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Dr. Sol Adoni

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By Dr. Sol Adoni

Amazon Scams
Amazon Scams

Amazon Scams

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If you are a author or a publisher you need to ask yourself.

So just how many of your eBooks has Amazon really sold?

How many pages did their Kindle Unlimited subscribers really read?

The answer is THERE ARE NO AUDITS in place for Amazon and they control over 90% of the market for eBooks today.

Just read their financial reports and you’ll see not even one mention of any numbers for Kindle sales or Kindle file sales or Kindle Unlimited subscribers.

If you are a writer or author or small publishing company you better start to WEEN yourself from the great tit of Amazon, since I am suing them for THEFT of my eBooks royalties and I believe I can prove to a JURY that Amazon took over 99% of my royalties some days.

Once a jury sees my sales figures from Amazon before I started to publicly bash Amazon over Select and KENP I had sales figures for the books I reluctantly have on Amazon. I ignored Amazon for years since I’m lucky I have a huge network to SELL MY TITLES to my fans and I built it starting in 1996 when Amazon started to build their ‘Empire’.

So here is my case Jury, see how books averaged over 1,000 KENP page reads a day when I wasn’t bashing Amazon and Select and KENP.  Now after I started threatening Amazon with a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT for FRAUD my KENP reads per title have dropped as low as 10 pages per title a day. That’s a 99% drop in royalties. A majority of a jury just has to agree with me that is NO COINCIDENCE but an intentional THEFT OF ROYALTIES and with no outside AUDIT of the real sales figures of Amazon eBooks or Kindle Files, the same thing may be happening to any author or publishing company Amazon targets with FRAUD and THEFT.

My complaint to the WA AGO has resulted in the WA AGO investigating Amazon, but I don’t expect much from the WA AGO on this matter.

Amazon is now retaliating against me personally by BANNING some of my Books such as math books, religious books and even a new Time Travel series of Books.

I tried to get some big Publishers to WAKE THE FUCK UP a while back by relaunching 1 eBooks with the goal of having a new type of eBook channel where authors and publishers could have Titles on the site with LINKS TO SELL the eBooks on their own networks.

Companies like Random House and Macmillian were all given the opportunity to put their titles with LINKS to their site on the network and for whatever reasons they decided to not TRY TO SELL their own books themselves by making their titles part of that network.

In the 1990’s 1 eBooks distributed MILLIONS OF EBOOK FILES mostly well formatted and edited PDF files of Public Domain Titles and it found a huge membership base with thousands joining daily the network to get LOTS OF FREE CLASSICS.

Around 2005 1 eBooks was stolen from one of our domain name accounts and only recently we regained control of that site. Now it is relaunched and once again we have LOTS OF FREE CLASSICS and one of my top selling eBooks Prophecies of Sollog is a FREE Title to help the network obtain lots of new users.

The network distributes HIGH QUALITY PDF FILES that can be read on all modern eReaders such Kindles, Nooks and iPads. Since I publish a lot of academic level eBooks with math equations and scientific equations as well as ancient texts with Hebrew and Greek fonts PDF files have always been the best electronic file for academic works. Try to read a math or scientific formula or ancient language fonts as a Kindle file, the moron Jeff Bezos has no academic background so Kindles are as dumb as Jeff Bezos is in regards to math and scientific formulas and ancient languages.

20 Years ago Amazon created a company that destroyed Book Sellers across America and they also destroyed the monopoly that the Six Sisters had control of in the Publishing world. Now they are IN MY OPINION stealing from Authors and Publishers since most ‘Book Sales’ are now eBook files that now go through Amazon and they have ZERO AUDITS in place so they can skim what they want in under-reporting ‘eBook Sales’ to Indie Authors and Publishers..

There are absolutely ZERO AUDITS in place to protect Authors and Publishers in the huge mega-billion dollar eBook industry that is estimated to be now over 90% controlled by Amazon.

