Tel Dan Stele House of David Inscription FAKE

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Tel Dan Stele Hoax
Tel Dan Stele Hoax

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Tel Dan Stele

House of David Inscription


By The Hon. Dr. Rabbi Sol Adoni

Dean Emeritus Universitius

Dean Emeritus University of ‘Hayah

Author of over 100 Books and Academic Papers

Expert in 13 Ancient Languages

Religious Scholar and Academic

So you think there’s an ‘authentic’ artifact with ‘House of David’ on it in the Israel Museum.


The photos of the Tel Dan Stele you can find on-line are clearly altered images all distributed by the Israel Museum whom of course has a vested interest in any artifacts that could prove King David was real and not some bullshit made up by authors of the Jewish Books added to the Torah (Books of Moses) that modern ‘Jews’ pass off as legitimate ‘Jewish’ history.

History is a funny thing, it’s often propaganda to validate a point of view and while for centuries scholars have searched in vain for any REAL HISTORICAL REFERENCE to King David, none have ever appeared and the bullshit Tel Dan Stele is no exception.

Below are images of the alleged ‘House of David’ inscription, the altered images are courtesy of the Israel Museum and then I show an unaltered image showing what the Israel Museum is putting out into the mainstream news that covers such bullshit is FAKE. This photo proves the Tel Dan Stele images are ALTERED and once you see what they did, you understand the Tel Dan Stele is pure BULLSHIT.

If the Tel Dan Stele was ‘authentic’ then the Israel Museum would have untouched images showing it is real and not some BULLSHIT that easily dupes the average putz that wants to believe in Satan Clause and Jesus and King David.

Tel Dan Stele Hoax
Tel Dan Stele Hoax


Why no King David in Real History

Scholars have been puzzled for centuries why there are not other historical references to things in the Bible like King David and Solomon and the Exodus and also why there is no archaeological record of things like the First Temple, etc.

The answer is simple  the JEW STORIES added to the Torah are FAKE.

The modern ‘Jew’ was created when Greek scholars gave their ignorant working class Bedouin Nomads a religious book called the Greek Septuagint. It was around 300 BC. After that you find Jewish Synagogues and contemporary accounts of ‘Jews’ written after scholars could read the ‘stories’ in the Greek Septuagint.

Until the Septuagint, there was NO JEWS as they are understood today, that is why no Synagogues exist before 300 BC and why the historical record is silent on Jews until the Greek Septuagint was written.

Sure there were Bedouin Tribes in what is today called Israel, but the Kingdom of Israel never existed until it was written about in the Greek Septuagint.

My Background

I’m a Hebrew Rabbi, I’m not a ‘Jew’ and in fact the only books I care about are the Torah or Books of Moses the rest of the world’s ‘religious texts, are pure bullshit in my highly educated opinion.

Now the word JEW doesn’t appear even one time in the Torah or Books of Moses but the word Hebrew does and that is what I AM. Now since the Greeks bastardized western translations of the Torah the word Hebrew is what people call the descendants of Abraham who claimed to be a Hebrew. Ask an Israeli Jew Rabbi what Hebrew means they say they don’t know.

Well, I KNOW it isn’t even Hebrew it was the Sumerian word EBRI or EBRO and when the Greek scholars around 300 BC translated the Torah into the Greek Septuagint the HE or Hebrew E became a HE(BREW) not EBRI or EBRO.

The Greeks are to blame for why you even have Israeli Jews walking around today and claiming rights to a land that no modern Jew has any connection to. You see, a Jew meets in a Synagogue and the earliest foundations of Synagogue’s trace back to you guessed it 300 BC in Greece when the Greeks gave their shit cleaners a religion with the creation of the Greek Septuagint. The uneducated Bedouins that were the illegal immigrants of Ancient Greece and Rome who cleaned the shit pipes leading from the wealthy Greek and Roman homes were all from the nomadic Bedouin tribes and that group of uneducated shit cleaners became the first ‘Jews’ in history when the Greeks invented the Septuagint.

So the shit cleaners had to go to a Temple and instead of calling it a Hikal the word for a Temple in real Hebrew they called it a Synagogue a Greek word for a meeting place. Me, my religious place of worship is ‘Hikal ‘Hayah or Temple of ‘Hayah in English. TOH is Temple of ‘Hayah and I founded it in 1995 so real HEBREWS could find the TRUTH about the bullshit modern Jews and Christians and even Muslims claim is the ‘Word of God’.

If you want something to believe in, the books outside the Torah are all BULLSHIT, the Jewish writings, the New Testament and the Qu’ran.

Why do I say that? Well I know where the Torah or Books of Moses came from, it came right out of Sumeria and isn’t Hebrew at all. In fact, EBRI in Sumerian means TEMPLE OF CIRCUMCISION so the whole Torah is Bullshit from Sumeria.

In fact once you take the bullshit vowel points ‘Jews’ added to the Torah around 300 AD out of the Torah, you have a simple short hand phonetic version of the Egyptian Book of the Dead written in Sumerian Emasal dialect of the female priestess class that ruled the Sumerian Temples or whorehouses.

So the Torah is really the earliest known copy of the Egyptian BOOK OF THE DEAD preserved in Hebrew letters using a simple short hand vowel code that creates a Sumerian version of the famous BOOK OF THE DEAD. That proves Egypt stole their Book of the Dead from Sumeria, since Sumeria was building Pyramids over 2,000 years before the Egyptians built theirs.

All the BULLSHIT you think there is in the Torah about One God and this and that is PURE BULLSHIT, the real story in the Torah is pagan worship of animals and the sun and moon and stars.

Welcome to the future, I’m the guy that destroyed Judaism, Christianity and Islam since all those moronic religious beliefs use the Torah as their pillar to justify all the lies they use in books such as the Jewish writings added to the Torah or known as the Old Testament and then the New Testament claimed to validate that bullshit so that makes that story complete BULLSHIT and then you had the Arab Pedophile rapist called Mohammad who also used the Torah to validate his new BULLSHIT called the Qu’ran.

So you have three levels of religious BULLSHIT tied to the big piece of BULLSHIT known as the Torah.

You can read my book ORIGIN OF GOD and see how I prove the Torah is not Hebrew and nothing but the pagan poetry known as the BOOK OF THE DEAD.

PS. 22 Years ago I gave humanity the PROOF OF GOD when I revealed THE CREATOR FORMULA that unites all the religious bullshit stories to a simple scientific formula for the perfect circumference of the Earth.




Dr. Sol Adoni

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