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Get a Dedicated Server

Why do I say VPS Servers Suck?

Here’s some info on VPS servers and virtual servers based upon my experience. We’ve used virtual servers for almost 20 years and the new VPS Servers SUCK. So here’s what you can call VPS SERVERS REVIEWS.

So let’s say for minute that you want to have a real virtual business, you are thinking about hosting  your domain on shared virtual hosting (which is a step below VPS), don’t do it, the reason is you will be on a server with many thousands of people and if you get any traffic you will be booted for disturbing the resources of the server that you are on.

A hosting company sets up virtual hosting to share one box with thousands of clients to make a lot of money off of one lousy server. You can find virtual domain hosting for free if you look hard enough and often 2 to 5 bucks is the norm and they all say unlimited bandwidth and other happy horseshit that is bullshit.

Imagine a website is an address in your neighborhood, you got the street number and street name, you drive there, you see a nice big mansion at that address, you know that’s who you are looking for, dude has money and lots of property. Now if you find a single residence, no matter how big or small, you know you found the right address, but the financial power of that person is usually not as great as the mansion owner. Face it if you acquire mega-wealth you usually lock yourself down in a big ass mansion with gates and guards and security so some broke ass people can’t take your money and stuff.

Now let’s say the address is a duplex, two residences, now you have to figure out which of the two people is the person you want. Let’s say you live in the duplex, and your neighbor throws parties all day and all night, your side of the house is quiet and the other side seems like it is New Year’s Eve every day and all day. So you live at the same address but your neighbor is non-stop action. Now let’s say you only have 1 water meter on the property and you agreed to split the water bill with the neighbor. Well he has 100 people all day long in his property using the water and bathrooms and on a shared resource (which a virtual machine is), you will have to split the water bill when it becomes due. So any resources on a shared virtual host means a single super user with tons of traffic can max out all the resources of your virtual home. Things like disk space and bandwidth and memory, one user can literally bring a weak server to its knees with traffic or let’s say that neighbor pisses off people all around the world and they start to do stuff like DDoS attacks on your busy neighbor, well while he is being attacked you are too.

Now if you are a duplex the chances your neighbor is a bad neighbor are remote, but now let’s say that address is not a duplex, it’s a 1000 story super new high rise and each floor has 100 apartments on it, so we have 100,000 neighbors on our super high rise, or let’s say it’s only 10,000 or even 1,000.

What are the odds you have a BAD NEIGHBOR who will bring hackers and heavy use to your building (virtual server).

This is what virtual hosting is like, and that’s why a real business that usually pays thousands for a real world office or storefront usually spend hundreds for their own dedicated server, then you don’t have to worry about who lives with you inside your virtual world, then you only have to worry about router level DDoS attacks on the network, if a user or users on the whole network are targeted for whatever reason for a hacker attack, your nice home (dedicated server) can be located too close to a bad city and the crime and pollution spills over and ruins your little paradise.

You can have the most powerful server in the world and have a huge connection to your hosting companies router, but if that hosting company isn’t staffed by top notched admins 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year, the network will eventually experience major hacker attacks at the router level that make every server on that network worthless.

The whole beauty of the Net is, it never sleeps, 24 hours a day your virtual business is open to do business, so once you realize that a real business needs to control their storefront, the only way to get that control is your own server with a dedicated connection to that networks pipeline to the Wild Wild West (WWW) the World Wide Web (WWW).

So knowing who your host is and their TOS (Terms Of Service) Policy is how you pick a hosting company that has some RULES in place to police what their clients do to maintain a safe and operational network for your business to never be hit by abuse of one bad neighbor. Dedicated servers means you own your home, but it is in a city, a city is equal to your hosting company, and cities can have major problems, sometimes those cities go to war with just one smart hacker and the whole city suffers.

Now we have a new scam in hosting it is called VPS, and unlike virtual domain name hosting where thousands of websites can share the same OS (Operating System), you have your own operating server software running on a shared computer.

So the techs in the company I founded decades ago and retired from recently decided to try some VPS solutions for clients, who they didn’t feel need a full dedicated server. So against my advice the newbies in the company I set up years ago say you have to have VPS to compete today for clients.

I say if a client wants 50 or 100 buck shared VOS servers explain to them a dedicated server means you never have to worry about who is on your server. The physical server is shared on a VPS while the OS is not.

No, no, no, they cried to me VPS doesn’t work like that, it’s like a dedicated server and your neighbors don’t bother you.

