Trump becomes FIRST STRIKE President

Dr. Sol Adoni

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Trump becomes FIRST STRIKE President

By Dr. Sol Adoni

What happened in Syria AGAIN as to Chemical Weapons was a crime against humanity.

It was just the most recent event in a large amount of such completely CONTROLLED tragedies to get the human race to start lobbing nukes and just get it over with already.

The US has a Constitution that prohibits a US President from doing what Trump just did,he should be IMPEACHED for it. The LEGAL FACT IS the US Constitution only authorizes a US President to attack another nation ONLY AFTER CONGRESS APPROVES IT.

Now after 911, the US Congress passed the Al-Qaeda rule, authorizing US Presidents to not seek congressional approval to target any Al-Qaeda target anywhere, and that is how Obama and also Trump have been authorized to use Missiles in Syria. It is why Obama FOLLOWED THE LAW and did not strike Syria. Trump’s action was that of a dictator and not that of a country ruled by a CONSTITUTION stating a US President must GET CONGRESS to approve military action against other nations.


Now Trump goes down in history as the FIRST STRIKE PRESIDENT, and he MURDERED Civilians in Syria that just happened to be where Trump chose to launch a bunch of SAM weapons. Since without a neutral findings of FACT Trump struck Assad and ignored the reasoning given for the release of chemical weapons. Was Assad lying? Who the fuck knows, but without say having the UK and some other European ‘allies’ all launch SAM’s on Assad in a joint strike, it was Trump and his itchy finger that showed he is a FIRST STRIKE PRESIDENT and he is now a MURDERER who could be tried in the Hague now for KILLING CIVILIANS.

Up next is the USA led by Trump taking out North Korea, China is meeting with Trump now, is it trying to decide how to deal with North Korea and their ICBM’s and Nukes that can kill 90% of the US Population anytime they want. Is Trump now getting China’s approval to FIRST STRIKE NORTH KOREA?

The USA has long been the world’s cop, trying to police assholes like Assad and using the NSA and CIA to setup thugs all over the world that get black ops supplies of weapons to take control of strategically important areas to the US interests.

Many if not most dictators like Assad have links right back to the CIA and NSA. Remember Osama and Saddam? The got help and Osama got his start with help from the CIA and George H. Bush who ran the CIA decades ago.

The game in Iran and Syria and that area of the world has always been the USA and Russia using their resources to back puppet regimes to further their interests in the OIL in the area and for Russia the need to have a warm water port in that maggot infested Empire now run by Putin who was the head of the Russian equivalent of the US CIA before he took control of that backwards nation where thugs from Russia’s secret police run the Empire.

The NSA and CIA run things around the world for the US Government and now you have Trump having them whisper in his ear what you gonna do big boy sit on your hands like Obama and let Assad kill babies.

Now IN MY OPINION the whole area of Syria and Iran just needs to be turned into a pane of glass with more nukes than needed to show the world what happens when you cut off the heads of Christians and whoever in the name of Allah. I’d also reduce Israel to a nice pane of glass while I’m at it, to show that world that all the religious bullshit that came out of Israel such as Judaism, Christianity and Islam is BULLSHIT and it’s time to wake up the world that the future of humanity has NO INTEREST in the bullshit history of that area and their fake ass religions that sprang up from that scum infested area. So thank your lucky stars I’m not in control of the USA’s ICBM’s because I would level the whole Middle East and then if Russia or China said shit I’d level both of them.

Sure maybe DC would have to be moved to say South America since Russia and China has lots of nukes, but WTF you built this shit to use them so let’s get the show on the road.

Anyway, you can tell I’m just kidding but I say this shit to maybe wake up the morons of this planet to the fact that all this shit is PER-PROGRAMMED and it’s not some human Illuminati assholes doing it.

All these mass death events are happening all over the world on 7 PENTAGRAMS OF BLOOD and the European Pentagram of Blood has anchor cities of St. Petersburg (recent train terrorism) London¬† (recent terrorism) and all the other major terrorism in Europe like Brussels, Paris, Nice etc, they all occured on the LINES OF EUROPE’S PENTAGRAM OF BLOOD.

The reason I say all these MASS DEATH EVENTS are not from the NWO and the Illuminati is that even plane crashes and earthquakes have been hitting Europe’s Pentagram of Blood. So it shows a level of control or programming beyond that of mere humans. Just look this map and WAKE UP PEOPLE.

Europe Pentagram of Blood
Europe Pentagram of Blood

I’ve been writing about these ancient LEY LINES and how they are tied to SOLSTICE LINES and all the ancient monuments around the planet like pyramids for decades.

The fact is the assholes running the companies that supply the USA all these toys of war such as SAM missles are run by the fucking assholes that ran the NSA and CIA and after they retire they are on the boards of directors of the big military suppliers that benefit from launching multi-million buck SAM’s. The profiteers of human tragedies around the world are the fuckers running the companies with all the US military contracts that also supply all the weapons to most dictator assholes like Assad. Sure Russia supplies assholes too, but lots of the shit Assad uses has MADE IN USA on their equipment and weapons.

Trump was elected to rebuild the USA and rebuild tunnels, bridges and schools as well as hospitals the shit that can help US citizens and now he is blowing up crap in Syria being egged on by the NSA and CIA saying Assad killed babies.

So send in some special op soldiers and kidnap the fucking bastard and then put him trial in the Hague and after a neutral party finds him guilty of WAR CRIMES you cut off his fucking head in a public execution to show what happens to war criminals that commit crimes against humanity.

Oh, dozens or hundreds of special ops soldiers might get killed in a stealth raid of Syria. Shit, the guard of Assad would shit their pants and run if they saw a team of Black Hawks swooping in to take that fucker out. I’m not kidding about that either, you have a loon using chemical weapons or threatening the world with nukes you cut the head off the serpent and put it on display in the Hague.

