Trump Syria Attack almost Start of World War 3

Dr. Sol Adoni

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Trump Syria Attack almost Start of World War 3

By Dr. Sol Adoni

The TRUMP ILLEGAL ATTACK on Syria (Done with no approval of Congress) that made Donald Trump a MURDERER (9 Civilians and 4 children killed by his Syria Attack) almost caused World War 3.

For over 2 Hours the main News Bureaus in the world were lit up with the story of the Frigate Admiral Grigorovich steaming to confront the US Ships that attacked Syria that were sitting ducks since they shot their load of SAM’s blowing up the Syrian airbase used in the Chemical attack which no one knows for sure actually used Chemical weapons or if it was really a collateral damage release of ISIS WMD’s and not WMD’s from Syria.

In response to Trump’s Illegal Attack on Syria the media was reporting that Russia was sending its most advanced battleship into the Mediterranean to confront the two ships that attacked Syria.

So for TWO FUCKING HOURS it looked like the moron Trump had started WW 3.

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I actually texted my sons that IF THIS WAS IT, I loved them and listen for my voice IN THE LIGHT.

It took 2 Hours for my news network to find the TASS News Story that the movement of Admiral Grigorovich was just a planned routine move to the Syrian port of Tartus.

Was it planned? Or was it just a Putin chess move to ensure Trump would not use the Mediterranean again to hit Syria in illegal air strikes without the approval of Congress. Such attacks are viewed as a declaration of WAR and need the approval of Congress, so Trump acted like a dictator and taking a page from Teddy Roosevelt used a the new TRUMP BIG STICK FOREIGN POLICY to bitch slap Syria at a base loaded with Russian military aides.

If Russian soldiers were killed in the Trump Illegal Attack on Syria, then yes, Putin would have had to hit the two US ships that killed Russians and WW 3 would have started and been over in less than 30 minutes. Maybe some were killed and Russia had hidden that story to prevent WW 3 from starting over the dummy Trump illegal air strike in Syria with Congressional Approval as required by the US Constitution.

Russia is Syria’s Ally and they need  that Alliance almost as bad as the USA needs Israel in the Mediterranean. We have our Middle East War Base basically in the Middle East parading around as the Israeli Army. The nukes and planes and all the shit behind the power of the Israeli military is MADE IN USA. So when the shit hits the fan in the Middle East, Israel will become the USA war base period.

Russia has no easy warm water access to the Atlantic for their ships and subs, except for their base in Syria at Tartus. It’s not much, but it is a very strategic spot for Russia and next to having the Straits of Bosphoros  in Turkey remain open so the Black Sea can be used by the main Russian military ports in the Black Sea that is home to the Russian Black Sea Fleet, the Tartus port in Syria is a major defense strategy of Russia.

Via the Straits of Bosphoros, Russia can get to the Atlantic via the Mediterranean Sea and having at least one Russian friendly port in the Mediterranean which the Port of Tartus in Syria is,  is a major part of the Russian strategic defense plan. If it were not for the Straits of Bosphoros who knows what the real relationship between Turkey and Russia would be. Russia needs Turkey for one reason, the Straits of Bosphoros and that is why Turkey after centuries of strained relationships between the two regions have settled into a nice relationship where they are now each others main trade partners.

Russia has kept it’s foothold in Cuba for one reason, it is its main port in the territory region area of the USA and the America’s, so Cuba, Syria and Turkey are all vital alliances to Russia as much as the UK and France and Israel is vital to US Interests.

Had Russia hit US Ships in the Mediterranean while China’s President Xi was with Trump in Palm Beach, both DC and Palm Beach would have become GROUND ZERO in WW 3 and when President Xi was killed along with Trump by Russian Nukes, well in about 30 minutes over 30,000 ICBM’s would have ensured the destruction of this planet and all life as we know it due to Trump’s illegal air strike.

The fact is the release of the nuclear arsenals of the USA, Russia and China would been unleashed due to one reason the Orangutan who is President of the USA started WW 3 with his illegal air strikes in Syria.

Trump wiped his hairy fat ass with the US Constitution under the guise of doing the right thing and almost ended modern civilization.

So while most of the morons who are now the majority of American’s cheered Trump on, the few that understand real GEO POLITICS such as myself, realized we were ONE MOVE away from WW 3.

Syria is not a problem for the USA, it is Russia’s problem, that is why Putin has Russian troops and assets in Syria.

Syria cannot hit the USA since they have no ICBM’s with nukes and while the USA has the quasi approval of Congress to strike ISIS targets in Syria and anywhere in the world under the 911 Al-Qaeda act of Congress, since ISIS is viewed as an offshoot of Al-Qaeda, which is how both Obama and Trump have been able to hit ISIS targets in Syria, there is no such act of Congress to allow Trump or anyone in the USA to hit Syrian military targets. That action is up to Congress not Trump and the rash knee jerk reaction of Trump while popular with the masses of miscreants that fill the USA up, is grounds to IMPEACH TRUMP for his illegal actions.

So dummies, you were ONE MOVE away from WW 3 thanks to Donald Trump.

As I have warned the world for over 20 years with my SOLLOG PROPHECIES, WW 3 is a real threat to the world and if it does not occur by the year 2022, then the Asteroid Strike that kills over 99.9% of humanity shortly after 2022 will reset the game board anyway.

By then, I will have sold off my huge 1 MEDIA Brand of lots of websites and have my mountains in Brazil one of the three Safe Zones, as I and my family and friends dig in for the BIG ROCK or Asteroid Strike that will reset the world as has happened over and over in the history of this planet.

Advanced civilizations have come and gone that have all become part of the LOST HISTORY OF CIVILIZATION as all the unexplained ancient monuments prove really existed. The reason these prior civilizations are LOST is due to the endless stream of asteroids hitting the earth and destroying them over and over at 10,000 to 25,000 year cycles.

If you don’t like Trump try out this site TRUMP SUCKS.


Dr. Sol Adoni

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