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Dan Larimer and Ned Scott Fraud

These Con Artist STOLE BILLIONS of Points


By Dr. Sol Adoni

If you own STEEM or EOS Crypto Coins DUMP IT while you can.

The two clowns that created THE SCAM called STEEM have been caught red handed STEALING BILLIONS OF POINTS from my STEEM Account.

What these morons didn’t realize is this time they tried to steal from a person who is a CRYPTO GOD.

I can prove my claims just look at my account on there blockchain it’s public and you can see account DAN (Dan Larimer) hitting it over and over stealing BILLIONS with each entry.

I had 15 BILLION POINTS in STEEM and all of them were stolen openly by Ned and Dan.

They even destroyed my account by making it go negative over 500 BILLION POINTS.

Here’s my account the points under REPUTATION are now -500 BILLION I worked hard getting to 15 BILLION.

Now while you’re in there count all the times you see DAN on my blockchain. Each entry he is looking my account for BILLIONS of Points.

Most of the big bots are Ned Scott.

Now until this happened I had praised the Sttemit platform. Now this one account will DESTROY STEEM AND EOS the other company under control of the fat ugly dough boy Dan Larimer.

The few days I used the platform I detected it was 100% FAKE easily manipulated by Ned and Dan.

Yes, a few chosen have made bread crumbs with mostly crap weak content, some content is excellent for novices.

Yet the sad truth is content and reputation and followers mean nothing. The only accounts making over $250k had early intervention by Ned or Dan or both.

So it’s a lottery ticket if you want to try it, but trust me the coin will soon be WORTHLESS.

I’ve exposed the ugly truth, it’s not decentralized and it is the most centralized social media there is and the coin is bullshit.

EOS will now crash and burn since without Dan Larimer it has nothing.

Recently these two little brats had a public pissing match that befuddled the users committed to the lie the two created of a new decentralized social media.

Read the comments of the bigger users by what Ned had done, he shit all over Dan with a 3 word comment he then upvoted to the $3000 range just to show it’s his GAME.

99.9% of users comment and upvote and their worth is usually not even 1 cent.

The few with more power well they got chosen by Ned or Dan early on so their upvotes might be $1.00 or even $10.00.

A few investor whales with their STEEM COINS behind them might reach $50 or $100 buck upvote range.

Everyone was shocked to see Ned exposed just s fraction of his power with 1 upvote reaching almost $3000 in value.

Just read the SHOCK from users in this post by Dan as to what Ned did publicly.



The actions of Dan destroyed both companies and Ned destroyed STEEM.





Dr. Sol Adoni

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