Tech Titans throw peanuts at Open SSL

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Tech Titans Fund Open SSL with Token 3.6 Million

What a bullshit token of gesture the tech titan’s did in response to the Heart Bleed Virus.


Let’s see a few tech companies with over ONE TRILLION BUCKS in value have pledged a token 3.6 MILLION to help the geeks that run secure data transfer protocols on the Net. This is to stop the next Heart Bleed Virus from occurring to how the Open SSL geeks make peanuts.

Wow, thanks you fucking sus scrofa.

While the Googles and Amazon’s rely on Open SSL to secure 2/3 of secure net data, and create digital empires now topping over 1 TRILLION in stock value, for these tech titans to throw a fucking lousy 3.6 Million bucks to help the poor geeks that allow these damn titans of tech to  gormandize upon the world’s commercial buffet which is the web,  is a fucking insult.

Now here’s your typical dipshit moron ‘reporting’ on this ‘story’.

Huffington Post Article





Dr. Sol Adoni

Books - Music - Films - Videos - Consults

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