I said really, we’ll see. So after one week the new VPS that isn’t even working yet, it’s still being setup for the clients scripts, has already  been down three times due to bad neighbors on that VPS.

So like I said VPS is just another hosting scam like virtual domains, for a business operating out of their bedroom, sure you have no money so use a virtual host for 2 to 5 bucks and be down all the time.

Or now you can spend 50 to 100 bucks and buy VPS, go ahead, buy the bullshit PR that hosting companies are spewing  that is used to sell this crap. Then when your VPS crashes a few times a week like our new VPS for a project we did, you will understand DEDICATED SERVER is your only real choice, and then you have two choices, go manage it yourself (good luck unless you’re a network admin) or hire a real business solutions company that has network admins to service your little piece of the WWW.

Managed dedicated servers are not cheap, but compared to a store front it is very cheap.

Once you have  a managed dedicated server, if your hosting network goes down, think about moving to a better city since that hosting company should have the ability to keep up their network 99.99% of the time or better.

Unfortunately the average business is so uneducated in the world of technology that they just can’t understand why a real business needs to spend 300 to 1,000 bucks a month on a managed server when bullshit companies like Godaddy or whatever offer hosting for a domain name for almost nothing per month.

So go commit to a 10K or 50K a month advertising budget a month for your business to buy ads on the big search engines so you can drive traffic to your little business on the net. Then when your traffic starts to hit very slow web sites due to being on busying virtual servers with bad neighbors or on a crappy vps which can crash a lot you will wish you had spent that 500 a month or so to have a nice fast reliable connection to the net to service all those expensive lookers from your Google and Bing ppc ads for whatever the fuck it is you think you sell.

Now 10 to 15 years ago most companies that existed went on line and some made bad choices and some made good choices, the ones that made good choices took over in their market.

The others went out of business or are struggling now.

Just like yesterday, I went to the office and saw a rep take a live call from a plumber in Los Angeles. he’s having a hard time trying to handle the caller, how much, how much was the caller wanted to hear.

So after a few minutes I take the phone, I say hey buddy what’s your name I’m the supervisor here my name is I’m gonna control now you little bitch, so he says his name in Spanish.

I say so you want plumber leads in Los Angeles then why are you calling me on a South Florida cell phone?

Oh I’m from SFL.

Ok, we have plumbing leads, but I have to check to see if Los Angeles is even open, we work with one company at a time  in every market in the industries we service, and we operate iPlumbing, so we can get you leads all day. The leads are slow if we use organic only but inexpensive they run 25 bucks for a live exclusive lead in LA if we don’t have a client there (I’m retired so I don’t know inventory anymore).

Then if you want to make your phone ring all day long we can make you the number 1  plumber in pay per click position and the leads will run around double or 50 bucks a call.

Since google has to get paid. Dude says, “Oh no, no pay per click”.

Ok 25 dollar leads that’s what I want, he says. So I say ok, we pre-sell 100 leads at a pop, so $2500.00 we create your pages on our network and pop them for organic and it will take a couple of months to get you 100 live exclusive leads via the cheap organic route.

2500 bucks that too much says the wanna be plumber, I say OK, you called us looking for leads, it takes a lot of work to put you into our system, we usually have a 2500 buck SET UP FEE just to create all the content to drive you traffic for organic leads, and I’m waiving that, but we usually sell leads only in 100 blocks. But if you have a budget let me know and I’ll take it to the manager (get buyer to commit to a price they can spend).

He says 100 bucks, I say how many trucks do you have in your fleet trying to be a wanna be plumber in Los Angeles the 2nd biggest market in the USA.

He says just me.

I say well unfortunately that information wasn’t handled properly by the first caller you spoke to, because when anyone from a top 50 city in the USA calls us, we are supposed to QUALIFY the business.

The reality is you broken English wetback illegal alien unlicensed mother fucker, you don’t deserve to be anywhere on the first 10 pages of any major search engine since you’re really not a plumbing business. We only want a qualified customer for our network. If you don’t have a fleet of trucks and employees in Los Angeles why the fuck should I make your phone ring all day for jobs YOU CANNOT HANDLE. So, go buy a blow job with your lousy 100 bucks and get a fucking job, since you do not have business.

So I hang up on the guy, the newbie sales rep looks at me in shock, I just told a potential customer to go get fucked.

I say who did your training here kiddo. He says oh so and so did.

I get so and so. I say what the fuck bitch, you got  sales rep working my fucking phones that don’t know the first thing about sales.

He says oh we trained him and used your methods, yada yada.