If the USA keeps using toys of war like SAM’s on soft targets like they did and killing civilians, all they do is continue the cat and mouse game between Russia and the USA’s secret government run by the NSA and CIA.

Is Syria a threat to the USA? No. Sure they’re the home of ISIS and Assad is supposed to be at war with ISIS in Syria. So to Russia he’s the ‘good guy’ trying to keep Islamist Terrorists funded by the maggots that run OPEC the fucked up Muslims in Saudi Arabia and shit.

Due to FRACKING the USA is no longer dependent on OPEC and oil from shit-holes like Syria. Yet Trump is being manipulated to continue the NSA/CIA cat and mouse game with Russia over shit we do not need. If Syria had struck the USA that would be a completely different story, but Syria is not really a problem to the average US Citizen who is trying to survive in a broken economy that the US has become.

If there was no oil in Iran and Syria and Iraq we would never have been putting TRILLIONS into a war in Iraq and Afghanistan and fucking around with Iran and Syria.

Technically the Trump Syria action was a FIRST STRIKE and a declaration of WAR with Syria and the death of even ONE CIVILIAN makes Trump a MURDERER.

The USA took military action on its own with no real PROOF that Assad used Chemical Weapons, since he is at war with ISIS and the vile fuckers in that fucked up Muslim Terrorist Organization sure as fuck have chemical weapons and it’s not beyond the pale of reason that the bombing of an ISIS target by Assad may have resulted in the release of Chemical Weapons.

The FACT is, ISIS is not a real threat to the USA, sure they can kidnap US citizens not in the USA who are in Europe or the Middle East or even smuggle a cell into the USA and kill lots of people in attacks or even have lone wolves that hate the USA for meddling all over the world, so propaganda used by ISIS is indeed a threat in that relatively small amounts of US Citizens might be killed at a mall, or a parade or a stadium or at bus and plane depots, etc.

So a few hundred or even thousands of US Citizens might eventually get killed in minor acts of terrorism. Such casualties are minor to the tens of thousand and possibly MILLIONS killed in full out wars trying to rid the world of Allah assholes that want to see everyone banging their heads on the ground a handful of times a day prostrating to Mecca.

The USA is not the world’s cop, its the shit like Trump just did that keeps wasting TRILLIONS of US Tax Paper dollars on situations that you cannot win.

If ISIS gets enough dough to do what North Korea has done, build ICBM’s and lots of Nuclear War Heads then that is what you take out in a joint task by USA with UK and France and Israel as well as Germany and Italy and perhaps Russia and even China.

An agreed upon STRIKE and USE OF FORCE where the world’s real powers decide if a nut job is a threat to the SAFETY OF THE WORLD. One man should not decide to strike another Nation and kill civilians, that’s just a bad decision by Trump and one that was done to win support of the average American too stupid to under that action could trigger WW 3.

Humans need to start getting ALONG and get rid of all the shit that starts these conflicts such as religion and crap.

Sure it makes a US Citizen ‘feel good’ in having a President DO SOMETHING but it was done lone wolf style with no neutral consensus that it was Assad’s weapons and not just collateral damage from blowing up ISIS chemicals.

Russia says it was ISIS chemicals and where is the PROOF it was Assad’s?

So IF this leads to eventually millions of US Kids in Syria or Russian and China Nukes taking out US Cities, that is the potential damage Trump just did.

For over 50 years the world has held its breath waiting for WORLD WAR III and it’s shit like what Trump just did that could trigger it.

How about if Trump just took out all the OIL refineries in Syria or their pipelines transporting the oil and cut off the money Assad and ISIS but control from OIL?

Instead it’s just some multi-million buck toys of war that make the USA order more SAM’s and the NSA/CIA guys that are retired and running the SAM suppliers who all just got richer by what Trump did.

The US Citizens will just go deeper into debt putting more trillions into the war machine that controls the US Government.

Trump you should just focus on rebuilding schools, hospitals, airports, tunnels and bridges and giving Americans JOBS at a good wage they can live on.

Send in special op teams with Black Hawks to kidnap the leaders of ISIS and assholes like Assad and that nutter in North Korea. Put them all on trial in the Hague and teach the world a lesson, if you do evil shit the Black Hawks will track you down and kill your guards and take your dumb ass to an international tribunal to deal with your crimes against humanity.

Yes, some great special ops soldiers will die, but at least they died doing something that would matter.

Put Assad and the rest on trial, or put them on trial in absentia and let the Hague issue a KILL ON SITE ORDER that would justify Special Ops teams hunting down these assholes.

Remember Saddam, he was found buried like a fucking RAT in a hole in the dessert of Iraq hiding for months with a briefcase filled of US Dollars. How many thousands of American’s DIED and were wounded? Too many. A few attempts to take out Saddam when he was in one of his Palaces by special ops would have gotten him without a fucking war and taught the world a lesson.

The world has an international tribunal in the Hague and that is where every two bit war criminal should be going all in handcuffs courtesy of special ops teams that can actually do this type of thing. Shit put together a joint special ops team, USA, UK, French, Israeli, German, Italian and even Russian and Chinese elite soldiers and task them with such dangerous extractions. The bravest soldiers in the world would be lining up and saying, yeah I’ll do that, risk my life so millions don’t have to die.

What was done by Trump will not help in the least, all it does is make some American’s that are too stupid to understand the ramifications feel good so they go out and buy more shit they don’t really need.

The rich get richer and the poor get poorer and now Trump is on the record as a FIRST STRIKE PRESIDENT and the MURDERER OF CIVILIANS and World War III just got closer.


Dr. Sol Adoni

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