Yes Virgina Black males are Anatomically different than other races

Dr. Sol Adoni

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Yes Virgina

Black males are Anatomically different than other races

By Dr Sol Adoni

Jimmy the Greek was one of my favorite sportcadters as a kid. He set the odds in Vegas for fights and other sports events.

One day he stated some politically incorrect things about black superiority in sports. So he got fired and banned from major media decades ago.

Wel, the FACT is black males are anatomically superior to other races or ethnic groups, but now you can’t say races, since we’re all part of the human race according to the Politically Correct.

As a kid I had a high vertical jump, 36″ or so. So I was a white guy who could jump. Some of my best friends over the years were black. I’ve dated lots of black females. So I’m not racist.

In sports the main muscle is the Psoas Majora in fact in life it’s the main muscle since a weak Psoas can mean a bad back and some people can’t get out of bed if it’s bad enough.

A scientific study was done and it confirmed the old rumor that black males are anatomically different than other humans or can I say ethnic groups.

Since laws are being rewritten now taking out the term racial discrimination and replacing it with ethnicity discrimination, we can’t even say races now. Since we’re all human right?

Well, over 90% of black males don’t have a Psoas Minor muscle, instead the black ethnic group developed a Psoas Majora muscle that averages 300% greater in size to other groups. This is the main muscle in running and jumping, period.

So the black male is superior to other ethnic groups in running and jumping due to this SCIENTIFIC FACT.

Due to the development of the huge Psoas Majora muscle in black males, the need for the Psoas Minor muscle in blacks caused that ethnic gene pool to have no use for the smaller Psoas Minora muscle. So, the black male evolved differently than other gene pools.

This isn’t racism, it’s scientific FACT in a world that denies such facts to make every ethnic group equal.

As a kid growing up most of my time in the city or New York City Metro area my mother didn’t drive, so I rode my bike long distances to play sports like baseball and basketball. Instead of sitting in a car being driven by my mom I used my leg and hip muscles to get around on my bike.

This probably allowed my Psoas Majora muscle to over develop and give me unusual leaping abilities for a white boy.

I was the white boy who could jump.

So as a kid I heard the myths, an extra thigh muscle and an extra ligament muscle in the knee gave blacks natural superior skills in some aspects of sports such as running and jumping.

Well, it wasn’t the incorrect notion of extra muscles as people like Jimmy the Greek used to say or slave breeding, it was the fact the black race evolved to not need a muscle due to the over development of the Psoas Majora muscle in black males.

Being 300% larger in size is huge thing, it’s not racist to say it, it’s a scientific FACT.

Here’s a .GOV site that found this scientific FACT.

Its NIH the National Institute of Health.

So for all you morons or idiots that deny SCIENCE, you’re wrong. I used to call morons and idiots retards. In my era dumb people were retarded, morons or idiots since their brains were not able to grasp FACTS.

Well, it’s no longer politically correct to say retard. In fact I don’t even know now WTF to call a retard, you know the ones with Down Syndrome. As I kid I was taught it was polite to call retarded kids mongoloids. Well now Mongolia is a huge country in northern Asia (see Mandela Effects) and while for ages it was okay to refer to Asians as Mongoloids it is now wrong to call Down Syndrome people Mongoloids.

Oh, while I’m on the topic of ethnic evolution, the black male is now known to be far different than all other males.  The XY male chromosome thing has scientifically been researched to find the black male basically has a dead or sleeping Y chromosome, black males are now known to be basically X chromosome males.

Look it up.

So while the human race grapples today with the modern question of gender neutrality, the Y chromosome difference in the black male shows a great divide in human evolution.

Almost 200,000 years ago the gene pool that branched into the black ethnicity gene pool developed from a common ancestor that had a weak or dead Y chromosome.

Scientific FACT not racism.

As to the other age old myth about black males being anatomically different than other ethnic groups as to the size of black males in regards to penis size.

There is an average size of human male penises and most ethnic groups average is close to the norm. You have exceptions in most ethnic groups, such as Johnny Holmes and Ron Jeremy if you want to see white guys hung like horses.

