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You know I’m not really that ‘political’, the reason is I’ve never even voted once in my life since anyone running for office pretty much SUCKS since they have the EGO to think they can ‘lead you’.

I lead myself.

I remember my parents saying they only voted for one president, FDR back when everyone who was ‘middle class’ or ‘poor’ voted for Democrats and FDR was the man to the ‘greatest generation’, bless the souls of both of my parents who are both long dead.

Donald Trump doesn’t believe in FREEDOM OF SPEECH that is why he spent a fortune doing what is known as ‘negative registrations’ to protect his ‘name’.

It appears the Donald should say, “You’re FIRED” to the guy doing his negative registrations. He missed a big one and it will take over SERP’s on search engines soon.

It is TRUMP SUCKS .info

Now my 2nd ex-wife laughed in the 1980’s when we went to AC and stayed in the TRUMP Taj Mahal and got to see celebs like Trump and such stroll around his ‘Palace’.

She laughed in his face when she met him and said in her charming British accent, “You know in the UK your name means a FART, do you think people want to stay in places named for a FART?” That was her take on “The Donald”. Love you Rachel, too bad you couldn’t have my heirs.

Hey Donald if you read this, I love to play Golf with vanity handicap guys like you, I was supposed to play at your course this year for the US Senior Open Qualifier in Palm Beach. My back acted up so I didn’t get to play, I had to withdraw.

I’m not a PRO Donald, but I play against vanity handicap guys like you all the time. Usually it’s for $1,000 WHIPITS, that means every hole I crush them on THEY WHIPOUT $1,000 CASH and pay me.

I do the same if I lose a hole to a vanity handicap hack, I don’t remember ever losing after 18 holes to a vanity hacker, but yeah I lose a few holes but I win way more than I lose to vanity handicap golfers like you.

Now over the decades I have played some major jocks in golf that think they can ‘golf’ and they usually like to lose $10,000 CASH a hole.

How about me and you play a round of golf, how about $100,000 USD WHIPITS. Every time I crush your dumb ass on a hole you can WHIPOUT $100,000.00 cash to pay me.

How about $1,000,000 a hole Donald?

Yep, I hear TRUMP SUCKS at Golf.





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