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The Top Secret of SEO

By Sol Adoni

Founder of PAGE ONE a Leading SEO and SEM Company

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There are two types of PLAYERS on the Net. BIG PLAYERS and the rest. The BIG PLAYERS have always and will always have SPEED.

That means dedicated servers and a major connection to the net and a nice piece of the Cloud today.

If you have that, BINGO then whatever you do is seriously indexed by Google and the rest.


Players are Players and 99.9% of the Net are NOT PLAYERS.

Since 1995 I’ve had my own servers and as the nets speed increased so did my connections and we design sites now to do what Google wants and 99% of so called SEO Gurus don’t understand how SPEED and DESIGN are now more important that ‘content’.

Today WordPress is the dominant design CMS that most web designers use and that means so-called SEO Gurus use it too. Almost no Designer and almost no SEO Guru even understands what a site must do to maximize SPEED once you enter the new age of PHP and CMS.

It’s almost FUNNY how I resisted for years to move to CMS and had my crew do all sites by HAND CODED HTML way past when any other major content networks were doing old school HTML, for one reason IT IS FASTER and way less resources on a network.

Now, if a web designer or SEO Guru doesn’t GO BACK TO HTML from PHP and CSS and WP to be indexed and displayed on your server, it is deemed TOO SLOW by the big search engines.

So the old days we hand coded HTML, today it’s all BS PHP done in CMS programs like WordPress. Well guess what dingbats, you must convert the site back to STATIC HTML or that is a penalty in the special sauce algorithms all the SE’s (Search Engines) are now using.

If you have your own servers it’s not as vital but 99.9% of the net is shared or virtual slow garbage servers so when you have heavy processor PHP calls you need to CONVERT back to HTML to serve your content to your clients. Then having it IN THE CLOUD in a CDN Bucket for optimum speed is the final major thing you need to do.

Now ask your Web Designer will they create static HTML pages after they do their cheap Theme ‘design’ for you in a CMS like WP (WordPress), and when you see the blank stare they give you then you will understand you got a $10 buck an hour jerkoff that thinks they know WordPress and SEO and they are CLUELESS, about as clueless as YOU since you are reading this to try to find the reason you are irrelevant in organic SERPS (Search Engine Response Pages).

The reason is YOU ARE NOT A PLAYER on Google and you can’t afford state of the art servers and an administrator and a real Web Guru to design quality content and then CONVERT to what the big boys WANT YOU TO DO, use old static HTML in the age of PHP and CSS design.

Like I said, IT IS FUNNY how everyone thinks HTML is dead and yet, if you don’t convert to Static HTML that is the reason your SPEED SUCKS in the age of cheap shared crap hosting.

So the company I founded many years ago PAGE ONE is now trying to explain to all the MORONS that think you can take over Google for a Billion Buck Industry Keyword Term on a crappy shared server, that unless you have serious money for servers and real designers and conversion and the Cloud, just forget about the Net, since you will be BURIED where you belong, with the rest of the people that think TECH is not that important in the AGE OF THE NET.

The Players have always been PLAYERS and since I started my first TECH COMPANY in 1976 at the age of 16 I KNOW THAT.

Now you do too.

Oh, if you like to GAMBLE the PLAYERS are all at 1 PLAYER the Nets top Bitcoin CASINO.

Anyway, just look at the GARBAGE that Google now has all over the SERP’s, it is from major TECH PLAYERS the companies with lots of TECH, their own serves, space in the Cloud and the content is well IRRELEVANT since you all bought the BULLSHIT that Matt Cutts spews out to keep the sheeple CONFUSED.

DAZED AND CONFUSED that is the state of local web designers and SEO nobodies.

So what you stick a page for a few days or weeks in a SERP, so WHAT.

You won’t stick it long since you are not a PLAYER.

More and more space in SERP’s are going to bullshit large Tech Directories like Yelp and YP and crap like Angie’s List instead of REAL SITES operated by local companies since the real local companies are not PLAYERS in TECH.

So to be relevant in SERPS today, INVEST IN TECH, your own server at around $300 a month to BEGIN WITH and that includes a decent admin and backup plan. If you don’t have that in your business budget to be ON THE NET, get off of it, just put your phone number on your Google map AND GO HOME. Whatever you do, the top 5% of your local industry can afford what I’m saying to do, the other 95% are losers in their market and don’t deserve to be PLAYERS.

Now if you can afford THE TECH, then okay, get a real designer that understands WordPress is the beginning of the JOB it must be CONVERTED and then PAY AMAZON or another CDN (I know you are saying what the fuck is CDN it is CONTENT DELIVERY NETWORK or CLOUD) to make you as fast as you can be.

Forget about shared servers, in the age of SPEED IS KING you cannot trust a shared server ever.

So are you a PLAYER, then get a SERVER and an admin and pay designers that can convert to static HTML and do the cache right and then prime pump a Cloud bucket.

Players only love you when they PLAYING….




Dr. Sol Adoni

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