Trump and Murdoch Summit with Jerry Hall

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Trump and Murdoch Summit

With Jerry Hall


Since the average Trump supporter is not very educated and has very little knowledge about current events and recent history and are clueless about who really runs some of the most powerful companies in the world, I will explain what the Trump and Murdoch Summit means.

Rupert Murdoch OWNS Fox News, he is an Aussie Media Mogul and he is a mega BILLIONAIRE. He shapes opinions of PINHEADS that listen to his agenda setters like Bill O’Reilly and company that disinform the people by appealing to their fears and prejudices.

While some might say Fox News is a ‘conservative’ news source, it’s not, it’s a 100% manipulated news company that does what Murdoch wants to benefit the moguls around the world that are part of the Murdoch Agenda.

So while Murdoch had some of his lap dogs go after ‘The Donald’ over the past year, the fact that Trump and Murdoch are now summitting in Scotland to discuss the effects of Brexit on the world and economy shows Fox News is now 100% behind ‘The Donald’ and Trump will fall in line and become a lap dog for his new master Murdoch.

I can see all the nitwit Trump supporters reading this and saying who the fuck is Rupert Murdoch and most will be watchers of Fox News and the dummies don’t even know whose agenda (Murdoch’s) they are sucking up and consuming.

Now the only interesting thing in all this bullshit about politics to me (I hate politics), is the fact that the old dog Murdoch has himself a new Trophy wife. If you can call a used up drug addict, former model, former groupie a ‘Trophy’.

Jerry Hall was a hot little piece of ass back in the day, like 40 years ago when she was a 20 something model that caught the eye of and married Rock God Mick Jagger. She was the other woman in the Mick and Bianca love story.

So what do ex-wives of Rock Stars do when they get old? They marry mega billionaire’s with one foot in the grave so they can have the lifestyle they once had when at the top of the world as a young model and or wife of a rock star.

Now Trump is an old fucker, he’s now 70 and Murdoch is ancient, halfway to 100 from where Trump now is.

Brexit just shows how the world is not ready to move forward as humans and unite so the world and mankind can do things that require a united world such as advance into space and colonize it.

Humans can soon travel into space and colonize it due to our technology but the ignorant human minds that want to build walls and treat other humans as unequal and foreign immigrants will be an anchor that prohibits humanity from ever going forward with space exploration.

You can’t have 200+ nationalities and a bunch of fairy-tale religious beliefs polluting the minds of humans that venture into space, higher intelligence will not allow it, so they will destroy all attempts by humanity to go into space due to humanity is still in its infancy as to religions and the concepts of nations.

Regan said it best, the differences between nations and the citizens of earth would disappear as soon as ET pops up as a threat.

In the BIG PICTURE every moron on this prison rock called Earth is a fucking HUMAN BEING, you’re not fucking Mexican or Italian or Irish, YOU ARE FUCKING HUMAN.

Every religion is BULLSHIT, each one was written by MEN to control MANKIND to keep those in power in power by making the religious maggots bow to their graven images and think peace and love is the answer.

BULLSHIT, it’s a brutal world and those in power will send your kids off to some bullshit patch of desert and have your kids killed over a pointless war with some fucked up morons that actually bang their foreheads on the ground 7 times a time and dance around a fucking black cube with a meteorite in it’s cornerstone all to honor Honor a big fucking fairy-tale.

So if you think you are a Muslim or Christian or Jew or whatever, I think you are a fucking MORON to believe in such idiotic lies.

If you think you are a Mexican or Italian or a Scot, then I think you are a fucking MORON since you are a DNA scumbag known around the Universe as a fucked up retarded human being.

For humans to move forward the answer is



Hang every politician, judge and lawyer there is.

Now since the sheeple that watch crap like CNN and Fox News are totally ignorant of who owns these mind control organizations and what agendas they spread, the world will never do what I advocate by destroying religion and the concept of nations. So guess what cretins, HIGHER INTELLIGENCE will do the work, they will cull humanity so religion and nations are wiped out by sending a nice little pebble (large asteroid) on a collision course with earth that will destroy 99.9% of humanity and erase all the shit that insults a universal mind such as the concepts of nations and religions insult higher intelligence.

After 2022 you better be on a high mountain in South America, North Canada or North China since the rest of the world is where higher intelligence will cull humanity.

Trump is a piece of shit and if you can’t see that with your mind, go slit your wrists, you really are a waste of DNA energy. Let’s see maggot, who was one of the first cases in the history of Fair Housing Act to be targeted for being a racist slum lord? DONALD TRUMP you maggot. That is who you want to lead you, a 100% racist and bigoted scumbag.

So England voted and now the UK is out of the EU, guess what the Scots wanted the EU by a 2 to 1 majority so CIVIL WAR will destroy the UK and England, Scotland and Ireland will now be separate nations. The United Kingdom will now be DESTROYED.

I wrote a Prophecy as SOLLOG on visions I saw of the future and what I saw was not pretty, RIOTS IN THE STREETS, BLOOD IN THE STREETS and now we see how a small part of the youth of the USA is indeed enraged that Donald Trump has been allowed to get his far.

So a youth gone wild will most likely now PUT A BULLET INTO DONALD TRUMPS HEAD.

That’s the vision I saw over a year ago in my astral travel dreams and it’s still what I expect to happen really soon.

Here are videos I did explaining it.

Here’s another video explaining how manipulated the little minds of humans are so they commit heinous acts on five lines over the USA that forms a PENTAGRAM OF BLOOD. See how little your mind is human that you kill under MIND CONTROL and don’t even realize it maggot.

The age of Nations and Religions are over and that fact will be fully seen as soon as the rock hits and 99.9% of humanity is killed off.

Those who survive will be too busy trying to eat instead of wasting their minds with bullshit like nations and religion.




Dr. Sol Adoni

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