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How do you really start to penetrate Social Media?

20 Years ago SM (Social Media) was usenet and today most users of the Net have no clue what usenet was or is.

In the 1990’s the Washington Post did a smear article on me and my busy news network, they said you can’t trust me, I’m not Dan Rather. What the fuck happened to that old retard anyway?


I’m still here and now I’ll explain how you can start to use SM properly and manipulate it.

First, if you follow busy posters to SM such as News Bureaus and or even douchebag celebs that think they need to tell the world when they had their lasted bowel movement, you know that a ‘timeline’ is soon so busy it’s like trying to keep up with an old fashioned stock ticker. The tweets or posts just zoom on by.

The little GEAR BOX on Twitter is the key to try to get a handle on SM and if you do it well, you could soon become a SM maven. I still think most SM is useless for local businesses but for national and global reach, SM is very real.

So if you are an author or have say software or music to sell around the world, you better know how to stroke SM like Twitter.

Now the Gearbox on Twitter has a hidden GEM called LISTS, so start to organize what you are interested in, into LISTS, put the top companies or people you enjoy in say category lists.

Now if you actually bother to use Twitter and get on the network, you can ignore your super fast and super busy timeline and start to actually enjoy some of the gems that you can find on a LIST. Anything recently posts by major users on your list will show up and you can filter out all the rubbish that all the other followers that pollutes your timeline. Part of the reason I’m not a huge fan of SM is I understand how busy the time lines are and that makes them worthless.

Adoni operates hundreds of sites and hundreds of blogs and yes most properties worth maintaining have some SM accounts. Blogs can auto feed an associated Twitter account easily through free services such as Twitter Feed.

You make a post to a blog and bingo, it auto feeds to SM such as Twitter and even Facebook and LinkedIn.

Then IF you have enough AGE on the Twitter account and enough followers and you are on others LISTS, what your tweets are about start to show up at the top of #Hashtags for whatever it is you are now considered an ‘expert’ on.

When you open a SM account it starts at ZERO, then you may gain followers from friends, contacts and fans if you have some as authors do.

As a SM account ages the followers build and so does that persons authority as what they tweet or post gets favored and retweeted etc. So SMA or Social Media Authority means when you pontificate upon something, the alogrithms running sites like Twitter say, how old is this account, how many followers, how many tweets, how many favs how many retweets, oh wow, this guy or girl is an AUTHORITY so your posts or tweets get to rule the top of HASHTAGS and the more your words appear on the top of major Hashtags for what you are writing about, the more followers you gain, the more lists you get on and the higher your SA Social Authority becomes.

Now, having read this post this far, you know more about Social Media than 99% of the so-called experts.

Since Adoni Publishing is a huge content provider on the Net, Adoni has control of many hundreds of websites and major Adoni Properties have the usual SM accounts. Now you have a whole new level of SM management software companies such as Hoot Suite and others where you can automate multiple accounts a business may have.

Round Table is a decent program where you can manage up to 10 ‘teams’ and Round Table will RT (retweet) from a timeline or a list or you can even do automatic searches and repost from anyone on your RT accounts.

The problem with all this retweeting is unless the account you are choosing as an authority isn’t prone to wild drunken tweets as some people have done in the past, you may end up retweeting stuff you do not want to retweet.

Oh, you can organically grow fans or just buy them today, since there’s a whole industry of FAKE FOLLOWERS and many famous celebs have huge fake fan bases. Why would a celeb want fake fans, easy, it’s like a box office and they get higher rates for films, albums and books IF they appear to have 50 Million followers when in reality they would be lucky to have maybe 1 Million.

Twitter has a 1000 new follow rule, so you can only ‘follow’ 1,000 new people a day and if you follow that new 1K everyday you can have 100,000 people in your ‘network’ in a few months organically and many people FOLLOW BACK. There are now programs that allow you to do MASS FOLLOWS and then manage them, you can unfollow in mass cuts anyone not following back.

Twitter wants you to manually select who you follow, but companies have scripts to automate it.



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