Volcanism on Ceres says NASA

Dr. Sol Adoni

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NASA has released photos of the dwarf planet Ceres in our solar system, a heavenly body that used to be considered an asteroid but now that NASA has redefined ‘planets’ objects like Pluto and Ceres and a couple of planets beyond Pluto are now called ‘dwarf planets’.

The bottom-line is that this new image of Ceres shows two bright or hot spots on the dwarf planet and they indicate VOLCANISM exactly as I theorized in my new book Triangle of Fire.

My Elliptical Orbit Effect theory stated that most objects in any solar system with ELLIPTICAL ORBITS would have volcanism on these planets due to their core being ignited through Elliptical Orbit Effect theory.

EOE is what I call Elliptical Orbit Effect.

NASA on what new photos of Ceres means.

NASA validated my PDF (Planetary Distance Formula) in 2003 when NASA found a planet where PDF predicted.

The Python Prime Program validated my 30 Mod Prime Number Theory a couple of years ago as well.


Dr. Sol Adoni

Books - Music - Films - Videos - Consults

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