literally turned down over 99% of companies contacting me to hire my company to help them, the reason is I told them they can’t afford my company since I’m an elite level tech guru that actually produces huge results for clients.

The few small local companies lucky enough to have been in the right place at the right time to hire my company all say the same thing, I tripled or quadrupled their income.

That is what a real IT Guru is worth to a company. You can create enough traffic so the company sees a huge increase in business. Your site is fast and the content is high conversion content and the end result is the company using your work benefits.


Dr. Sol Adoni

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