The Six Sisters now known as the Big 5 or Big 6 Publishers used the Big 8 Accounting firms for decades to AUDIT book sales so Authors knew they were not getting screwed by the Six Sisters. They still got hosed by contracts such as Beard Contracts and such. Face it, new authors would sell their souls to have been ‘published’ by one of the Six Sisters decades ago. Most would still sell their souls to be published by them, but the real prime mover in publishing today is AMAZON and it is THE BEAST of the Apocalypse IN MY OPINION if you look at the big picture.

If you are an Author or Publisher you cannot sell or trade today without the BEAST (Amazon) putting it’s mark on you. The vast majority of Book units sold today are eBooks and over 90% are controlled by Amazon.

Amazon releases no information about how many books they sell nor how many eBooks they sell. Just read their Financial Reports they are a public company and they make no disclosures as to how much of the 100 Billion they sell a year now are eBooks. It is BILLIONS and there is not one mention of these financial figures in any Amazon financial report.

2014 Amazon Financial Report

In the middle 1990’s Amazon started to cannibalize the Publishing Industry by selling huge amounts of books at volume cheap pricing and thereby destroyed the ‘Book Seller’ industry. Try to find a book store today in your city. Most are long gone, a few remain and most are about to go out of business.

The reason is eBooks are now how Books are usually published and sold and Amazon controls over 90% of the sales.

Over a decade ago when Amazon showed it could sell more real books (physically printed books) than any book seller ever did before it was created, that fact changed the ‘book seller’ landscape forever and most struggling ‘book sellers’ simply went out of business.

Authors didn’t care, the reason, books were still selling and business was booming. Amazon was able to deliver books to areas where no book stores even existed and their low pricing margins gave readers new books cheaper than ever before and their marketplace gave readers the ability to find rare old books for cheaper prices than ever before. BOOKS MADE AMAZON the eCommerce Empire they are today.

In the middle 1990’s I was retired from 3 decades in creating and running my own technology companies. I formed my first tech company in the middle 1970’s when I was still a teen boy and after the 1970’s and 1980’s and early 1990’s I had created and retired from 3 different tech companies all creating SOFTWARE.

My first software company was pre-PC era so we customized accounting software for mini-mainframes that mid level companies were buying for $50,000 or so in 1970’s era dollars. These companies were too small to be sold new mainframes by IBM which my father worked for since the 1950’s and companies like mine were starting up to supply custom accounting software platforms for dinosaur technology by today’s standards.

In the 1980’s and early 1990’s I created software solutions for several industries and today I control the keyword domain names for these industries. That means I own major .com’s (and some other tld’s) in major industries I created software for going back to the early 1980’s. Real Estate, Automotive, Legal, Medical and the Trades.

I saw the future of our world way before it happened. So I knew it was a great investment to buy up in the middle 1990’s industry keywords in niche’s of business I’ve been involved with computerizing for decades.

In the middle 1990’s, I wrote some books on things I was interested in as well as some tech books and math books. Also, in the 1990’s  I created my own network to SELL EBOOKS. I even went to Jeff Bezos and Amazon and asked them to carry my eBook CD’s in the 1990’s on their various market sites from Zmarket to Auctions and they literally asked WHAT WAS AN EBOOK?

In that era I was able to sell lots of eBooks without Amazon and since they wanted me to put ISBN’s on my eBooks. I said to Amazon that ISBN’s didn’t apply to eBooks in my opinion and if they couldn’t sell my eBook CD’s without ISBN’s, oh well. Today Amazon has it’s own system just for such issues, most eBooks today not published by major publishers have an Amazon ASIN number, A SIN, like I said AMAZON is the BEAST and Jeff Bezos as many other big tech players is probably a closet SATAN FOLLOWER. Bill Gates created WORD a take on THE WORD of God and he published THE BIBLE OF MICROSOFT and THE BIBLE OF WORD.

Tech guys often love SATAN and when these guys were not huge players in tech I honestly believe many of them dabbled with BLACK ARTS. Look at the names of the companies and products and you see satanic references across the board.