The myth of black male penis size probably came from the showers in gyms. Black males when flaccid are close to the size they are when aroused or erect. Other ethnic groups have penises that can grow in multiples as to size when flaccid compared to an erection.

This was probably due to males in colder climates where non blacks evolved needing to keep their testes warm to produce sperm.

So most races evolved with the ability to contract the testes internally into the body to keep sperm function producing sperm in cold weather.

The African continent is warm, so males from Africa had no need to develop the so-called shrinkage ability that most other males have. So when other ethnic groups encountered black males in their school gym showers and saw almost 6″ flaccid penises they thought OMG this black guy must have  a 24 inch penis when erect.

Well some males are hung like horses, both white and blacks are if you like to watch porn, you’ve seen huge male penises that industry features. But the average male penis is pretty much 5.25 inches.

It’s just a flaccid black male doesn’t grow much when erect, so white males encountering a flaccid black male penis visualized it growing into huge proportions since their own penises grow substantially from flaccid to erect status.

It’s all due to the environment Virginia.

Penis size does average out, but black males usually do not have a Psoas Minor muscle and the black male does on average have a 300% larger Psoas Majora muscle that aids in superior running and jumping abilities for black males.

I’m a man of FACTS, and while the morons who deny SCIENCE will hate my words I back them up with SCIENCE and genetic FACTS.

Now, there is an interesting tribe in Africa called the Dogon Tribe.  Their mythos says their ancestors didn’t come from Earth, the great white father brought their tribe from a distant star that had two suns and their ancestors developed a weapon that turned their planet into a sun when it was used, creating a trinary star system and they pointed to Sirius as their original home or star system.

This MYTH was recorded before modern science had the ability to detect Sirius was not only a binary star but most likely a rare trinary star system. The Dogon also knew astronomical facts about our solar system that was unknown to the rest of the world when the tribe was first encountered and their myths recorded.

So Virginia, was the Dogon myth scientific FACT that we have only recently corroborated with new powerful telescopes or was it just a lucky guess about Sirius being a multiple star system?

Perhaps that’s the missing link as to why the black male is anatomically different than other ethnic groups?

All I can say for sure, is black males have a huge Psoas Majora muscle and over 90% are missing a Psoas Minora muscle. So the black male is anatomically different to other males and that difference creates a superiority in sports where running and jumping is essential.

Now, if you bother to read the only full length book written by Thomas Jefferson who wrote the great phrase ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL, you would know what Jefferson and his fellow slave owners really meant by this phrase.

In Notes on the State of Virginia the only full length book Jefferson wrote he explained what the words meant. He excluded every ethnic and religious group outside his race and belief for being inferior religions and races to the WASP (White Anglo Saxon Protestant).

The fairer sex are not men he wrote.  So he excluded all women in his book.

He excluded any ethic group of humans other than White Christians.  He wrote the black race wasn’t even human. For he experimented on his slaves and found not one black capable of comprehending the investigations of Euclid. Now his country is home to every race and most don’t even know what a Euclid form is. (See page 266 at )

Oh, he had a hard on for Catholics and hated Jews and Mohammadians (Muslims in his age).

So while Jefferson penned great words as to equality, his words did not mean what people today claim his words meant.

Read NOTES ON THE STATE OF VIRGINIA, my dear Virginia.

Then you will realize how evil the United States really is. It was founded by mostly slave owning racist pigs that are surely all now housed in the Ninth Level of Sheol.

It’s time to tear up the words of Jefferson and create a real Constitution for the entire human race.

It must include everyone, not just WASP land owning and slave owning males as Jefferson and his scumbag crew wanted the US Constitution to be for.

Now that you read my rant on black male superiority in running and jumping due to the Psoas Majora Muscle being 300% larger than other ethic groups Virginia, you need to read more important stuff.

The Word MESSIAH was ERASED Supernaturally from bibles on May 1st 2017

Mandela Effects are real

My Holographic Universe Theory I theorized over 40 years ago as a kid in a think tank is now cutting edge physics.

Then you can ponder Virginia, why almost all mass death events occur on the PENTAGRAM OF BLOOD in North America.





Dr. Sol Adoni

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