True History of Bitcoin

Dr. Sol Adoni

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True History of Bitcoin

By Dr. Sol Adoni PhD



In 1996 How to Make a Mint or Digital Bank was published by the NSA.

In 2008 the NSA released Project Bitcoin using the info from the 1996 paper about creating a digital bank.

The team used Koblitz Curve Theory created by Neal Koblitz an NSA spook since the 1960’s.

Satoshi Nakomoto was used as the code name to put Bitcoin into action to track terrorists and drug cartels. It was an inside joint, pointing to the dummies in the CIA. If you are NSA or CIA you know the low IQ staff goes to CIA not NSA.

Satoshi Nakomoto is Japanese for Center of Intelligence, the inside joke saying the CIA created Bitcoin.

My book in 2014 CIA Project Bitcoin revealed these facts. My book also warned Bitcoin was a toy that could never be a currency since it would crash at 350,000 daily transactions it built in limit.

Here is the MIT usenet post from 1996 about the NSA Mint or Digital Bank Project.

As Bitcoin was inserted into the Net from late 2008 to 2010, the team used BTC Talk a forum about BTC to dupe early miners into creating the digital coins to fuel Silk Road the NSA Trap that was used to do illegal arms dealing and cartel drug deals.

Silk Road propelled Bitcoin to $1200 a coin value. The patsy of the NSA running Silk Road was arrested and BTC crashed in value.

Block Chain Theory was adopted for special uses by a few new projects and the era of crypto exchanges began and Bitcoin was soon the financial unit other projects were traded against on exchanges.

The exchange bubble burst as fast as it happened and bitcoin went from $20,000 to $3,000 in a short time.

Bored billionaires and some dumb investment houses have created the recent Bitcoin bubble where Bitcoin value increased overnight virtually to $60,000 and overnight it crashed to $40,000 range.

As I wrote in 2014, as long as big wallets that are ignorant of how limited Bitcoin is and who really created it, the coin could reach $20k, $50k and even $500k value per coin, however it is crap, it’s limit of 350,000 daily transactions makes it a toy.

Bitcoin has no real world value.

The real digital currency is called fracti.

The coin is created by users actually using the fracti Network to watch videos and movies and read news articles.

Anyone can generate around $500 daily just using the Network. The easily generated coin is used to acquire goods and services in the fracti Network store.

The future is fracti.



Dr. Sol Adoni

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