ORACLE is a religious reference to the Pagan art of summoning spirits to prophecize. Delphi was a famous Oracle in ancient times. Delphi and Oracle are both huge tech companies today. Like I said the dark arts are practiced by many of the tech giants today.

1 eBooks is now designed to sell my Publishing Companies catalog of over 100 titles. Most are my own titles and some are titles we acquired rights to.

1 eBooks is also designed to HELP AUTHORS and Small Publishers promote their books since we have a powerful FREE BOOK FORUM that is tied to the powerful Klout social media accounts of 1 eBooks.

It costs nothing for an Author or a Publisher to promote their books and eBooks in our FREE FORUM.

ZERO cost.

Just try it if you are an Author or Publisher. Put a #hashtag in the title of your post and within an hour it will be be auto posted to a major Publishing Klout social media account and it will be on the top of sites such as Twitter.

Most social media accounts do not have KLOUT so by using our KLOUT Authors and Publishers can get great positions on major pages for many keywords that important in the Publishing world.

Authors and Publishers do not need Amazon to sell their books and eBooks IF THEY USE THEIR POWER to steer the public to Author Sites and Publisher sites to SELL their Books and eBooks DIRECT TO THE PUBLIC.

Humans are lazy and that is how Amazon took control of the Publishing Industry and until Authors and Publishers wake up and start to SELL THEIR WORK without Amazon they will be part of Amazon Book Monopoly that is a system that has NO AUDITS of most books being sold today.

I do not want to distribute or sell books or eBooks from other Authors or Publishers as Amazon does, but I don’t mind HELPING Authors and Publishers connect to the public via my network that is 1 eBooks.

If an Author or Publisher wants 1 eBooks to distribute their PDF Files for FREE DOWNLOADS we can do that now.  We just create a page with the Free File on it, so the public can try say the first book in a Book series and then have links inside the file to the authors site or publishers site to SELL OTHER BOOKS in the series.

I could charge for this valuable service, but I choose not to.

BookBub is a similar eBook Promotion service that gouges Authors and Publishers usually over $1,000 USD, to list FREE TITLES on their network. I offer it for FREE.

Amazon is saturated with CRAP so any new author or wanna be author has almost a zero chance of getting traction today on Amazon. The few Indie Authors that had ‘success’ on Amazon came to the party early and newer authors with any ‘success’ on Amazon has usually had help from a site such as BookBub.

There are millions of titles now on Amazon and without old world media writing about a new title or having an eBook Promo site such as BookBub pushing a new title, Amazon is not selling many new titles not from established Amazon authors that were early to the game or newer Amazon authors that used a site like BookBub or had a lucky mention of a new title or series in major media.

I do not trust Amazon. I think Amazon committed FRAUD and has stolen my royalties and that is why I’m suing Amazon for FRAUD.

Since I can show a future JURY how my public criticism of Amazon is connected to drops in royalties from KENP on some days as high as a 99% drop in royalties, I think a JURY will agree, Amazon STOLE MY ROYALTIES.

My advice to all Authors and Publishers, you need to start to SELL YOUR OWN BOOKS and especially your eBook files.

As soon as any author or publisher gives Amazon or even other eBook channels their eBook source files, they are now ‘trusting’ that company to report accurate sales figures.

If you went back in time and told the Six Sisters the future of Book Publishing would involve a tech giant that had no outside audits of sales, they would not believe it was possible.

Who is to blame for this?

The dummies that ran the Big Publishing Companies and famous authors that allowed their eBook files to be given to Amazon so they could control the new eBook Industry and have ZERO AUDITS.

My vision of the future is sites such as 1 eBooks that are hubs for Authors and Publishers to promote their works and Titles for FREE and then sell the eBook files themselves on Author Sites or Publisher Sites and to ween themselves from the tit of thieves that is Amazon.

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Dr. Sol Adoni

Books - Music - Films - Videos - Consults

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