Was Syria Chemical Attack Really a Chlorine ACCIDENT

Dr. Sol Adoni

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Was Syria Chemical Attack Really a Chlorine ACCIDENT

By Dr. Sol Adoni

Chlorine was the chemical that caused hundreds of people to become sick and killed almost 4 dozen people recently in Syria in an event that has the world on the precipice of WW3.

There is no doubt the area in Syria was bombed by Assad, but there is now huge doubt as to if Assad ordered use of Chlorine a chemical weapon. If he used chlorine he’s guilty of a crime against humanity and if Putin sides with Assad he’s guilty as well.

Almost a thousand accidents a year occur involving chlorine, the most are small and occur when a person adds ammonia to bleach the result is mustard gas.

SoSo peop trying to just clean their home accidentally mix two cleaning solvents and create a chemical weapon in their home.

Was a tank of chlorine stored in the area?

Were barrels of chlorine used in manufacturing in the area?

Debri from a building damaged in a bombing could easily rupture either so now that France has stated it was Chlorine, everyone needs to calm down and bring everyone back from the edge of WW3.

Send in UN inspectors to find where the chlorine release came from.

If they find it was barrels dropped in a bombing, then issue a war crimes charge on Assad and have Russia join an international force to extract Assad from power and be tried.

If Putin refuses to have Russia join and they aid Assad then you issue a war crimes charge on Putin.

Putin needs to condemn Assad if inspectors find evidence of a chlorine attack instead of a chlorine accident.

If Assad and Putin refuses to allow UN inspectors in, that is an admission of guilt and both need to be tried for war crimes.

A civilized world has no place for wars.

Assad has the right to bomb areas where rebels trying to take over control, his country is in a nasty CIVIL WAR.

Civil Wars are not Civil people, it’s the struggles most nation’s endure in their history as the United States even endured 150 years ago.

We can no longer have World Wars, we are in the age of nuclear weapons so any war between the nuclear powers is a nightmare scenario.

Syria is Russia’s Middle East Ally, but Putin cannot ignore a UN finding of chlorine weapons use.

So now is the time for the world to recognize the power of the UN.

If Putin or Assad block UN inspectors then all nation’s join forces and declare Assad and Putin both war criminals.

You outlaw any trade with either country and if either Putin or Assad venture any where in the world they are immediately arrested and tried for crimes against humanity.

So Donald Trump and UK’s May and Frances Macron need to grow up, demand UN inspectors access the area and gather evidence of if it was an accidental release due to a justified bombing by Assad or a real crime against humanity.

Russia must abide by the finding of the UN.

Interference by Russia is to be viewed as helping in a crime against humanity and an instant warrant for arrest of Putin.

Russia has the chance to join the world and make Russia great due to the huge stash of natural resources inside Russian borders.

Assad has the chance to prove he’s not the animal Trump has called him.

And Trump needs to be committed for immediate psychiatrist observation for his Tweet in which he tried to start WW3.

If we’re lucky Trump will soon suffer a massive stroke or heart attack and no longer rule the USA.

Maybe he dies in a plane crash.

Maybe the big one a huge quake hits the USA and turns the people in the USA back to minding the needs of their people and stop trying to police the world.

The UN needs to settle this, not Trump and May and Macron.

This could have been a chlorine accident from the bombing, so let UN inspectors in to gather evidence.

If it was a chemical weapon attack Assad must be tried on a crime against humanity.

If there is higher intelligence I hope they use an EMP weapon on the middle East if Trump and company dare to attack Syria without evidence from UN inspectors.

Even with such evidence then any attack must include Russia on Assad and if Putin refuses, he’s to be tried with Assad and the entire world must not trade with Russia and Syria until Putin and Assad are tried.

That’s how this should be settled.

If not, then natural disasters need to level the USA and UK and France or their leaders need to die in accidents or from heart attacks or get impeached for trying to start WW3. Perhaps military coupes need to replace Trump, May and Macron due to all three are trying to start WW3 with their rhetoric.

Lead the world Trump and May and Macron, don’t destroy it.

Here’s a scientific article about how many chlorine accidents occur each year.



Dr. Sol Adoni

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