I say really, what’s the number rule in my METHOD?

He stutters, so I fired him on the spot and said go fucking read my sales training manual page 1 has QUALIIFY LEAD written 100 times.

I then explain to the kid, the value of his time, if you do one thing kiddo, learn to QUALIFY a person in sales, you will make your time productive for me so I can pay you a quarter of a million a year or more.

You won’t make me money or anyone money if you don’t learn the first rule of sales QUALIFY YOUR PROSPECT.

We don’t need every plumber in LA using us, we work with one company in each market for 1000 different industries. So you have 1000 markets and 1000 types of leads.

That’s 100,000 potential clients in our network.

I say you cannot close every company that calls, in fact 95% of the calls are bullshit, since 95% of companies are bullshit.

If you need a plumber kiddo, do you want some broken English speaking illegal alien working out of his 20 year old truck touching the pipes in your home, or do you want the company with 5 to 25 trucks in their fleet?

I want the big company he says.

I say well guess what that’s what I want as my clients, the companies that are real and think a 2500 buck or 5000 buck setup fee is nothing to do the net right.

So from now on you get a call, you say I’m whatever name you wanna use, and who are you. If a person won’t give up a name HANG UP, rule #1 of phone sales is CONTROL and if you can’t get a name to start to control the person you are wasting time.

Then you get what type of lead they want and what market since we have clients in many markets in many things and can’t resell a market.

Then once we have a name and know his industry and market we say what, how many lawyers are in your firm or how many crews do you have in your roofing company or how many trucks does your plumbing company have or how many mechanics does your auto repair business have.

The reason is, if they say it’s just me, he is one of the 95% losers in business that have no business, it’s just them.

So as soon as you realize the lead is a lost cause you qualify again, do you have a budget in mind for leads generation?

Oh yeah 100 bucks says the broke ass fucker that should go on unemployment.

You say we only work with the top companies in their CITY and budgets for leads START at $10,000 bucks not 100.00. (Really a minimum budget is 2500 bucks). So you say, Bye bye and HANG THE FUCK UP.

We get calls all day, 95% are broke ass fuckers that shouldn’t even say they have a business.

So now the sales rep KNOWS how to sell, you qualify the lead, are you a legit business and he KNOWS 95% of the calls are not what I CALL A BUSINESS and a potential client.

We want only the top 5% of any industry in major markets as clients, the reason is simple they can afford to acquire leads and have the infrastructure to get new accounts for their business. So our hard work getting leads goes to a company that can properly use them.

So the rep took a few more calls that day, he was a fucking tiger, right away, what’s your name I’m whoever, ok NAME what do you do in what city, how many whatever you have in your company.

All three calls within a minute he had the info he needed, and every one of them was a lone operator and not a valid business owner.

So he hung up on 3 straight calls for one reason, they don’t have the budgets and infrastructure to have us blow up their phone lines with leads.

So I promoted him to the job of the fired guy that failed to read my fucking sales manual about QUALIFY.

Then I told him his first job was to have a special training meeting tomorrow and all the reps he got trained with, he was in charge of them and the next time I come back his ass is on the line like the guy I fired if his reps don’t have it drilled into their fucking skulls that QUALIFY is the number one thing in sales.

Why the fuck do you want to show some broke ass people a mansion when they have a combined income of 50 grand a year. THEY CAN’T AFFORD THE MANSION.

When some fucking hispanic border crossing wetback thinks they are a real plumber in Los Angeles and they think a lousy 100 bucks is going to buy the top of Google HANG THE FUCK UP.

The problem is my company needs to qualify leads, I may just turn off the fucking 800 number and fire everyone.

Make a prospect fill out a form, what city you are in, what industry and how many employees.

All the 1 to 3 employees companies will get routed into a file that says DO NOT CALL waste of time.

The other leads, well they’re GOLD. A small team of sales pros can close almost every one of those leads all day.

You educate potential clients on the realities of the net, look there’s how many car accident lawyers lining up to BUY ADWORDS, this is how you jump to the top of it. We have a proven system call this or that lawyer.

So, that was a mistake I made setting up 1 LEADS. I do not want every broke ass fucker calling me. So it may be the whole operation changes to, so Mr. Business owner, YOU WANT LEADS FILL OUT THIS FORM. Give them no 800 number so the 95% of the loser companies cannot even call us.

That’s it. You want LEADS tell me who the fuck you are since I already know 95% of the people looking can’t afford me.

I may have to come out of retirement to just make this thing work right.


Dr. Sol Adoni

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