SoundCloud a Revolution in Music

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SoundCloud a Revolution in Music

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Warner now owns 5% of SoundCloud and so does UAG while Sony is still in negotiations to buy into the company that is literally revolutionizing how music is distributed today.

Rappers were some of the first artists to realize the power of the SoundCloud EMBED Player. By driving traffic to a web page with autoplay set on the SoundCloud player an artist with traffic can blow out the charts on SoundCloud as several rappers found out.

Kayne West and Drake were two of the first artists to see the power of SoundCloud. The site is geared towards emerging artists and Indie bands to put their music on the network to be heard for FREE. So FREE MUSIC is what is driving SoundCloud. A musician can offer a link on the layer to BUY A DOWNLOAD but the Streams are FREE to the world. SoundCloud does has ads on the site and the mobile app. They also now have a premium monthly fee with no ads.

Basically SoundCloud is a proven way for new artists to gain lots of new fans and totally bypass radio, MTV, Music Magazines, Youtube and all the big record labels.

Social Media is what fuels the growth of SoundCloud with people merely SHARING a song or an album or a play list. So the plays on SoundCloud are amazing. It is a massive exposure machine to help artists get their music and or message out.

Recently Adoni Music and it’s label 9th Label put some of our catalog on SoundCloud and sure enough we now control the charts with 20 songs we just put on SoundCloud in the top 25 charts for 5 different genres for the music of Rex Luciferius. The Cross Roads album of Rex Luciferius is quickly being acclaimed as the MOST IMPORTANT ALBUM IN MUSIC HISTORY due to how the songs on the album are actually predicting major events right now.

While the newly added songs to SoundCloud from our catalog got 4 million or so plays the first week it was up, that does not compare to the millions of plays that pop and rap gets on SoundCloud.

Our main genres are Alternative, Country and Blues.

The album above is Cross Roads the work of Rex Luciferius who is the leader of what is now called Prophecy Music. The music of Rex Luciferius is all about the infamous Pentagram of Blood and how so many major loss of life events are happening around the world on the 7 Pentagrams on our world maps.

So while SoundCloud is currently dominated in the main chart by rappers the genres of Country and Alternative now belong to the haunting lyrics and music of Rex Luciferius.

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Rex Luciferius takes #1 Song on SoundCloud Charts


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