TRUMP SUCKS but I love his FOX SUCKS Move

Dr. Sol Adoni

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You know when I read how paranoid ‘The Donald’ is in regards to protecting his name from vocal assholes that could use TRUMP SUCKS¬† sites in .com/.net/.org to make fun of him, I told the boys go get TRUMP SUCKS .info since I love making fun of assholes and politicians.

It’s not that Trump is any worse or better than any of the assholes running for the Presidency. You have to be an ASSHOLE to run for that job since you’re saying to everyone, I WANT TO BE YOUR LEADER.

I march to my own drum, so I have never voted and never will, I dislike all forms of politics and any power based institution.

But now that Trump has said FUCK YOU to Fox News, I’m actually starting to like this asshole.

Murdoch who is the definition of a megalomaniac owns Fox and Bill O’Reilly is a scumbag IMO. Shit we published his famous SEX LAWSUIT court documents where the ugly old turkey neck jerk was alleged to have been harassing one of his younger female staffers.

Now we have Trump pissed at the morons claiming they present ‘News’ at Fox due to them issuing a bullshit harassment press release teasing Trump.

The fact is Trump is bigger than Fox News.

Trump doesn’t need Fox News.

Fox News Sucks

Only narrow minded nitwits like Fox News and the same type of narrow minded nitwits are CNN enthusiasts.

Every news outlet has an AGENDA as does every politician and those agenda’s come from the pocketbooks that control every news outlet and politician.

It’s why when I created 247 NEWS we focused on including every major news outlet and even all the top alternative news outlets so our users could get a broad look at all major news as it is presented around the world everyday.

247 BREAKING NEWS is a perfect example since it has the TOP STORY of over 15 news bureaus and every major bureau has a link to its main page on 247 carrying the top 15 or so stories in its feed that day. We are the only neutral news source in the world IMO, since we give a platform to every type of agenda there is.

247 ALTERNATIVE NEWS is another perfect example all the top alternative sites have exposure. So major news and alternative news WE HAVE IT ALL. Since I understand every politician and news organization have their agenda’s.

Anyway, great job Donald, you told off Murdoch and his scum at Fox News, now when you win Iowa everyone will realize Fox News means NOTHING.


I agree with the Donald on this.

Imagine if Trump wins. I can see a huge TRUMP SIGN on top of the White House as Donald does to all his properties.


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