Star Wars The Force Awakens Plot Story

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Han Solo Killed by His Son

From Wife Leia

Han Solo gets killed by his son from his marriage to Princess Leia who is General Leia in the newest film in the Star Wars franchise.

For over 30 years Harrison Ford has asked to have Han killed off. He got his wish.

Finn turns out to be an AWOL storm trooper. Rey’s lineage is left unanswered. To be revealed in the next sequels

Ford, Hamil and Fisher are now 40 years older than the young trio they were in the original. Life sucks, we all get old and seeing the trio again makes you think, wow they are old and damn I’m old now.

Disney used Gestapo tactics to keep the plot of TFA The Force Awakens secret.

There you have it, Han and Leia have a kid and the kid kills Han.

Sequels will be brother and sister Luke and Leia teaming up to chase the son of Leia and the nephew of Luke who killed off Han Solo..


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